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Youngjae (GOT7) Profile

Youngjae (GOT7) Profile and Facts:

Youngjae is a South Korean solo singer under Sublime Artist Agency and a member of the South Korean boy group GOT7. He debuted as a soloist on October 5, 2021 with his 1st mini album “COLORS from Ars” and title track “Vibin’”.

Official Accounts:
Twitter: GOTYJ_Ars_Vita; YOUNGJAExArs
Instagram: 333cyj333
Soundcloud: ars333ars

Stage Name: Youngjae (영재)
Birth Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재)
Birthday: September 17, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @ChoiArs_YJ
Instagram: @333cyj333
Soundcloud: ars333ars

Youngjae Facts:
– He was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla province, South Korea.
– Family: mom, dad, 1 older brother and 1 older sister.
– Personality: cheerful and bright.
– His nickname is “Genius” or “Sunshine”.
– He attended Muntae Middle School and later Seoul Korea Arts High School.
– Youngjae graduated high school during 2014.
– He was attending Theater and Film in Seokyeong University, but he quit because there were too many exams and he didn’t have the time.
– He changed his major to Taekyung University, Model Department (same as Yuggyeom).
– Before debut he liked/used to sing with his brother.
– He became a JYP trainee in summer 2013.
– He joined GOT7 after only 7 months training.
– He was the last member to join GOT7.
– He is known as a serious and hardworking person.
– For GOT7’s “Fly tour” he wrote and composed the song “1:31 am” along with fellow member JB but he had to sing it alone because of JB’s back injury.
– He wrote and composed the song “Rewind” for GOT7’s “Flight log: Departure” album.
– He wrote the track “Sick” and wrote and composed the song “HEY” for GOT7’s “Flight log: Turbulence” album.
– Youngjae wrote and composed the song “Sign” for GOT7’s “Flight log: Arrival” album.
– Youngjae also wrote and composed “Moon U” from 7for7.
– He can speak Korean and Japanese.
– 2PM’s Nichkhun said Youngjae is actually GOT7’s visual.
– He sleeps in a lot and have difficulties in waking up in the morning.
– Favorite artists: Elliot Yamin, Javier.
– His motto: “Practice as much as you sleep.”
– His hobby is playing the piano.
– His favorite movie is “Frozen”.
– His favorite color is red.
– His favorite sport is soccer.
– His favorite types of music are ballad and R&B.
– His favorite item is a buddhist rosary.
– His favorite food is everything but cucumbers.
– Youngjae hates green tea ice cream and watermelon.
– He also doesn’t like lemons.
– He likes to “eat” the microphone, to see how big his mouth was.
– He is a gamer.
– He is a heavy sleeper.
– He gets scared easily.
– Apparently he got 2 tattoos, one on his each upper arm/shoulder.
– One tattoo says his inspiration quote “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” while the one on his other shoulder is the yellow ribbon commemorating to the sinking of Sewol MV in 2014.
– He has a puppy named “Coco”, which also belongs to Mark.
– Youngjae has launched his dog, CoCo an Instagram account: @b_ftaq
– His perfume is Mark Jacobs.
– He has nasal allergy.
– He is a perfectionist.
– He, along with Yugyeom, are now majoring in modelling.
– He becomes mad when his privacy is invaded.
– He had a bad history with Bambam when he became one of GOT7’s member. He saw Bambam’s naked body when he got in GOT7’s dorm for the first time and he was surprised.
– Youngjae’s inspiration quote is “Ars longa, vita brevis” which means “Art is long, life is short”.
– He likes the voice of Bruno Mars. His dream is to be on the same stage with him.
– His dorm partner used to be JB.
– EDIT: All the members have separate rooms now and only BamBam and Yugyeom shares a room. (After School Club)
– EDIT 2: Youngjae got out of the dorm and now is living with his brother in Seoul.
– Youngjae says that Jay B used to hug him really tightly when they slept.
– His contract with JYP Ent. expired on January 19, 2021 and he decided not to renew.
– On January 20, 2021 it was announced that Youngjae signed with Sublime Artist Agency.
– From May 1 to July 25, 2021, He starred in Midnight Sun, a musical adaptation of the 2006 Japanese movie A Song to the Sun, as the male lead Ha-ram.
– He also portrayed Sam in Netflix Korea’s first sitcom, So Not Worth It, which premiered worldwide on June 18, 2021.
– On September 16, 2021, it was revealed that he would be starring in the live-action remake of the webtoon “Love & Wish”.
– Youngjae is no longer under Sublime Artist Agency as of April 2, 2024.
Youngjae’s ideal type is a woman who he is naturally attracted to.

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