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HARMS (WVVY) Profile

HARMS Profile and Facts:

HARMS is a solo R&B / Soul singer, songwriter and a vocalist under the WVVY crew.

Stage Name: HARMS
Birth Name: Harmony Hui
Birthday: December 6th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 154 cm / 5’1″
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Instagram: hvrrms
Twitter: hvrrms
SoundCloud: hvrms
YouTube: Harms

HARMS Facts:
– She was born in the UK.
– Her parents are Hong Kong and Chinese.
– Her ethnicity is Chinese.
– Nationality is british, born and raised.
– Family: Parents, 2 sisters; a twin sister named Nathania.
– She debuted in 2017 when she first began writing music.
– Part of the WVVY crew which started in 2018 by Minshik, Kati / KTBOY and Jimmy Brown.
– She’s studying Fashion Branding and Communication.
– Her favorite hair color is Black.
– A hobby of hers is cooking.
– Red Bean Milk is her favorite Boba.
– She doesn’t have any tattoos.
– Her favorite singer is Mariah Carey.
Jimmy Brown is her favorite artist.
– A lot of nicknames, but her favorite ones are Harms, Harmsie and Hawmoni.
– Barely has any connection with the Korean music industry, but she gained a following in South Korean through collaborations and SoundCloud.
– Her safe zone is her bed.
– The only kind of shoes she wears is comfy ones.
– Loves all kinds of food so she can’t decide on her favorite food.
– She has a lot of favorite series, but Top Boy is the one which she has rewatched a few times!
– If she could, she would love to make a special song for a series or movie!
– She doesn’t have any favorite video games as she doesn’t really play.
– Between eating fried chicken or steak for the rest of her life, she chooses fried chicken!
– A country she wants to visit again is South Korea!
– She wants to go back there, hopefully by next year, 2022.
– Her favorite song she has made is Dishonest and Torn Apart.
– Her favorite song is ‘GO‘ by The Kid LAROI ft. Juice WRLD.
– An artist she wants to work with is MELOH.
– Knows of BIBI, in HARMS’s eyes BIBI‘s the queen for sure!
– Biggest inspiration for making music is all the little things, her own experiences and other people’s.
– Her highs and lows of life, basically anything and everything can inspire her!
– An highlight of the year 2021 is that she got the chance to meet a lot of cool people!
– She makes sure to spend quality time with her family!
– A lot of things has changed throughout the years both musically wise and personal.
– She has learnt a lot about self love.
– A fan asked if she were single or not and the answer was unclear.
– After uni she would like to do fashion art direction or creative direction, she might also go into brand management.
– HARMS doesn’t want anyone to think she’s intimidating as she’s a very nice individual.
– She isn’t sure which country she wants to mostly work as a musician in the future, but she’s thinking South Korea, USA or just staying in the UK.
– A tip she wants to give people who want to start a music career is to never give up and never to compare yourself to other artists, having patience is important.

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