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Lex (Xodiac) Profile and Facts

Lex (Xodiac) Profile and Facts

Lex (렉스) is a member of the boy group Xodiac, they don’t have a debut date yet.

Stage Name: Lex (렉스)
Birth Name: Zo Doohyun (조두현)
Position: Main Leader, Dancer Leader, Vocal
Birthday: March 16, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: –

Lex Facts:
– Nicknames: Dudu, Zodu.
– He studies at K-ARTS (Korea National University of Arts).
– Rockworms is what scares him the most.
– He is a former participant of the reality LOUD.
– He almost debuted together with JYPE LOUD, he was the last eliminated from Team JYP.
– Doohyun’s favorite food is malatang.
– He turns on the air conditioning as soon as he wakes up.
– “A courageous man from the countryside” is how he describes himself.
– When he sleeps he relieves stress.
– Doohyun’s nickname during the casting round was “불사조두현” which means Phoenix Doohyun as he had to give up his dream of being a dancer to fulfill his dream of being a K-pop idol.
– If he has time, what he most wants to do is go on vacation and stay in a hotel with a sea view.
– His TMI is that he is the youngest out of 3 siblings and a late-born child. So he might have been born to an older couple and/or have a big age gap between him and his siblings.
– A change that happened to him during Loud is gaining more confidence in himself. To him, Loud feels like stairs, meaning like a stepping stone.
– He participated in choreographing on the show.

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