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Choi Jong Hwan Profile and Facts

Choi Jong Hwan profile: Choi Jong Hwan facts and type  

Choi Jong Hwan (최종환)
is an actor who debuted in 1989. He is most known for his roles in The General’s Son 2 (1991) Time (2018) and When I Was the Most Beautiful (2020).

Birth Name: Choi Jong Hwan (최종환)
Birthdate: September 24th, 1965
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 183 cm (6′)
Weight: 82 kg (181 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean

Choi Jong Hwan Facts:

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts.
– He has a Ph.D. in Imaging Science from Sogang University.
-He is a p
rofessor in the Department of Broadcasting and Visual Acting at Jeonghwa University of Arts.

Choi Jong Hwan Dramas:

Country Diaries (전원일기) | MBC / as Byung Tae (1980)
Soseol Mokminsimseo (소설 목민심서) | KBS2 / as Lee Ki Kyung (2000)
Ladies of the Palace (여인천하) | SBS / as King Jung Jong (2001)
Mom’s Song (엄마의 노래) | SBS / as Lee Sang Wook (2002)
Inspector Park Moon Soo (어사 박문수) | MBC / as Yang Min Seo (2002)
IRIS (아이리스) | KBS2 / as Eon Gi Hoon (2009)
Jejoongwon (제중원) | SBS / as Emperor Go Jong (2010)
Dong Yi (동이) | MBC / as Jang Moo Yul (2010)
 The Duo (짝패) | MBC / as Kim Jin Sa (2011)
Gye Baek (계백) | MBC / as King Moo (2011)
If Tomorrow Comes (내일이 오면) | SBS / as Seo In Ho (2011)
Immortal Classic (불후의 명작) | Channel A / as Kim Hyun Myung (2012)
7th Grade Civil Servant (7급공무원) | MBC / as Oh Kwang Jae (2013)
Hur Jun, the Original Story (구암 허준) | MBC / as Yang Ye Soo (2013)
Mama (마마) | MBC / as Director Kim (2014)
Birth of a Beauty (미녀의 탄생) | SBS / as Manager Kim (2014)
 Life Tracker Lee Jae Goo (인생추적자 이재구) | SBS / as Park Woo Seok (2015)
Splendid Politics (화정) | MBC / as Prince Im Hae (2015)
Six Flying Dragons (육룡이 나르샤) | SBS / as General Jo Min So (2015)
Saimdang, Light’s Diary (사임당, 빛의 일기) | SBS / as King Joong Jong / Min Jung Hak (2017)
Bad Thief, Good Thief (도둑놈, 도둑님) | MBC / as Yoon Joong Tae (2017)
The King in Love (왕은 사랑한다) | MBC, Viki / as Song Bang Yeong (2017)
Time (시간) | MBC / as CEO Cheon (2018)
When I Was the Most Beautiful (내가 가장 예뻤을 때) | MBC / as Seo Sung Geun (2020)

Choi Jong Hwan Awards:
2011 MBC Drama Awards | Producer’s Award, Actor (The Duo and Gye Baek)

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