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Cui Wenmeixiu Profile & Facts

Cui Wenmeixiu Profile & Facts

Cui Wenmeixiu (崔文美秀) is a Chinese dancer and former member of the Chinese girl group COLOR. She is most well known for her appearances on the survival shows: Produce Camp 2020, Girls Planet 999, and Great Dance Crew.

Birth Name: Cui Wenmeixiu (崔文美秀)
Birthday: October 23, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Libra-Scorpio Cusp
Height: 168 cm (5’6)
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Chinese
Weibo: 崔丰美慧Mei

Cui Wen Mei Xiu Facts:
– She is from Harbin, Heilongjiang, China but currently lives in Beijing.
– Fans call her Mei.
– Her MBTI was ENFP but changed to ESFJ.
– Her hobbies are: Eating foods from various countries, watching a drama or a movie and bottle flipping.
– She occasionally holds Random Dance Play events.
– She is a former JYP Entertainment trainee and is friends with former JYPE trainees and current JYPE artists: Jeon Somi, TWICE’s Tzuyu, AB6IX Daehwi, and Zhou Zhennan.
– Her specialities are: Swimming, playing the Kuaiban and playing the Guzheng.
– She likes cooking, restaurant tour and shopping.

Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– Ranking by episode: EP2 #50, EP3 #48, EP4 #36, EP5 #51, EP6 #53,  EP7 #48 (eliminated).
Signal Song Fancam
Apart From Spring Fancam
Don’t Be Stingy Fancam

COLOR Facts:
– She debuted with the digital single ‘通关蜜语’ on September 25, 2020 under Jaywalk Entertainment.
– Her representative color is purple.
– All three members were contestants on Produce Camp 2020.

Girls Planet 999 Information:
– EP0 (Signal Song) Ranking: C25.
– EP5 Cell Ranking: #27, Individual Ranking: C26 (eliminated).
Signal Song Fancam
@99 PR
– Keyword: A dancer full of feeling~ with Elven ears.
– Hobbies: Skateboarding, looking at ocean, filming with mobile phone.
– She was introduced with the phrase “May Have Debuted Together” with Sakamoto Mashiro and Lee Yeongyung who are all former JYPE Trainees.
– She performed Violeta by IZ*ONE for her introduction stage.
– Her cell (KimTteokMan) consisted of Lee Rayeon and Oki Fuka.
– Connect Mission: Oh My God (Vocal 3)

Great Dance Crew Information:
– For her evaluation stage she performed solo.
– She chose to be in “I’m the trend” purple room (Old-school disco team “You Gotta Be Kidding Me”).
You Gotta Be Kidding Me Fancam
– After Old-school disco team won (66 from audience, 30.325 from judges) she became a first-team regular member.
– In the second round she was in Team Ten ‘Hammer Team’.
– She performed swag styled dance “Break It And Make It” with TEN and Hammer Team for the second round.
Break It And Make It Fancam
– Her team got 35 points from audience and 39 from judges and shared 2nd and 3rd places. She was left to be a reserve member.
– For the Knockout Tournament, she teamed up with Zou Siyang, Hu Maer (Team Patchwork). They performed their own choreo to the song “My Microphone”.
My Microphone Fancam
– She proceeded to the elimination zone in the Knockout Tournament and unfortunately was eliminated.

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