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DK (iKON) Profile

DK (iKON) Profile and Facts:

DK is a member of the South Korean boy group iKON under 143 Entertainment.

Stage Name: DK (디케이) (formerly known as Donghyuk (동혁))
Birth Name: Kim Dong Dong (김동동), later he legalized it as Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁)
Birthday: January 3, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 173 cm (5’8”)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @_dong_ii
Twitter: @D_dong_ii

DK Facts:
– His childhood dream was to become a bodyguard, after he watched K-drama Bodyguard and to become a teacher in middle school. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– Amongst the members, he is best at aegyo since his grandmother (still) treats him like a cute baby boy.
– His father died when he was 8 years old.
– He has a younger sister, Esther, who is currently studying in the USA. (VLive)
– He likes to read and write proses. One of his proses is said to be published.
– He can sing high notes and is really good at falsettos.
– He likes listening to Tory Lanez, Justin Bieber and August Alsina. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He loves winter. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He loves Mexican food.
– But he’s bad with spicy food, so he doesn’t eat tteokbokki. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– When making ramyun, he puts sauce before noodles, afterwards he puts a half of a spoon of ssamjang. He likes, when there is green onion in his ramyun. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– Out of alcohol, he likes scotch whiskey. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He hates cockroaches.
– He is really good with kids. (iKONTV)
– Yang Hyunsuk’s (CEO YG’s) daughter Jang Yujin favors him the most.
– He began learning dancing after watching Michael Jackson’s performances. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He was casted by SM on the streets. He studied dancing at a dance academy to prepare for the SM audition. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– During training there he decided to go to a JYP public casting. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He won the competition JYP Trainee Search in March 2012, then he was recruited into YG Entertainment in November 2012.
– He initially auditioned as a rapper but Yang Hyunsuk suggested he sings instead.
– He was part of Team B on WIN.
– His mother didn’t want him to be a trainee, but Dongdong had enough pride and passion, so she gave up and cheered on his idol path. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He didn’t want his own room in iKON’s dorm because he gets lonely easily. (“Weekly Idol” ep 341)
– If he were a soloist, he would try R&B and pop songs. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He’s friends with Yoon and Mino from WINNER and Eun Jiwon from Sechs Kies. He often plays ping pong with them. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He’s closest to Bobby. (Konic TV)
– Bobby said he is “dangerous”. (Profile wrote by the members)
– He and Bobby have a Tom and Jerry relationship. They spend a lot of time together. (iKONTV)
– DK’s new nickname given by the members: CFW, abbreviation for Crazy For Wine.
– Fans gave him the nickname “Dong-To-Pi” meaning Donghyuk gets sulky again, because he gets sulky when communicating with fans. (Konic TV)
– He’s confident in his body, especially his thighs. (Konic TV)
– According to the group’s trainer, DK has the best boxing posture. (VLive)
– He had gone to Atlanta, USA, as an exchange student, hence his English is really good.
– His nickname when he was in the States is Ezra.
– He got to love basketball while in the US. His homestay family gave him a present on his birthday, a basketball. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– He used to be the Student Body President of his class.
– Because he’s an intelligent student at school, the members don’t understand why he wants to be a singer.
– He loves to MC and hopes to become one someday.
– He has MCed on Hongki Kiss the Radio with B.I.
– He would like to take some clothes from Jay’s wardrobe because there are many expensive things in.
– He loves to buy clothes.
– He loves street fashion.
– Members claim that Donghyuk is he fashionista of the group. Song jokingly claimed that when DK opens his closet for the members, that’s their shopping. (Al-Arabiya)
– He is a sneaker head. He enjoys collecting sneakers and often wears them on stage.
– He has more than three large shelves full of sneakers, he says there isn’t enough room. He thinks there are about 200 sneakers.
– Nike is his favorite brand of sneakers. Nike sent him the pair once they found out he was going on GQ Korea to talk about his love for sneakers.
– His favorite sneakers are Air Jordan 1 Series. (Blue Black, Red Black, White and Black, Black and White).
– His life philosophy is to be a warm person for all people. (Eric Nam’s Daebak Show Ep.137)
– On February 15, 2024, he released his 1st solo album, ‘NAKSEO[戀]‘.
– DK’s ideal type is a girl, whose height is 158 cm, who is filled with aegyo, cute charm. He prefers older girls.

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