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NaSURI (I-land2) Profile & Facts

NaSURI (I-land2) Profile & Facts
NaSURI (나수리) is a baby fox on I-LAND2, it was first officially introduced on March 24 on Mnetiland’s official Instagram account.

Name: NaSURI (나수리)
Animal: Fox
Wish: To become a complete fox
Helping the girls to find ‘me’ and become an iconic girl group

NaSURI Facts:
– NaSURI is a cute baby fox born in Metaball. Metaball is an object with infinite possibilities, capable of becoming anything. Inside it contains a variety of unpredictable energies.
– Then one day, from the vast energy of Metaball, an incomplete baby fox named NaSURI is born.
-NaSURI makes a special contract with an unknown entity to become a complete fox.
– NaSURI will Help girls who join I-LAND to find ‘me’ and become an iconic girl group.
– With about 100 days left, NASURI helps girls with various potentials to grow.

Profile By: Tracy

Do you like NaSURI?

Do you like NaSURI? Will it succeed in gathering the energy of Metaball and become a full-fledged fox? Feel free to comment down below.

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