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Beauty Box Members Profile

Beauty Box Members Profile

Beauty Box (뷰티박스) is a 6-member multinational girl group under BY-U Entertainment. The group consists of: Sara, Rina, Gahyun, Jerin, Anh & Sori. BeautyBox started being active on June 26, 2021 on YouTube. They will make their debut in September 23, 2021 with their first single album “Beyond of BB

Beauty Box Official Accounts:
YouTube: BEAUTY BOX (뷰티박스)
Instagram: bb_byuofficial
Twitter: Beauty Box official
Facebook: Beauty Box
TikTok: bb_byuofficial

Beauty Box Members Profile:

Stage Name: Gahyun (가현)
Birth Name: Kim Gahyun (김가현)
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean

Gahyun Facts:
– She is the first member to be revealed.
– Her hashtags: dimple, leader, cuteness.
– Official number: no.3


Stage Name: Anh (안)
Birth Name: Trần Nguyễn Trâm Anh
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: August 5, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
Nationality: Vietnamese
Instagram: cherie_tramanh (inactive)

Anh Facts:
– She was born in Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.
– She is the third member to be revealed.
– She’s the first official Vietnamese idol in a K-pop group.
– Her hashtags: charisma, looked closely, wow or warrrrrr.
– She released a cover version of the song Người Tình Mùa Đông (The Winter Lover) under the stage name Chérie, expecting to pursue the music career in V-pop under A.G Music Entertainment. (FastNewz)
– She also featured in a cover music video of the popular Chinese movie series Journey to the West​. (FastNewz)
– In 2019, she took part in a contest to select the second generation of Z-Girls – a multinational music group in South Korea. (FastNewz)
– She has an older and a younger brother (she introduced them in her Vietnam vlog).
– Official number: no.5


Stage Name: Sara (사라)
Birth Name: Horikiri Sara (堀切サラ/호리키리 사라)
Position: Visual, Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: October 22, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 152cm
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Instagram: sa_____smile (inactive)

Sara Facts:
– She’s the second member to be revealed.
– Her hashtags: the freshness bursts, puppy beauty, stop please and save my heart.
– Official number: no.39
– She has a Black Labrador.
– She was starred in some Japanese commercials.
– She was a member of Japanese girl group Swip. (2015-2019)
– She was a child model, actress and idol under Rising Okinawa.
– Her representative color in Swip was Light Blue.
– Hobbies: Rhythmic Gymnastics.
– She describes herself as “Positive, stubborn, I hate to lose!”
Motto: “Good posture is outstanding.”


Stage Name: Rina (리나)
Birth Name: N/A
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Blood Type:
Nationality: Japanese

Rina Facts:
– She is the fifth member to be revealed.
– Her hashtags: angel smile, lovely and chic, ponyo.
– Official number: no.2


Stage Name: Jerin (제린)
Birth Name: Thanaporn Saengwanthong (ธนพรแสงวันทอง)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Birthday: July 17, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type:
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: jerinaa_917 (inactive)

Jerin Facts:
– She is the fourth member to be revealed.
– Her hashtags: gestures are pro, teenager, right.
– Official number: no.7
– She has a cat.
– She joined Idol Expo 2 and 3.
– She was a member of Thai girl group Black Dolls under the stage name, Tana (ทาน่า).
– Talents: Singing Thai, international dance, cover kpop, rapping and composing lyrics, able to communicate in English and Korean, modeling, walking
– She studied at Pannawit School from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1 and was educated at St. John Mary International School.
– She received a short term education at Guangzhou, China University, Hezhou started singing and dancing at an early age as a kindergarten cheerleader.
– She was main rapper in Black Dolls.
– She won a bronze medal in a singing competition.
– She auditioned SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment in 2019.
– She debuted as a solo artist under the name TNT in 2020 with a song “My Word”


Stage Name: Sori (소리)
Birth Name: N/A
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean

Sori Facts:
– She is the latest and secret member to be revealed.
– She introduced publicly in August 21, 2021.
– Her stage name Sori means “sound” in Korean.
– Official number: No.10
– She was firstly seen with group in Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” cover of BeautyBox.

Note: The info and photos are from the CEO of the company. They also said that they don’t have main/lead or sub positions. All the members are vocalists and rappers.

Note 2: Please do not copy the info or photos without crediting from this page. Respect the author’s work.

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