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Hart (TOZ) Profile and Facts

Hart Profile and Facts

Hart (ハルト / 하루토) is a member of the boy group TOZ under YY Entertainment. He was a contestant on LOUD and Boys Planet.

Hart Fandom Name: Sproutz
Hart Official Color:

Official Account:
Instagram: @harutoz_

Stage Name: Hart (ハルト / 하루토)
Birth Name: Maeda Haruto (前田晴翔)
Birthday: November 16, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 170cm (5’6″)
Weight: —
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Japanese

Haruto Facts:
– He is from Tokyo, Japan.
– Family: mother, father and older sister.
– Some of his nicknames are Ha, Haru and Ruto.
– Haruto wears glasses.
– He fluently speaks Japanese, English and Korean and is working on his Chinese.
– He learned English by watching SpongeBob.
– Haruto moved to South Korea around 2019.
– He is a former WAKEONE Entertainment trainee.
– Hobbies: Study languages, observe humans, develop oatmeal recipes.
– He likes to use memes.
– His speciality is wrist clap.
– Talents: ballet, tap dancing and b-boying.
– He used to do ballet and can do 30 turns.
– Role Model: NCT‘s Mark.
– His favorite Pokémon is Kangaskhan.
– He likes mint chocolate.
– His favorite song is “Calorie” by Rocket Girls.
J.Y. Park called him “the Kaycee Rice of Asia” (LOUD Ep. 2).
– He is confident on his eyebrows.
– If he were an animal, he would want to be Gonk because he does absolutely nothing and then dies.
– Haruto is a mood maker.
– He prefers burgers to pizza.
– He trained for 1 year and 3 months prior to Boys Planet.
– His catchphrase is “Wings of the Tiger!”.
– He has a secret habit of looking at his reflection in other people’s eyes.
– He is close with Lee Seunghwan since their participation in LOUD.
– Haruto was the lead role in the Japanese musical Billy Elliot the Musical (2017). He was the 201st actor worldwide to play the role.
– His first stage as Billy Elliot was on July 19, 2017 in Tokyo, while his last was on November 4, 2017 in Osaka.
– The scenes that Haruto enjoyed most in BETM were Dad’s strike scene, and the flying in Dream Ballet.
– On February 2023, he graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA), where he had been a student in the department of Practical Dance.
– He received the special achievement award at his graduation ceremony.
– Haruto confided that he made a promise to his parents that he would return to Japan and go to university as they wanted him to if after 3 years in Korea (after his graduation from SOPA), he didn’t have an agency or a chance to debut. (LOUD Ep. 2)
– However, it seems his parents have changed their minds as Haruto is currently a student at Korea University.

LOUD Information:
– On May 20, 2021, Haruto was introduced as a contestant on LOUD.
– The nickname he used was Ha Billy (하씨네 빌리).
– One of the three words he used to describe himself was “One Year”.
– His Charm Performance (Ep. 2) was the tap dance he did in Billy Elliot The Musical.
– His Skill Performance (Ep. 2) was a dance on “Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act II: Scene: Moderato” by Tchaikovsky and “Water” by Salatiel, Pharrell Williams and Beyoncé.
– Team Mission (Round 2) Performance (Ep. 4): “Killing Me” by iKON with Kang Ki Muk.
– Team Score: 178 (JYP: 90) (PSY: 88).
– Individual Score: 182 (JYP: 92) (PSY: 90).
– JYP’s Pick (Round 3) Performance (Ep. 6): “Fever” by J.Y. Park feat. SUPERBEE and BiBi with Zo Doo Hyun and Nam Yun Seung.
– Team Ranking: 3rd (90 points).
– Individual Ranking: 8th.
– PSY’s Pick (Round 4) Performance (Ep. 7): “RING RING” with Do Min Kyu, Oh Sung Ju and Park Yong Gun.
– He was ranked last (fourth) in his team and was a candidate for elimination.
– Haruto was eliminated on Episode 8.

BOYS PLANET Information:
– On December 29, 2022, Haruto was introduced as a contestant on Boys Planet.
– Training Period: 1 year, 3 months.
– His final ranking goal is 2nd.
– His colleagues from WakeOne Entertainment are Anthonny and Min from G-Group and Oh Sung Min, Cha Woong Ki, Park Han Bin, Kim Tae Rae, Lee Jeong Hyeon, Mun Jung Hyun and Park Min Seok from K-Group.
– Episode 1 Ranking: 39th.
– Self-Evaluation (Ep. 1): 3 stars.
– Star Level Test Performance (Ep.1): “Glitch Mode” by NCT DREAM with Anthonny and Min.
– Masters Evaluation (Ep. 1): All Star (4 stars).
– Episode 2 Ranking: 20th.
– K VS G Group Battle Performance (Ep.3): “Love Me Right” by EXO with G Group Team [Sub Rapper]. They lost against K Group.
– 1st Global Vote Ranking (Ep. 5): 16th.
– Dual Position Battle Performance (Ep. 6): [Rap & Dance Performance] “ZOOM” by Jessi with 사랑해ZOOM [Main Dancer, Sub Rapper 1]. They ranked second with 813 points.
– Episode 6 Ranking: 15th.
– For the Artist Battle mission, he was put in Supercharger. After the 2nd elimination, Haruto was the only survivor of the team.
– 2nd Global Vote Ranking (Ep. 8): 16th.
– Artist Battle Performance (Ep.9): “Supercharger” with NINTYSIX. He won first place in his team with 852 points.
– 3rd Global Vote Ranking (Ep. 11): 22nd.
– He was eliminated in the eleventh episode.
Keyword: I am the seed, you are my water.
Time Attack 1 min. PR
‘난 빛나 (Here I Am)’ Performance Cam
Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar
Planet Eye Fighter | LEE YE DAM VS HARUTO
Here I AM, with a pedometer | LEE YE DAM VS HARUTO
Mystery Hidden Box | FENG JUN LAN VS HARUTO
HARUTO (Fan Cam) @K VS G Group Battle
HARUTO (Fan Cam) @Dual Position Battle
#HARUTO SuperCharger

Reality Shows
LOUD (라우드) | SBS / 2021 — contestant
BOYS PLANET (보이즈 플래닛) | Mnet / 2023 — contestant
Billy Elliot The Musical | 2017 — Billy Elliot

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