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YARA Members Profile

YARA Members Profile

YARA (means butterfly in Arabic origin) is a four-member girl group and the first ever Grand Winner of PoPinoy (A filipino reality-survival show). They were formed by ShowBT Entertainment and was a trainee until 2018. The group is composed of Gelou, Rocher, Christa, and Kim. They debuted on March 10, 2023 with their first single “ADDA“.

YARA Fandom Name: CoCoons
YARA Official Color: Maroon
YARA Official Greeting:

YARA Official Accounts:
Instagram: official_yara.ph
Twitter: official__yara
Facebook: YARA PH
Youtube: YARA PH
Tiktok: official__yara

YARA Members Profile:

Birth Name: Angelou Villanueva
Position: Leader
Birthday: April 10, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 156cm (5′ 1”)
Weight: 47kg (103lbs)
Solo Fandom Name: Sunshines
Instagram: @geloubaby
Twitter: @geloubaby
Tiktok: @geloubaby

Gelou Facts:
-She is from Las Pinas City, Philippines
-Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Management Major in Operations Management.
-She is a former member of the cover group Se-Eon along side SB19 Josh and Stell.
-Her favorite colors are blue and pink.
-Her favorite movie is Avengers:Endgame.
-Her favortie korean food is odeng.
-She likes fried chicken.
-She admitted that she is brutally honest sometimes.
-She is one of the finalist for TVN’s Kpop Starhunt 2 in 2012.
-She has a pet peeve for someone who’s asking the obvious.


Birth Name: Rocher Joyce S. Villa
Position: Eldest, secret leader
Birthday: August 4, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 167cm (5′ 6”)
Weight: 46kg (101lbs)
Solo Fandom Name: Universe
Instagram: @rocher13
Twitter: @rocher13_
Tiktok: @rocher13

Rocher Facts:
-She is from Valenzuela City, Philippines
-Education: Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Major in Exporting Management.
-She is a multilingual.
-She favorite color is blue.
-Her favorite song is Beautiful Scars by Maximillian
-She played the K-Musical Lead Role as Young Chunhyang at PHILKOR 2015.
-She loves cheerleading.
-Her favorite movies are Hachiko, and The Greatest Showman.
-She is a sporty type of person.
-She is good at playing volleyball.
-She is a sleepy head.


Birth Name: Christa Abigael Lei
Birthday: August 28, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 160 cm (5′ 3”)
Weight: 47kg (103lbs)
Solo Fandom Name: Starlights
Instagram: @_christalei
Twitter: @_christalei
Tiktok: @_christalei

Christa Facts:
-She is from Las Pinas City, Philippines
-Education: Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship.
-She won as 1st placer in a Kpop Dance Cover Contest covering Girls’ Day in 2016.
-Her favorite color is Mauve Taupe.
-Her favorite food is ice cream.
-Her favorite movies are White Chicks, Final Destination, and Interstellar.
-She doesn’t like someone who is presumptious.
-She is the Owner/Co-founder of Buhi Naturals.


Birth Name: Kimberly Natividad
Position: Bunso (Youngest)
Birthday: April 24, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 168 cm (5′ 6”)
Weight: 48 (105lbs)
Solo Fandom Name: MEEKs
Instagram: @kim_natividad
Twitter: @kim_ntvdd
Tiktok: @kim_natividad

Kim Facts:
-She is from Bulacan, Philippines
-She graduated from Senior High School with honors.
-Her favorite foods are tocino, shawarma, and ensaymada.
-She likes warm and earth tone colors.
-She has a good penmanship.
-She often feels intimidated and gets overwhelmed easily.
-She is a big fan of K-Pop especially EXO.
-Her favorite movies are The Choice, and The Invisible Guest.
-She loves cats.
-She is into astrology.
-Her favorite books are Another Day by David Levithan, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

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