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i-13 Members Profile

i-13 Members Profile

i-13 (아이써틴) was a teenager girl group under Lime Music. The group had 13 members. They debuted on October 18, 2005 with their first and last album “One More Time“. Their average age at the time was 14 years old. They were compared to Super Junior for the number of their members. They quietly disbanded after their first album.

Fandom Name : –
Fandom Color : –

Name Meaning: I stand for Infinity.

Official sites :
Genie : i-13

Members Profile :

Stage Name : Ja (자/子)
Real Name : Lee Ji-eun (이지은)
Position : Leader, vocal, dancer
Birthday : 23 October, 1987
Height : 163cm
Weight : 49.6kg

Ja Facts :
-She redebuted in JQT in 2009 but the group disbanded.
-She debuted in S the One in 2012 but the group disbanded.
-Her specialities are acting, singing, Jazz dance, Hip-Hop Dance and Tap Dance.


Stage Name : Myo (묘/卯)
Real Name : Kim Borim (김보림)
Position : Vocal, Dancer
Birthday : 10 April, 1988
Height : 167cm
Weight : 52kg

Myo Facts :
-She is the twin of Mo.
-Her specialities are Singing and dancing.


Stage Name : Mo (모/模)
Real Name : Kim Boryum (김보련)
Position : Vocal, Dancer
Birthday : 10 April, 1988
Height : 167cm
Weight : 52kg

Mo Facts :
-She is twins with Myo.
-Her specialities are singing and dancing.


Stage Name : Chuk (축/丑)
Real Name : Baek Eunhye (백은혜)
Position :
Birthday : 13 February, 1989
Height : 172cm
Weight : 50kg

Chuk Facts :
-Her specialities are snowboarding and billiard.


Stage Name : In (인/寅)
Real Name : Gum Gaeun (금가은)
Position : Dancer
Birthday : 25 March, 1989
Height : 170cm
Weight : 46.2kg

In Facts :
-Her specialities are acting, dancing and art.


Stage Name : Sa (사/巳)
Real Name : Park Gajin (박가진)
Position : Vocal, dancer
Birthday : 10 January, 1990
Height : 160cm
Weight : 50.8 kg

Sa Facts :
-Her specialities are acting, hip-hop dance, singing, tap dance, jazz dance.
-She debuted in JQT and S the One but the two groups disbanded.


Stage Name : Jin (진/辰)
Real Name : Park Minjeong (박민정)
Position : Vocal, Dancer
Birthday : 03 February, 1990
Height : 163cm
Weight : 45.4kg

Jin Facts :
-She debuted in JQT and S the One but the two groups disbanded.
-Her specialities are acting, singing, jazz dance and hip-hop dance.


Stage Name : Oh (오/午)
Real Name : Ahn Jung-Yoon (안정윤)
Position : Dancer, Vocal
Birthday : 07 April, 1991
Height : 160cm
Weight : 46.6kg

Oh Facts :
-Her specialities are Dancing, Singing and acting.
-She is now an actor (Using name Eun Chae-won)


Stage Name : Mi (미/未)
Real Name : Kim Sungi (김송이)
Position : Vocal, dancer
Birthday : 01 May, 1992
Height : 165cm
Weight : 45.6kg

Mi Facts :
-Her specialities are singing, dancing and acting.


Stage Name : Sin (신/申)
Real Name : Nam Mili (남미리)
Position : Vocal, Dancer
Birthday : 19 August. 1992
Height : 148cm
Weight : 40.8 kg

Sin Facts :
-Her specialities are Acting, Singing, Jazz dance, Hip-Hop dance and Tap Dance.


Stage Name : Yoo (유/酉)
Real Name : Lim Hyojin (임효진)
Position : Dancer
Birthday : 15 March, 1993
Height : 155cm
Weight : 41kg

Yoo Facts :
-Her specialities are dancing, acting and Ballet.


Stage Name : Sul (술/戌)
Real Name : Joo Hyejin (조연진)
Positon : Dancer
Birthday : 04 August, 1993
Height : 136cm
Weight : 26.6 kg

Sul Facts :
-Her specialities are acting, Korean dance and Tap Dance.


Stage Name : Hae (해/亥)
Real Name : Kim Sujin (김수진)
Position : Dancer
Birthday : 27 October, 1993
Height :
Weight :

Hae Facts :
-Her specialities are Acting, Piano and Tap dance.

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