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Mikki (BGYO) Profile and Facts

Mikki Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Mikki
Birth Name: Michael Claver Jr.
Chinese Name: Shi Ying Xian (施英賢)
Position: Main Rapper
Birthday:  February 13, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
 180 cm (5’11″)

Mikki Facts:
– Mikki’s mom is half Chinese.
– He studied in a Chinese school for 14 years.
– Mikki was in Grade 6 when he joined his school’s basketball team.
– His favourite colour is black.
– He is a fan of wearing black t-shirts and has already collected 15 which are all oversized.
Mikkis owns over 55 pairs of earrings.
– He wishes to visit Big Ben in England.
– Mikki loves reading manga and watching anime.
– He is the sleepyhead in the group.
– In their debut single ”The Light”, he was the one who wrote the bridge part.
– If he wasn’t a part of BGYO he would be doing online schooling and watching anime.
– Mikki’s favourite SHA subject is dancing.
– He was the last one to join the Star Hunt.
– Mikki is built for a popstar and musician life. With brother who’s a DJ, he was exposed to music and its various genres early on.
– He credits his love of music for hip-hop as the reason why he got into writing lyrics and making rap music.
– He got into K-Pop when he started training as BGYO member and he listened to a lot of BTS, NCT, Stray Kids and GOT7 songs.
– He likes BTS’s Jimin, GOT7’s Jackson Wang and NCT’s Taeyong.
– He looks forward to working with IV of Spades and its front-man Zild Benitez someday.
– He stressed out value of not giving up when he was asked to talk to his younger self.
– He’s most likely to watch random videos on YouTube.
– Life Motto: ”YOLO”

Mikki’s words of encouragement to the young ones:
”For the young ones out there, don’t be scared to try out new things and it’s never too late to dream so go chase it. Kaya mo yan! [You can do it!] Don’t give up.”

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