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JISOO Awards History

JISOO Awards History

2021 (🏆2)

Weibo Starlight Awards
🏆 Starlight Hall of Fame (Korea)
Kartrider Rush Plus
🏆 Caruffle Queen

2022 (🏆6)

SEC Awards
🏆 Featured in Asian Series
Seoul International Drama Awards
🏆 Outstanding Korean Drama Star (Actress)
DDU Drama Awards Thailand
🏆 Best New Actress
Acervo Awards Brazil
🏆 Best Actress In A Series
Weibo TV Awards
🏆 Overseas Role of the Year
🏆 Overseas TV Series of The Year – Snowdrop

2023 (🏆9)

Kmmunity K’tizens Choice Awards
🏆 Kmmunity K-Beauty Influencer of the Year
🏆 Actress of The Year
Melon Streams Plaque
🏆 1,229,600 streams – ME
Daesang Korean Brand Awards
🏆 Female Soloist of The Year (Daesang)
Ten Asia Top Ten Awards
🏆 The Best Artist in the first half of 2023 in the UK
English Royal Family
🏆 Honorary MBE
🏆 Best Dance Performance Solo – Flower
🏆 Best Female Artist
🏆 Best Music Video – Flower

Music Shows Wins (Bonus) [🏆9]:
Flower ㅡ 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 (9)

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In your opinion which has been the best year for JISOO?

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Did I miss any award? Do you know more about their awards? Feel free to comment below! 🙂

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