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Bada Lee (Dancer) Profile and Facts

Bada Lee (Dancer) Profile and Facts

Bada Lee (이바다) is South Korean dancer and choreographer. She is the leader of Team BEBE.

Bada Lee Fandom Name: Salt
Bada Lee Official Fan Color:

Stage Name: Bada (바다)
Birth Name: Lee Bada (이바다)
Birthday: September 22, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Pig
176 cm (5’9”)
Blood Type:
Instagram: badalee__
YouTube: Bada Lee
TikTok: Badalee__

Bada Lee Facts:
– Her nationality is Korean.
– She is a dancer under JustJerk Academy.
– She has been dancing for 16 years.
– She can speak English.
– Her fandom name is Salt because her name means ocean (바다) in Korean, and a body of water cannot be an ocean without salt. Referring to how she wouldn’t be where she is today without her fans.
– She was a backup dancer for Lisa (BLACKPINK), Kai (EXO), CL (2NE1) and more.
– She has made choreographies for artists such as AESPA (Next Level/Savage/Drama/Girls), NCT (90’s Love/DejaVu/ZOO), WAYV (Action Figure/ On My Youth), Kai,(Rover/Peaches/Reason) BLACKPINKLisa (LILI’s FILM The Movie), TRI.BE (Mire Prologue Film), Shownu X TEN (Special Collab Stage), The Boyz (Maverick), VeriVery (Undercover) and many more.
– She is very loved by SM Entertainment artists.
– In her MBTI, E and I are 49% to 51% so its really close.
– She participated in the reality show Street Woman Fighter 2
– She secured 1st place leading Team BEBE alongside her members: Lusher, Tatter, Kyma, Minah, Cheche, and Sowoen.
– She recently took part in creating choreographies for artists such as Taemin (SHINEe), Aespa and WayV.
– She is confirmed to be in a relationship with Just Jerk’s Howl.
– She is close friends with artists such as NCT’s Taeyong, BTS’s V, WayV’s Ten, and EXO’s Kai.
– She used to dance in a crew called ” CUPCAKES” which included Stray Kids’ Lee Know. However the crew is now disbanded.
– She started dancing in elementary school as a hobby, however after a friend had recently opened a dance studio, she started to take classes from Just Jerk’s JHo. Who was her teacher then.
 – She often was scolded because of her height which caused her to look stiff while dancing, this pushed her to work harder to become a more skilled dancer.
– She is best friends with actress Nam Ji Hyun, they attended the same high school .
– She wears eyeglasses.
-Her main goal in life is to hold her own dancing concert.
– Bada has two dogs named Yogurt and Arin.
– She is often told that she sounds like ShinChan, a Japanese cartoon character.
– She is the youngest in her family and has an older sister.
– She would like to get married soon.
– Her goal in her career is to hold her own dance concert.
– She has 2 tattoos, one on her inner right forearm and one on her inner left upper arm
– The tattoo on her right arm is an ocean shaped crescent, (hence her name meaning “ocean” in Korean), and the one on her left arm is a handwritten message from her mom ” To my one and only daughter Bada. I hope you will do your best without any regrets.”
– She is extremely family oriented and cares a lot about her parents.
– She said she used to drink a lot of milk in school, and that it is probably the reason she is so tall.
– She appeared on The Seasons: Red Carpet with Lee Hyori with her team
– She is a teacher at Just Jerk Academy and Urban Dance Play Academy.
– She is signed under Jam Republic The Agency.
– She revealed that she has made close to 100 choreography drafts in her career.
– Bada is one of the best drinkers in BEBE and can drink up to 2 bottles of alcohol
– Her favourite drinks are champagne and beer
– Bada said shes usually an INFP but when teaching she is an ISTJ.
– She was born in incheon.
– Most of her members chose her as the team member they would most want to introduce to their younger brother
– She loves her bangs and refuses to wear any hairstyle that shows her forehead.
– She has a habit of saying “Okay, okay!!” (오케이 오케이!!) And “First of all” (일단)
– She is a very kind person and rarely gets mad.
– She was offered to be on SWF 1 but declined as she was busy making choreographies.
– She gained approximately 3.2 Million followers following her appearance on SWF 2
– She studied japanese in high school
– She went to Japan to dance and train
– Likes to drink non alcoholic beer after a shower because it gives her a refreshing feeling

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Note 2: Bada recently revealed that her MBTI changed from ENFP to INFP and it often changes.

For reference on MBTI types:
E = Extroverted, I = Introverted
N = Intuitive, S = Observant
T = Thinking, F = Feeling
P = Perceiving, J = Judging

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