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Maakhta Profile and Facts

Maakhta Profile and Facts
Maakhta is a Sakha rapper under Cha4anda Records. He debuted with the album “Первый Кюлетский” (“1st Kyulet Area”) in 2013.

Stage Names: Maakhta (Маахта)/Omogotchu (Омоҕоччу)
Birth Name: Ilya Ivanovich Semyonov (Илья Иванович Семёнов)
Birthday: January 16, 1992
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
MBTI Type: I—

Maakhta Facts:
– He was born and raised in Usun village, Vilyuski district.
– Family: parents, younger sister.
– He has his own family with children, they are living in his native village.
– He finished his school at 16 years old.
– He studied at a college in designing branch. He was loved much by his professors, but he withdrew from that college due to being obsessed with music and problems with paying a rent. After withdrawal he returned to his village.
– His religion is Sakha paganism.
– He doesn’t like anime.
– He worked as a community center manager in his village.
– For now he works in an argicultural cooperative.
– He wanted his stage name to be neutral, easy and memorable, but also not to be a word from any language. He took such stage names as Kasta and Basta (Russian rappers) as an inspiration.
– Only a few people call him by his real name, others call him by the stage name.
– He always forgets passwords to his SNS.
– If he weren’t a rapper, he would be a cosmonaut, a painter or a designer.
– His favorite school subjects were Art and Technical Drawing.
– Out of Sakha performers, he would like to collab with Q’nei and Kitjah.
– He reads a lot of books by Sakha authors to learn new words for his tracks.
– He was interested in American rap, then he switched to Russian one, particularly Gazgolder crew.
– He rarely updates his playlists.
– He used to work as a DJ and a security in a night club.
– He began rapping in last years of school, he made first steps in 2009.
– At first he made remixes to American rappers, and combined them to the original MVs. After showing those MVs to his friends he fully got into rapping.
– He made his first tracks after serving mandatory military service in 2011. He used “REAPER” audio station.
– He recorded his first six albums using very old equipment bought on a market in Yakutsk, at first in his home sauna, then in local community center.
– His first live performance was in December 2011, on Sakharap #4 contest, he won in the category of Sakha language.
– His producing records are three tracks a day, and making a studio album in a month.

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