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Time (시간)

Time (시간)

Time (시간) is a drama starring Kim Junghyun, Seohyun, Kim Junhan, Hwang Seungeon, and more. The show premiered on July 25, 2018, and the final episode aired on September 20, 2018.

Drama Name: Time (English title)
Native Title: 시간 (Shigan)
Other Names: Shigan, 時間
Release Date: July 25, 2018 – September 20, 2018
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Network: MBC
Episodes: 32
Rating: 13+
Air Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST)
Show Duration: 35 min
Director | Writer: Jang Joonho | Choi Hochul

Not everyone can appreciate and understand how precious time is, but more importantly how limited at the same time too. An eccentric man Cheon Sooho (Kim Junghyun) finds himself linked to the death of the younger sister of an aspiring and hardworking woman Seol Jihyun (Seohyun) so he tries to devote as much time as he has left to her after ruining her life.

Main Cast:
Kim Junghyun

Role Name: Cheon Sooho (천수후)
Real Name: Kim Junghyun (김정현)
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Role name: Seol Jihyun (설지현)
Real name: Seo Joohyun (서주현)
Group / unit: Girls’ Generation, TTS
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Kim Junhan

Role Name: Shin Minseok (신민석)
Real Name: Kim Junhan (김준한)
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Hwang Seungeon

Role Name: Eun Chaea (은채아)
Real Name: Hwang Seungeon (황승언)
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Supporting Cast:
CEO Cheon (천 사장) played by: Choi Jonghwan (최종환)
Jang Oksoon (장옥순) played by: Jeon Sookyeong (전수경)
Yang Heesook (양희숙) played by: Kim Heejung (김희정)
Oh Younghee (오영희) played by: Ahn Jihyun (안지현)
Geum Taesung (금태성) played by: Kim Jungtae (김정태)
Nam Daechul (남대출) played by: Choi Dukmoon (최덕문)
Miss Yang (미스  양) played by: Kang Mi Nah (강민아)

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