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Invent Profile and Facts

Invent Profile and Facts

Invent is an independent Sakha singer-songwriter, rapper and composer. He debuted with the single “Муорабын” (“I’m A Sea”) in 2018.

Invent Social Media:
Instagram: invent_fnl
X (Twitter): invent_fnl
YouTube: Invent Sound

Stage Name: Invent (Инвент)
Birth Name: Vasiliy Andreyevich Kuzmin (Василий Андреевич Кузьмин)
Birthday: April 16, 1992
Astrological Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: —
MBTI Type: E—

Invent Facts:
– He was born and raised in Kyundeie village, Suntarski district.
– His parents are both teachers, his father is of PE, his mother is of Sakha language and literature.
– He has a brother and a sister.
– Graduated from Ammosov NEFU, Institute of Modern Languages and International Studies, Department of English Pedagogics, in 2015.
– He was an honor student in his school.
– He tried making music thrice because his friends often criticized him for his first times in composing and rapping.
– He chose his stage name after his brother urged him to choose a nickname for an online game. Vasiliy looked in an English dictionary and kept Invent from now on.
– In his school days he was part of Yuzhnaya Dolina and FINAL rap groups.
– He almost became a promising freestyle wrestler, but due to arm trauma, he never came back to it.
– When he was sitting at home with his arm broken, he got into video making and sound producing.
– He was interested in culture and tried to apply for culture colleges but wasn’t accepted for his lack of singing skills.
– In that time he was interested in health, and tried to apply for a medical college, but he changed his mind.
– He began writing songs and singing in 2012, his junior year in NEFU.
– He is a former sea soldier, having served 2015-2017, and retired in sergeant’s rank.
– He worked as an English teacher in some school in Yakutsk for two years.
– He works as a counsellor in summer camps every summer.
– He is inspired by nature and urban music.
– He travels around the world a lot. The best city he has visited is Saint-Petersburg.
– He can speak English and a little bit of French, which he uses for travelling.
– He almost never uses the word “love” in his songs. The lyrical characters of his songs are either literary protagonists or natural things like sea.
– He uses FL Studio programme on his laptop for making music.
– He made his hit song “Сырдаарыый” (“Shine On Me”) in 15 minutes.
– He had been making his debut song in 2015-2016 during his military service.
– He wrote his own poems in Russian, when he was seven years old.
–  Those first three verses were about his mother, a crow, motherland.
– He sometimes makes OST for movies and documentaries.
– He produced songs for almost all young singers in Yakutia.
– He makes discounts for singing students on his studio, because he himself felt pressure at his early musician days and doesn’t want them to undergo through this.
– He is Tengrian by religion.
– He wants to work with Scott Storch, Will.i.am, and J.Cole.
– His bad habit is always being late.
– He never answers to a question by one word, he tells a whole story before answering.
– He doesn’t argue long with people because he thinks that truth is always subjective.
– His favorite books are The Kite Runner, Shantaram, and Until I Am Me by Dmitri Trotski.
– He loves audio books, because of them he learnt how to really listen to people.
– He loves wearing shirts with flower prints.
– He doesn’t like to call himself a singer but rather a musician.
– He thinks about his audience that they are between 14 to 40 years with 65% women and 35% men.
– He has a car and a driver’s license.
– He has a girlfriend.
– In 2007 he was a winner of athletics championship for 1,500 m sprint.

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