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Interview with Beauty Box

Interview with Beauty Box

We talked with Beauty Box about future plans, their musical inspirations and more! [Date: March 25, 2022]
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1. Before starting, would you like to say something to the people who support and wait for you?
All: Light Twinkle. Hello, we’re Beauty Box.
Gahyun: It’s already been 6 months since we debuted, but there are a lot of people waiting for our comeback, so we’re working hard to prepare.
Sara: We’re preparing for our comeback on our official YouTube channel on Sunday.
Anh: We’re preparing 4 great songs, so please wait a little bit.

2. What message do you have for fans before releasing your upcoming album?
Sori: For the comeback album, there are cool title songs, summer songs, and special songs. Various songs are being prepared. Please check out our official SNS.

3. Is it hard being a group with international members? Are there problems in communication? How do you solve it?
Gahyun: We’ve been asked the same question a lot since our debut. At first, I didn’t know what to do. We used to be considerate of each other and use translators, but now that it’s been a year, everyone’s good at Korean, so there’s no problem.

4. Do you have any plans to release vocal or dance covers?
Jerin: We don’t have time to prepare cover songs or dances right now. There are 4 new songs in the 2nd album. We practiced the choreography. I don’t think I’ll be able to release any covers  for a while because I’m busy recording, filming the music video, and preparing for the concert.
Rina: To tell you a secret, there’s a stage where I’ll cover a song at the Incheon Lifelong Learning Center on April 14th.

5. While preparing your new song, what’s your inspiration?
Gahyun: We spent a lot of time preparing songs for this album. The members started working on the album little by little.
Sara: It’s like choosing new clothes and shoes for a special day.

6. What’s the charms of each member?
Rina: Beauty Box is characterized by the fact that there are no similar members.
Sori: Gahyeon is a leader and a caring member like a mother.
Sara: Rina is a cutie, but we can only see it at the dorm.
Anh: Sori is really good at singing and helps the members practice singing.
Jerin: Anh unnie always says that she is not cute, but she is cute and charismatic and has a variety of feelings.
Gahyun: Our Jerin, is always excited.  She’s good at English and she’s good at rapping. And the youngest is very cute, too.
Rina: Sarah is usually so cute and pretty. She’s easy-going, meticulous, and considerate.

7. Do you have any official positions? None have been revealed yet.
Gahyun: Sori and I are both on the main vocalist position, depending on the song. Rina is the sub vocalist. Depending on the song, Sara and Anh are rapping and singing. Jerin is the main rapper.

8. Can you speak any other languages? If yes, where did you learn it?
Sori: For me, Japanese. I can speak a little bit of English.
Gahyun: I’m learning foreign languages from the members.
Anh: English and Korean.
Rina: For me, Korean.
Sara: Korean and a little bit of English.
Jerin: English, Korean and Chinese.

9. Do you have any plans to release ballad or slower songs?
Gahyun: There are a lot of songs we’re preparing. Will it be in the 2nd album? It’s still a secret. There are ballads and slow songs, too. It’s still a secret when they’ll be released.

10. All of you have good chemistry, is there anything else you want to do as a group besides making music?
Sori: I want to collaborate with another singer or release a solo song.
Rina: I want to act later.
Anh: I want to do unit activities.
Gahyun: I want to try singing the OST for a drama.
Sara: I want to be on a variety show.
Jerin: I want to do everything you all said.

11. Your fans have never seen you perform. Do you have a performance plan?
Gahyun: We performed at the 2022 Korea Model Awards and we had an online fan meeting on Christmas Eve in 2021, but I guess you didn’t see it. But even if you didn’t see it in the past, we will hold a mini-concert on April 14th, 2022 at 7 o’clock Korean time. You can come to the Incheon Lifelong Learning Center and watch it. You can also watch it online on Beauty Box’s official YouTube channel. You can COME FREE TO OUR CONCERT.

12. If you have a chance to perform overseas, which country you would choose?
Sara: First of all, I want to see the countries of the members: Vietnam, Thailand.
Rina: France.
Gahyun: I want to go to Japan.
Sori: Latin America and Brazil.
Jerin: I want to go everywhere, so it’s hard to choose.

13. How did you react when your debut single came out?
Gahyun: It was amazing. I can’t believe I’m finally debuting.
Sara: I was happy to debut in Korea, which was my dream. I was happy that my family and friends who cheered me on just now listened to it.
Rina: It’s amazing that we debuted not long after we came to Korea.
Sori: The song is so good that I wanted a lot of people to listen to it.
Jerin: I’m happy to make my debut in Korea and I was encouraged by my mother and family and friends’ support.
Anh: I was happy to debut in Korea and I wanted to enjoy this moment.

14. What is your biggest dream both as a person and as a member of Beauty Box?
Rina: I want to perform in front of many fans.
Sori: I want to go on a world tour together.
Jerin: I want everyone to know about “Beauty Box”.
Gahyun: I hope everyone is happy listening to the song.
Sara: I want to shoot a CF together.
Anh: I wish that we will be on fire at the big concert with our fans.

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