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LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘HER’ is the fifth mini album and also the first part of the Love Yourself trilogy. LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘HER’ is a representation of the fear and joy of love, told in the distinctive BTS fashion. In the LOVE YOURSELF series, BTS hopes to spread a message of peace and harmony to today’s society as well as a personal experience of a boy transitioning into adulthood. In the mini album “HER,” which introduces this new narrative, the idea of guys falling in love for the first time is portrayed in a novel and upbeat way that tries to discuss the subject of “love” while enmeshed in a story about coming of age. The album comes in 4 versions: L, O, V, and E. 

Artist: BTS
Label: BigHit
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Type: Mini Album
Recorded: 2017
Genre: K-pop
Digital Length: 30:33
Physical Length: 44:20

1. Intro: Serendipity (Title Track)(Jimin) – 2:19
Writers: “hitman” bang, Slow Rabbit, RM, Ray Michael Djan Jr, and Ashton Foster
Producers: Slow Rabbit
Comeback Trailer

2. DNA (Title Track) – 3:43
Pdogg, “hitman” bang, Supreme Boi, Suga, RM, and Kass
Official MV | MV Teaser #1 | MV Teaser #2 | Dance Practice | MV Shooting | Comeback Show Performance | MV Reaction 

3. Best of Me – 3:46
Writers: Andrew Taggart, Pdogg, RM, Suga, J-Hope, “hitman” bang, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, Adora, and Sam Klempner
Producers: Andrew Taggart and Pdogg

4. Dimple (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook)- 3:16
Writers: Allison Kaplan, Matthew Tishler, and RM
Producers: Matthew Tishler and Crash Cove

5. Pied Piper – 4:05
Writers: Jinbo, “hitman” bang, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Pdogg, and Kass
Producers: Pdogg

6. Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech – 1:43
Writers: Pdogg
Producers: Pdogg

7. MIC Drop (Title Track) – 3:57
Writers: Pdogg, “hitman” bang, J-Hope, RM, and Supreme Boi
Producers: Pdogg
Official MV | MV Teaser | MV Shooting | Comeback show | Dance Pratice (MAMA Dance Break Ver.) | PRACTICE RECORD (Moving ver.) 

8. Go Go – 3:55
Writers: “hitman” bang, Supreme Boi, and Pdogg
Producers: Pdogg
Dance Pratice (Halloween Ver.) | Comeback show

9. Outro : Her (Suga, RM, and J-Hope) – 3:49
Writers: Suga, Slow Rabbit, RM, and J-Hope
Producers: Suga and Slow Rabbit

Physical Edition songs
10. Skit: 망설임과 두려움 (Skit: Hesitation and Fear) – 8:32
Writers: “hitman” bang and Pdogg
Producers: “hitman” bang and Pdogg

11. 바다 (Sea) – 5:15
Writers: RM, Slow Rabbit, Suga, and J-Hope
Producers: RM

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