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Xydo Profile

Xydo Profile and Facts:

Xydo / 시도 is a South Korean soloist and producer under GROOVL1N. He debuted on August 14, 2019 with “#OOTD” ft COOGIE.

Stage Name: Xydo / 시도
Birth Name: Park Chiwoong / 박치웅
Birthday: January 29, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 178 cm / 5’11”
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: xydo_
Twitter: xydofficial
SoundCloud: xxxydo
YouTube: Xydo
TikTok: xydofficial

Xydo Facts:
– His MBTI is ENTP.
– Born in Yeosu, South Korea then moved to Seoul.
– Xydo was born in the year of the Dog.
– He has older brothers, sisters, and six nephews.
– Some people call him C.W. Park.
– Xydo is pronounced as Shido (시도).
– He was an underground R&B artist.
– Xydo’s music is a combination of R&B and Pop.
– He likes the songs made in order to express himself.
– Music is his best friend, and he likes to share it with people in happy or sad times.
– He taught himself English through movies and pop songs.
– Xydo likes English pronunciation and expressions.
– He likes to drink alcohol.
– He doesn’t like mint chocolate and Hawaiian pizzas.
– Xydo likes eating asparagus.
– He doesn’t show his aegyo / cuteness that often.
– Xydo has a desire for radio as he’s good at counseling.
– In school, he was almost always late to class.
– He has mentioned that he has already completed his military service.
– Right after he finished his service, he began doing music properly.
– His hobbies are taking pictures of the sky, cooking, watching Sci-Fi movies, playing basketball, and playing tennis.
– He began playing tennis around March 2021.
– Xydo enjoys cooking, but he doesn’t seem rather good at it.
– Whenever Xydo’s about to dance, RAVI intervenes and blocks him from doing it.
– He likes Jamie Foxx, Miguel, Nao, and the artist he wants to work with is Ruel.
– Xydo applied for the show SignHere 사인히어, but it was cancelled due to him signing a contract with GROOVL1N.
– A song of his that he recommends is “이상(理想)”, as everyone is trying to do something they want.
– A song he is proud of is “Drawing” as there were many difficulties in making the song itself.
– When he feels down, he tells himself to believe in himself.
– A song he recommends is ‘Remember Me’ by Umi.
– In 2020 he was selected as November’s NEXTrend.
– He appreciate all of his fans, and he wants to visit his international fans.
– His advice for people who want to pursue music is “I wanna say “finding yourself” is the most important thing. Because I’m still finding myself”.
– Xydo has collaborated with artists like Moonbyul, Chillin Homie, pH-1, Coogie, BUMKEY and YUNHWAY.
– He appeared on CURV’s YT in early Oct. 2022; performing “Reborn“.

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Latest Release: Dream


Latest Cover Release: VIBE (Original: VIBE – TAEYANG ft.Jimin (BTS))

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