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4MIX Members Profile

4MIX Members Profile

4MIX is a Thai boy group, under 411 Records, consisting of four members: Ninja, Mcka, Folksong, and George. They released a pre-debut single on March 15, 2021, and officially debuted on May 11, 2021, with the track, ‘Y U COMEBACK‘.

4MIX Fandom Name: UNIX
4MIX Official Fan Color:

4MIX Official Accounts:
Youtube: 4mix official & KS GANG
Instagram: @4mix.official.th
Facebook: 4MIXofficial
TikTok: @4mix.official

4MIX Members:

Birth Name: Jarukit Khamhongsa (จารุกิตต์ คำหงษา)
Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: June 15, 1997
Thai Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Nationality: Thai
Birthplace: Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
Instagram: @ninja.njcha
Tiktok: @ninja.njcha
YouTube: NJ Cha

Ninja Facts:
– Ninja was part of a dancing team before joining 4MIX.
– He joined the group after the company asked if anyone was interested in becoming an idol.
– Singed his contract in December 2019.
– He said former member Meng’s personality was short-tempered and couldn’t control himself.
– He found the new member George.
– His childhood dream was to be an artist.
– He had tried country folk, and cheerleader style dancing until finding hip hop.
– He got a scholarship from Suan Dusit University.
– He was a backup dancer for GOT7 at one of their concerts.
– Was spotted and asked to audition to be BamBam‘s dancer.
– Family has always supported him.
– His mother is a teacher.
– He doesn’t keep in mind the malicious comments.
– He enjoys DJing.
– He is a fan of BLACKPINK.
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Birth Name: Natphatra Diloettrakun (ณัฐภัทร ดีเลิศตระกูล)
Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday: September 18, 2002
Thai Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: @mcka_1809

Mcka Facts:
– He formerly went by Dae.
– Mcka was in a cover dancing team, KBOY.
– He said former member Meng was impatient and stubborn.
– He is usually a quiet person and barely starts conversations.
– He played football until sixth grade.
– He fell sick frequently.
– His older brother is a singing coach.
– He had chances to join school singing contests.
– He joined his school band.
– He is a fan of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and BTS.
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Birth Name: Chaninthorn Boonrod (ชนินทร บุญรอด)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: October 7, 2002
Thai Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Western Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: @folksong.cnt

Folksong Facts:
– His hobby is playing computer games.
– He is a fan of Justin Bieber.
– He is scared of centipedes and snakes.
– Whilst doing his first audition challenge, he said he felt jittery.
– He had to change his mindset when training.
– He said former member Meng was snappy.
– He was very close to J2.
– He and Meng went to the same school.
– Liked George the first day he met him.
– His family’s plan for him was to join the air force.
– Both his parents are musicians.
– Played football until grade 10 then decided to drop out.
– Says he felt great when looking at comments on their prologue single.
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Birth Name: Ramet Kiantisukudom (ราเมศวร์ เกียรติสุขอุดม)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Main Dancer
Birthday: August 13, 2003
Thai Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Western Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Thai
Instagram: @george_rmt

George Facts:
– He is a former member of the Thai group, ZBURSTER.
– He was still studying in Ubon Ratchathani whilst being a trainee.
– Was found my Ninja on Instagram who later DM-ed him and asked if he wanted to join his company.
– Accepted Ninja’s invitation without a second thought because he wants to do what he has a passion for.
– Wanted to be a football player when he was younger, then it changed to a police officer, then it changed to a steward, but his dream now is to be an artist.
– His weakness is taking things too seriously.
– He isn’t picky.
– Folksong said he is really friendly and hardworking.
– He can memorize dance moves before the other members.
– Originally he trained in hip-hop style.
– His family encourages and supports him.
– His hobby is photography.
– He joined the group on February 25th, 2021.
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Former Member:

Birth Name: Charukit Channarong (จารุกิตติ์ จันทร์ณรงค์)
Birthday: February 2, 2002
Thai Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: Thai
Birthplace: –
Instagram: @ayopinkmarcuzhellboyyyz

Meng Facts:
– He is a fan of BI, BIGBANG, and NCT‘s Taeyong.
– He said he felt like he couldn’t fit in with the other members.
– He said when he was voted out by the members the first time, he was hurt.
– The second time, he asked to leave the group.
– He says if he was still in the group, he could have been the one who stops them from going further.
– Folksong is his closest brother.
– Mcka is still his friend.
– He wants 4MIX to grow bigger.
– Left the group in September 2020 before they debuted.

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