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The Tea Party Profile and Facts

The Tea Party Profile and Facts

The Tea Party is a Russian-South Korean blogger duo of two siblings, Kostya and Anya. They launched their Youtube account in June 1, 2014 and uploaded their first video in June 4, 2014.

Official Accounts:
Their Youtube account The Tea Party
Kostya’s Instagram: pakostya
Anya’s Instagram: 1annapk
Anya’s personal Youtube channel: K-TOWN

The Tea Party Facts:
– They were born in Moscow in the Koryo-saram family, ethnic Korean people living in the post-Soviet states.
– Their grand-grandfather was a part of Korean Independence Movement.
– The idea of launching their Youtube channel was proposed by Kostya.
– They fought a lot, when they were children.
– They became citizens of South Korea in August 11, 2017. They now have double citizenship of Russia and South Korea.
– In their Youtube channel, apart from telling about their life and fliming mukbang videos, they broadcast realistic view on South Korea in their podcasts and give advice on how to get familiar with Korean society.


Russian Short Name: Kostya (Костя)
Russian Full Name: Konstantin Yuriyevich Pak (Константин Юрьевич Пак)
Korean Name: Park Konstantin (박콘스탄틴)
Birthday: October 9, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: B

Kostya Facts:
– He is a quiet person.
– His favorite foods are marrow squash and donkasseu.
– His favorite film director is Quentin Tarantino.
– His favorite Pokemon is Charmander-Charmilion-Charizard.
– His favorite video game of his youth was Tekken 3, his favorite character was Hwoarang for his simple combo moves.
– His favorite singers are Ailee and Beatles.
– His favorite authors are Boris Akunin and Rex Stout.
– He does not believe in horoscopes.
– He thought he likes spicy food back in Russia, but when he came to South Korea, he changed his mind on it.
– He learned English with a help of watching American TV shows with subtitles.
– He is slightly paranoic, he always checks twice if he locked door of his house or turned off a gas stove.
– In his childhood, he believed in superpowers and tried to nurture telekinesis.
– In middle school he had memory upgrading courses, due to them he had good marks in history and Russian literature.
– He had to fight a lot against other boys during his childhood.
– He was a captain of high school and college comedic teams, this is where he learned about stage presence, public speaking and being interesting and funny.
– In Russia boys play football in every PE lesson, Kostya played as a goalkeeper, as he was not a good runner and was chubby.
– He had long hair for some time, even he was mistaken to be a girl.
– His first visit to a nightclub was when he was 15 years old, he had to pretend that he is a son of Japanese ambassador. Later he regreted it.
– Until his 21 years old, he was chubby, but later he trained off 20 kg in 4 months.
– He visited 17 countries as for 2015.
– He broke his collarbone for three times, he has titanium sheet on it.
– He is a boyfriend of Anastasia Shatova, a model and a Youtube blogger, with whom he is married since February 22, 2022.
– He admitted his suffering from depression after his father’s passing away in 2021.


Russian Short Name: Anya (Аня)
Russian Full Name: Anna Yuriyevna Pak (Анна Юрьевна Пак)
Korean Name: Park Anna (박안나)
Birthday: December 6, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 155 cm
Blood Type: B

Anya Facts:
– She is an impulsive person.
– Her favorite foods are chicken, sweet pastries and fruit jellies.
– Her hobbies are reading and singing.
– She would like to visit Venice, Germany and Disneyland in Los Angeles.
– Her favorite color is white.
– She likes wearing rings.
– She recommends to listen to the songs of BeWhy, Radiohead, Coldplay and alternative rock musicians.
– She does not enjoy romantic movies and TV shows.
– She likes open, optimistic, ambitious people, with good sense of humor.
– She does not like people, who are obsessed with their problems and do nothing for solving it and rumormongers.
– She has insectophobia, in her childhood she had a fear of elevators after watching Elevator, 2011.
– She barely cries, and if she is about to do it, then does where no one sees.
– Speaks Korean a little better than Kostya.
– She studied playing piano in middle school, but for now she knows only fundamentals.
– She has several tattoos around her left shoulder and both wrists.
– During her childhood she enjoyed anime and cosplay.
– She was a fan of K-pop at that time, too, but for 2020, she stans only Seventeen, her bias is Hoshi.
– In her 14-15, she dreamt about being a Korean idol, but she matured and she changed her mind on her dream.
– Her first visit to South Korea was when she was 17, her friend had to fly to Seoul to study Korean at Kimpo University and she wanted to bring someone. It was Anya. After a month of studying, she understood that Korea is her fate. Her parents accepted it and helped her to officially attend Kimpo University.
– Native Koreans think that her accent is cute, just like of Sana.
– She thinks that the best way of learning Korean is taking special courses of Korean and making Korean friends.
– She worked as a factory employee, a waitress in her friend’s restaurant, a part of a crowd in cinema, a barwoman in Hondae and a translator.
– She was a main cast of Youtube channel Fanta TV.
– She once lost 20 kg by giving all her food to her friend, locking up in her house for a week, and drinking only water.
– She attended 1MILLION Dance School, Hip-Hop Department.
– If she will have children, she would like them to be raised in Russia, because there be a happier life for them.
Her ideal type is careful, kind, respectful and loving man, who will see her as a princess and, if she does anything wrong, he would calmly talk to her, just like her dad. As for appearance, she prefers men of average height and black hair.

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