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Idols Who Are Also Active As DJs

Idols Who Are Also Active As DJs

This includes K-Pop and J-Pop idols, as I could only really find ones from those industries. I only included people who either are active as idols or who were previously active in the idol industry, so this list won’t include people that are only DJs (they’re also really talented though, of course, so check them out too!!). If you know any others feel free to comment them. These are just some that I know 🙂

HYO (Hyoyeon)

Member of: Girls’ GenerationGirls’ Generation-Oh!GGGirls On Top
First Release (DJ): April 18, 2018
Links: hyoyeon_x_x (Instagram), Hyoyeon_djhyo (Twitter), dj_hyo (Twitter), HYOYEON (YouTube)


Member of: EvoL
Links: yuriiiii316 (Instagram)

DJ Ina (Yina)

Member of: AiRiSUPocket GirlsTWEETY
Links: dj_ina_official (Instagram), DJ INA Official (YouTube), djinaofficial (Facebook)

DJ COCA (Coca, formerly DJ Hyokyung)

Member of: LABEL UPIciaSwitch BerryLa_TTE
Links: coca_djcoca (Instagram)

Dana (also known as Chaeyul)

Member of: POA
Links: dj__dan.a (Instagram), dj dana (SoundCloud)

DJ Rana

Member of: 9muses
Links: djrana.official (Instagram), ranakim (Facebook), DJ RANA OFFICIAL (YouTube), 金罗娜rana (Weibo)

DJ ELLIA (formerly known as J-Sun)

Member of: S.I.S
First Release: December 21, 2020
Links: DJ ELLIA (YouTube, Inactive)

MiSO (also known as Rally, formerly known as Mia)

Links: djrally_official (DJ Instagram), miso_mmss (Personal Instagram), _MiSO_twt (Twitter), miso.official (TikTok), MISO_Official (YouTube)

DJ H.ONE (Hyungwon)

Links: coenffl (Instagram)

Park Gyuri

Member of: KARA
Links: gyuri_88 (Instagram), gyuri88 (Personal Twitter)


Member of: LADIES’ CODE
Links: LC_Ashley (Twitter), ashleybchoi (Instagram), ashleych0i (YouTube)

D4DJ Franchise

Notable Members: Hirajima Natsumi (AKB48 Team B), Tanda Hazuki (sumimi), Raychell, Mizuki Nana, Takagi Miyu (Wake Up, Girls!), Koizumi Moeka (Nijigasaki), Sato Hinata (Maboroshi☆LoveSaint Snow, Nightcord at 25:00), Yura Akari (STU48), Chiharu (22/7)

DJ MARY (Tachibana Mary)

Links: mary_tachibana (Twitter), tachibanamary (Instagram)

DJ Goichii

Member of: cana÷bissMinimumuse
Links: goichiiiii (Official Twitter), gochiiiii_info (Staff Twitter), enikaitamochi (Instagram)


Member of: ambitious
Links: 0omikuuuuo0 (Twitter), 0omikuuuo0 (Instagram)

DJ Mimi-chan (pippi)

Member of: Electric RibbonStrawberry Kick
Social Media: pippi_eribon (Twitter), pippi_eribon (Instagram)

Kirishita Ami

Member of: Kirameki☆UnforentLinQStar♩dropTune°
Links: ami_droptune (Twitter), kirishita_ami (Instagram)

made by cutieyoomei

Credit To: K-Pop WikiJ-Pop Wiki

Who of the idols who are also active as DJs is your favorite?

Who of the idols who are also active as DJs is your favorite? Feel free to comment down below! 🙂