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Han Seungwoo (ex VICTON & X1) Profile

Han Seungwoo (ex VICTON & X1) Profile and Facts:

Han Seungwoo (한승우) is a soloist under IST Entertainment. He made his solo debut on with the album “Fame” on August 10th, 2020. He is a former VICTON & X1 member.

Official Fandom Name: 한아 (HAN_A)
Official Fandom Color: N/A

Official SNS:
Website: hanseungwoo.com
Instagram: @w_o_o_y_a / @hanseungwoo_official
X (Twitter): @wooya_twt / @HanSeungWoo_twt@SeungWoo_STAFF
Facebook: Han Seung Woo – 한승우
YouTube: 한승우 HanSeungWoo
Weibo: 韩胜宇_SeungWoo

Stage / Birth Name: Han Seungwoo (한승우)
Position: Former Leader (X1 & VICTON), Main Vocalist (X1), Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper (VICTON)
Birthday: December 24th, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63kg (138 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🦊
PDX101 Class: A – A

Han Seungwoo Facts:
– Seungwoo was born in Buk-gu,Busan, South Korea.
– Seungwoo’s religion is a Buddhist.
– He has 2 older sisters, one of them is also popular, ex Secret‘s Han Sunhwa.
– When he was younger, Seungwoo dreamed of becoming a well-known soccer player.
– Seungwoo used to sing along whenever he saw his sister singing, that influenced him to want to become an idol as well.
– Seungwoo wanted to be a UCF fighter. (VICTON’s Born Identity)
– Seungwoo’s family had a hard time financially when he was young.
– He graduated from Busan Energy Science High School.
– His favorite colors are red and black.
– Seungwoo can do anything by himself. He enjoys eating alone, he also watches movies alone in the theater. Even meat buffet and karaoke can be done alone.
– He likes to drink beer and eat beef jerky.
– His special talent is imitating the voice of Pikachu and he can mimic the sound of goats.
– Seungwoo likes martial arts.
– He really hates bugs and dust.
– Seungwoo’s favorite song is “crooked” by G-Dragon.
– He is a fan of the group HIGHLIGHT (B2ST).
– Seungwoo has 3 tattoos (2019): one on his neck (his birthday in Roman numerals), one one his collarbone (“don’t lock me up”), and one on his inner arm (flowers and crescent moon).
– Seungwoo is interested in composing, writing lyrics, listening to BigBang, reading, and spending time alone.
– His role models are G-Dragon and Taeyang.
– Celebrities he wants to work with: G-Dragon, APink, Huhgak.
– Seungwoo doesn’t like dipping or pouring sauce on his food. Instead he sips it out of its packet after taking a bite. (V Live)
– His stage name was nearly Seungwooni because his company wanted him to have a cute image. (After school club)
– Seungwoo made his solo debut with the album “Fame” on August 10th, 2020.
– On July 28, 2021 he enlisted in the military and was discharged on January 27, 2023.
– Seungwoo debuted as a member of the group VICTON in November 2016.
– He was the leader, lead vocalist, lead rapper, and lead dancer of the group.
– Seungwoo was the father of the group.
– Seungwoo was the strongest member of VICTON.
– His nicknames are: Seunggu, Six packs, Captain.
– Seungwoo was proven to be the athletic one in the group.
(Marie Claire March 2017 Issue)
– His life priorities are himself, his family and friends, the people around him, and his future.
– If you were given 3 wishes: “Unfold the future as I wish. Family’s health. Me with new improvements everyday.”
– Behavior when you get angry: “Hold back, hold back, and hold back. Absolutely hold back until the end.”
– People you want to invite to the dorm: “Family. While eating together at the dorm I want to introduce ‘this is how I live’.
– His unique point is that he can do anything by himself. He enjoys eating alone, he also went watching movies alone. Even meat buffet and karaoke are possible.
Produce X 101
– His skills are melody making, singing, dancing, and rapping.
– His hobbies are playing soccer, walking, going to cafes, watching movies, and working on music.
Han Seung Woo’s intro video.
All of Seungwoo’s Produce X 101 videos.
– Seungwoo and Dongpyo developed a father son relationship during the show.
– Seungwoo is not good with sharing his feelings with others as he is listening to others problems.
– He has become really close with Wooseok, Jinhyuk, Kookheon, and Yuvin.
– Seungwoo has earned the title of PDX’s Nation Leader. He has also been a fan pick to become the main vocalist in the debuting group as well as being recognized as one of the best vocalist from all of the fellow trainees.
– Seungwoo ranked 3rd, receiving a total of 1,079,200 votes.
– Seungwoo’s total amount of votes are 2,869,629.
– Seungwoo was voted 10/11 for the leader position in the group. The only person that didn’t vote for him was himself as he voted for Seungyoun instead. (Vlive, 7/22/19)
– Seungwoo, Yohan, and Junho are known as the “We Bare Bears” trio because they have performed every song together on PDX101.
– After X1 disband, Seungwoo returned to his original group VICTON for their 6th mini album Continous and officially gave up his title as Leader to Seungsik.

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How much do you like Seungwoo?

How much do you like Seungwoo?

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