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JISOO (BLACKPINK) Profile and Facts:

JISOO (지수) is a soloist and actress under BLISSOO, aswell as, a member of BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.

Stage Name: JISOO (지수)
Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo (김지수)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: January 3rd, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: 162 cm (5’3¾”)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: 행복지수 103%
Spotify: JISOO’s Playlist
Weibo: sooyaaa__

JISOO Facts:
– She was born in Gunpo, a city in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– She has an older brother and an older sister, she is the youngest.
– Her nicknames are Chi Choo, Jichu.
– Jisoo trained for 5 years (since July 2011).
– She has a “4D personality”.
– She likes giving random nicknames to people.
– According to Jennie, JISOO is the mood maker of the group.
– JISOO loves telling dad Jokes (Vlive)
– She invented the word “yeong-ann” which means “annyeong” (and is the reverse form of it).
– JISOO can play the piano and the drums, but not the guitar (in a VLIVE with Rosé, she asked Rosé to teach her).
– She can speak Korean, Japanese and basic Chinese.
– According to Jennie (V Live App), Jisoo doesn’t speak English (because she’s embarrassed to do it) but she can understand it very well.
– She was popular in her school for her beauty and kindness.
– Jisoo’s audition song was “I Have A Lover” by Lee Eun Mi.
– Jisoo is scared of heights.
– She would date Rose if she was a guy. (vLive Q&A)
– Jisoo’s lips turn into a heart shape when she smiles.
– Jisoo’s most favorite part of her face are her lips. (vLive Q&A)
– Jisoo hates shopping because she is often confused what to buy. (BP House)
– She is close friends with Twice’s Nayeon (since trainee days), Red Velvet’s Seulgiand Girls’ Day’s Hyeri.
– Jisoo is also friends with Bona of WJSN and Sowon of GFriend.
– She has invented two words: Ppoong and Nyeongan.
– Jisoo was an Inkigayo MC (starting from Feb 5 2017 to Feb 3 2018) alongside GOT7‘s Jinyoung and NCT‘s Doyoung.
– She had a cameo appearance on KBS’s ‘The Producers’ (2015).
– She acted in HISUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ MV.
– Jisoo acted in EPIK HIGH – ‘스포일러(SPOILER) + 헤픈엔딩(HAPPEN ENDING)’ MV.
– She appeared in different CFs such as SAMSONITE RED CF with Lee Minho (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2015), Angel Stone CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2016), LG Stylus2 CF (2016).
– Jisoo really likes Pikachu (she has a lot of Pikachu merchandise).
– She sleeps with a plushie of a bunny and a plushie of Snoopy.
– Jisoo likes reading books.
iKON members said she has the brightest smile.
– Jisoo is well known for being the only member that hasn’t cried at award shows, but one of the other members said that she cries alone.
– Regarding food, she can eat almost everything (except organs), but she especially likes rice.
– Jisoo has a dog named Dalgom.
– She called Lisa her ‘Chocolate mate’ because Lisa gave her iced chocolate during a live show (which Jisoo was craving) but Jisoo didn’t ask her to get it for her.
– Jisoo can play basketball and inline skates but she can’t ride bicycles. Also, she did taekwondo (white belt).
– She said she plays “Overwatch” with Jennie.
– Jisoo is not scared on ghost or scary stories.
– She likes Harry Potter and Tom Hardy.
– Jisoo’s favourite singer/band is TVXQ!. (“Knowing Bros”)
– She also likes to read manga as she keeps a stack of them near her bed to help her sleep. (V-live)
– She loves the color purple. (According to what she said on their Comeback V Live)
– She’s a PC Gamer. (BLACKPINK House EP.1-2)
– Jisoo ranked 78th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2019”.
– She ranked 26th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2021”.
– Kim Samuel publicly confessed that he has a crush on Jisoo.
– Jisoo is called “Man Heart’s Destroyer” and “Boy Crush”.
– She is close friends with aespa’s Karina. (source: Karina’s live fan-meeting call)
BIGBANG‘s SEUNGRI said that Jisoo reminds him of T.O.P, who is random and unpredictable but also charismatic.
– Jisoo had a cameo appearance in Arthdal Chronicles.
– She is currently listed as an actress under YG Stage.
– She would like to learn how to swim. (Summer Diary in Hawaii)
– She was officially certified as ‘The Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2022‘ by Nubia Magazine.
– In the Nubia Magazine for the most beautiful woman in the world, she placed 1st place.
– She made her solo debut on March 31st, 2023, with the single album ‘ME‘.
– In just 3 hours after her solo debut, her MV for ‘FLOWER‘ gained 10 million views, then in barely a day it gained 45 million views.
– It was confirmed that she’s dating the South Korean actor, Ahn Bohyun, both of their agencies confirmed the relationship on August 3, 2023.
– On October 24, 2023, it was revealed and confirmed that the couple has since broken up due to their busy schedules.
– On February 21, 2024, JISOO officially announced her agency, BLISSOO.
– Jisoo will officially open BUBBLE in March
JISOO’s Ideal Type: Someone who is really into her or who smiles pretty.

Drama Series:
Snowdrop (설강화) | JTBC / 2021-22 – Eun Young-ro
Arthdal Chronicles (아스달 연대기) | tvN / 2019 – Sae Na-rae (Cameo)
Part-Time Idols (비정규직 아이돌) | SBS / 2017 – Herself (Cameo)
The Producers (프로듀사) | KBS2 / 2015 – Herself (Cameo)

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NOTE 2: Jisoo updated her MBTI in June 2022 to INFJ (Her previous result is ESTP). (Source: Weverse) Jisoo updated her MBTI to INTP (Her previous results were ESTP & INFJ) in April 2023. (Source: WIRED). Jisoo updated her MBTI to ISTP in May 2023. (Source: [오늘의 지수] EP.5 MBTI TEST)

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