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Kitjah Profile and Facts

Kitjah Profile and Facts
Kitjah is a Sakha reggae singer and rapper. He debuted in 2017 with the single “Эйиэнэ” (“Yours”).

Kitjah SNS:
Instagram: @kit_jah_

Stage Name: Kitjah (Китджа)
Real Name: Subudai Aiyy-Archylaan Julustaan-uola (Субудай Айыы-Арчылаан Дьулустаан уола)
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog
Height: N/A
MBTI Type: I—

Kitjah Facts:
– He was born and raised in Sydybyl village, Vilyuski district, Sakha Republic.
– His family is artistic: his mother used to sing and his grandparents were singers, and his late father Julustan Ivanov was a famous DJ and a singer in 1990-s.
– He has two brothers and two sisters, he is the second child in the family.
– He is a singer in fifth generation.
– He is now married to a non-celebrity.
– He has sons born in 2017, 2020 and 2024.
– His ethnicity is Sakha.
– School education: incomplete.
– He attended colleges in Amga, Tyungyulyu, and Neryungri for a short time, never finishing a semester.
– As he says, his personality is reticent, but he used to be hot-blooded.
– His previous name used to be Julur Julustanovich Ivanov (Дьулур Дьулустанович Иванов). He changed his name because he felt awkward being Ivanov while being Sakha.
– His grandmother took great care of him.
– His parents divorced when he was four years old.
– His father loved little Kitjah the most and they met each other many times.
– He got the news about his father’s death at his birthday.
– Because his father was killed at his birthday, he does not celebrate it anymore.
– Later he remade his father’s songs in 2018.
– He attended folk dance classes at his school.
– He was left in grade 6 for the second year.
– He fought a lot at school as he was in tough relations with his classmates.
– He was kind of security for his older brother who was a DJ at his school.
– He was falsely charged for theft and murder and put into juvenile prison at 14 years old.
– He began singing from getting bored in juvenile prison. He managed to perform at singing contests while serving his years.
– After being released at 18 years old, he had no money to pay for transport to Yakutsk, so he had to autostop.
– He had worked in a car wash station, also as a loader and house builder.
– He used to work as a clothes shop assistant.
– He met singer Moskila, with whom he later releases the song “Kyndykan”, at that shop.
– He became interested in reggae in 2014 by his first girlfriend.
– He and his first girlfriend weren’t married but they had a son.
– He lived in Bolugur, Amginski district, for one year working in a community center.
– He was part of KhSKh rap crew in Yakutsk, which did not last long without any releases.
– Kit is his first ever stage name, when he was in KhSKh crew. It was added by Jah, characteristic to reggae singers, by his friends.
– He became popular after his sister published on Instagram his performance in a car.
– He collaborated with ZAVOD and made a duo with Sergo.
– He is a finalist of Novaya Zvezda singing show in 2019.
– After participating in Novaya Zvezda contest, he got to work in BMI music label and a sound operator at a music festival.
– He is a double winner in republican singing contest Urdel.
– He doesn’t sing other singers’ songs because he can’t memorize them.
– He names reggae genre a psychological one as it comforts him.
– He likes reggae due to its resemblance to folk singing style degereng.
– While producing songs, he makes a music then lyrics to it.
– He recommends reading The Bible for children because they will think about their faith and their goals in life after reading it.
– He thinks that the most valuable thing in a human’s life is their intelligence.
– He regrets that he has incomplete school education.
– His religion is Sakha paganism.
– He loves being in a forest and travelling.
– He loves nights because he believes all of his haters sleep that time.
– He talks quietly at the interviews.
– His favorite seasons are summer and spring.
– He gets nervous very quickly.
– He has the shelf, where he puts all of his fans’ presents. He says that he never threw out a single one of them.
– He does not actively use his phone.
– He used to abide vegetarian diet, but due to harsh Sakha weather he dropped it.
– He does not want to live abroad.
– He does not play any instruments due to his laziness.
– He has a wish to give a suburban house to his mother as a present.
– He has tattoos on his face and both arms, i.e. his grandfather’s portrait on his left wrist. He is comfortable with them because he found himself. They are made by his younger brother.
– Tattoos on the right hand: NVK Channel emblem, Yakutsk Old City district, microphone, dynamics, 7 diamonds, text ‘King’, money, DC’s Joker, playing cards, crow, pyramid, skull, and metronome (commemorating his father).
– Tattoos on his neck: ‘Dios esta conmigo gracias por este’ (he thanks God for helping through his struggles) and Jared Leto’s Joker.
– As of 2024 he stopped having more tattoos because it became clear he has external problems with them like his family is being scolded for it.
– Subudai is his surname, which means “councellor”.
– Aiyy-Archylaan is his first name, which means “blessed by gods”.
– He sees his fans as kind people, who think the same as him.

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