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Stell (SB19) Profile

Stell (SB19) Profile and Facts

Stell is a member of the all Filipino boy-group SB19, under ShowBT Entertainment.

Stage Name: Stell
Real Name: Stellvester Ajero
Nickname/s: Teytey Man, Vester, Stell
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: June 16th, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Blood Type: –
Twitter: stell16_
Instagram: stellajero_
Tiktok: stellajero16
Youtube: Vester Ajero
Personal Facebook Account: Stell Ajero
Facebook page: Vester

Stell Facts:
– His hometown is  Las Piñas City, Philippines.
– Education: Hotel and Restaurant Management (STI College)
– While in college, Stell worked as a fast food crew member
– Stell enjoys teasing other members
– Stell has a pet puppy named ‘Gimo’
– Stell is the main choreographer in the Group
– He was so overworked that he nearly developed acute pulmonary edema once;
– He spent recovery babysitting for an aunt who was helping support their family
– He is good at Impersonating
– He loves cooking
– Stell doesn’t like doing aegyo
– Favorite color blue or royal blue
– Favorite number “16”
– Stell is afraid of Ghost
– Stell loves strawberries
– Stell’s current favorite animal is Dogs and Hamsters
– He is a member of a choir church; and he is the only Male Soprano
– He and Josh used to be in a dancer cover group called ‘SE-EON’ and they won 7 competitions.
– Stell takes his skincare seriously
– He loves toys; he has a stuffed monkey named “Tokki” and a stuffed banana named “Nanaque
– His music inspiration is VIXX.
– His Filipino music inspiration is Jed Madela and Morissette Amon.
– Often, he jokes a lot when he is with his members.
– Stell has 2 dogs before named Xavier and Potpot
– Stell’s Motto in life: “Be your own reason to smile”

SB19 First Impression to Stell
Josh: “My first impression on him that he’s talented and kind, still the same. Sometimes he picks up a fight, but still ok [laughs]
Pablo:Stell was very friendly when I first saw him. He is always the mood-setter, he is our happy pill.”
“I didn’t know he was the main vocal because I thought he was just good at dancing.”
“For Stell, he is funny, Joker. He always making us laugh, I’m the one who laughs easily, so I always laugh at his Jokes

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