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INTO1 Members Profile

INTO1 Members Profile and Facts

INTO1 is an Chinese-Japanese-Thai 11 member project boy group under Wajijiwa Entertainment. They were formed from Tencent’s survival show, Produce Camp (Chuang) 2021 on April 24, 2021. The group consists of: Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Patrick, Zhou Keyu and Liu Zhang. They promoted for 2 years and disbanded on April 24, 2023.

Official Fandom Name: INsider
Official Fan Colours: 
White, Ocean Blue & Tranquillity Purple

INTO1 Logo:

INTO1 Official Accounts:
Weibo: INTO1_official
Instagram: into1_official_
Twitter: into1_official_
Youtube: INTO1
Facebook: INTO1

Dorm Arrangements:
House A: 
Liu Yu, Zhou Keyu, Santa, Riki, Liu Zhang, Nine
House B: Mika, Lin Mo, Zhang Jiayuan, Bo Yuan, Patrick

INTO1 Members Profile and Facts:
Liu Yu (Rank #1)

Stage Name: Liu Yu (刘宇)
Birth Name: Liu Yu (刘宇)
Birthday: August 24, 2000
Position: Leader, Center
Height: 174 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
Company: Biyobiyo Culture
Nationality: Chinese
Fandom Name:  Fish Ball(鱼丸/Yu Wan)
Weibo: INTO1-刘宇
Instagram: into1_liuyu_
Tiktok:  liuyu0824

Liu Yu Facts:
– His hometown is Hefei, China.
– He has studied Chinese dance for 16 years.
– He participated in The Chinese Youth and ranked 2nd.
– Liu Yu is good at performing Peking Opera.
– He has starred in ‘Dear Herbal Lord’ as Chu Qi Xian.
– He was admitted to study at Beijing Academy of Dancer and was 26th in the country but withdrew due to injuries.
– He attended ‘Communication University of China’ studying Acting and Musical Theatre, being 2nd in his district.
– He made his solo debut on November 2019 with the single 靠岸 (Docked’)
– In 2019, he won the Best Dancer Award at the Sino-Italian Cultural Festival of “World Dreams Come True”
Chuang Ranking Timeline: #7-#6-#1-#1-#1-#4-#1-#1-#1
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Bo Yuan (Rank #7)

Stage Name: Bo Yuan (伯远)
Birth Name: Tang Hao (汤浩)
English Name: Xevier
Birthday: February 11, 1993
Position: Co-Leader
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Company: White Media
Nationality: Chinese
Fandom Name: Boles (伯丝/ Bo Si)
Weibo: INTO1-伯远
Instagram: th_0211 (main account) into1__boyuan_ (INTO1 account)

Bo Yuan Facts:
– Bo Yuan’s hometown is Guiyang, China.
– He attended the University of Sanya.
– Bo Yuan participated on Youth With You S1, with his final rank being #34.
– He is also a member of ZERO-G.
-He produced and choreographed Li Jiaqi’s song “Buy It” (买它)
Ranking Timeline: #46-#36-#20-#18-#7-#9-#10-#12-#7
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Rikimaru (Rank #3)

Stage Name: Rikimaru / Liwan (リキマル/力丸)
Birth Name: Chikada Rikimaru (近田力丸)
Birthday: November 2, 1993
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: O
Company: Avex
Nationality: Japanese
Fandom Name: Gravity
Weibo: INTO1-力丸
Instagram: into1_rikimaru_
Twitter: itsrikimaru
Tiktok: @into1_rikimaru_
Riki Maru

Rikimaru Facts:
– He is from Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
– Rikimaru is also a member of WARPs UP.
– He started dancing at the age of 10.
– He is a professional choreographer.
– Rikimaru has choreographed for various SM artists, including Taemin‘s ‘Famous’,Red Velvet‘s ‘Rookie’, BoA‘s ‘Lookbook’ & ‘One Shot, Two Shot’, and for NCT as well.
– Rikimaru can speak fluently in English and speaks a little bit of Portuguese.
– He worked alongside SHINee for a year.
– Rikimaru has a sister called Yumeri, who is also a dancer.
– People speculate that he might have been a dance teacher of ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki.
Ranking Timeline: #8-#8-#4-#3-#3-#3-#4-#4-3
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Santa (Rank #2)

Stage Name: Santa (サンタ/赞多)
Birth Name: Uno Santa (宇野賛多)
Birthday: March 11, 1998
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Blood Type: A
Company: Avex
Nationality: Japanese
Fandom Name: Claus
Twitter: into1_santa_


Santa Facts:
– Santa is from Nagoya, Japan.
– He’s also a member of WARPs UP.
– Santa can play the drums.
– Santa was featured as a back-up dancer in Taemin‘s ‘Famous’ MV.
– He was also featured in two of Taemin‘s tours: Taemin 1st Japan Tour – ‘Sirius’ (2018) & Taemin Arena Tour – ‘XTM’ (2019).
– He is a world-class dancer and is also in a dance group called Alaventa.
Ranking Timeline:
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Mika (Rank #4)

Stage Name: Mika (ミカ/米卡)
Birth Name: Hashizume Mika (橋爪ミカ)
Birthday: December 21, 1998
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Company: Avex
Nationality: Japanese-American
Fandom Name: Kiwifruits
Weibo: INTO1-米卡
Instagram: into1__mika
Tiktok: into1__mika

Mika Facts:
– Mika’s from Hawaii, USA, where he resided until he was 16.
– He is half Japanese.
– He is the leader and oldest member of INTERSECTION.
– Mika knows how to play the violin and ukelele.
-Mika speaks fluently in English and Japanese
Ranking Timeline: #1-#1-#3-#4-#6-#6-#3-#3-#3

Nine (Rank #5)

Stage Name: Nine (小九/ นาย)
Birth Name: Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee (กรชิต​ บุญ​สถิต์ภักดี)
Chinese Name: Gao Qingchen (高卿尘)
Birthday: July 11, 1999
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Company: Insight Entertainment
Nationality: Thai
Fandom Name: Strawberry Jam (草莓酱) (for Chinese fans) / Happiness (for International fans)
Weibo: INTO1-高卿尘
Instagram: into1_ninenai_
Tiktok: naninenai9
Twitter: naninenai99
Youtube: Nine Nai

Nine Facts:
– He is from Bangkok, Thailand.
– Nine played Kit in ‘2 Moons 2’.
– Nine was also a member of OXQ.
– He won Guy of the Year award at Kazz Awards 2020.
-He speaks fluently in English, Thai and Chinese
Ranking Timeline: #13-#15-#15-#16-#14-#14-#8-#9-#5
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Liu Zhang (Rank #11)

Stage Name: Liu Zhang (刘彰) / AK
English Name: Akira Liu
Birth Name: Liu Zhang (刘彰)
Birthday: December 18, 1999
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Company: W8VES
Nationality: Chinese
Fandom Name: Bullets
Weibo: INTO1-刘彰
Instagram: into1__ak_

Liu Zhang Facts:
– He was born in Hunan, China but grew up in Guangdong, China.
– Liu Zhang studied at New York University studying Economics and Mathematics
– He participated on Rap For Youth.
– He speaks fluently in English and Japanese.
Ranking Timeline:
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Lin Mo (Rank #6)

Stage Name: Lin Mo (林墨)
Birth Name: Huang Qilin (黄其淋)
Birthday: January 6, 2002
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Company: Original Plan
Nationality: Chinese
Fandom Name: Ice Cream
Weibo: INTO1-林墨
Instagram: into1_linmo_

Lin Mo Facts:
– Lin Mo’s hometown is Chongqing, China.
– He is a former TF Entertainment trainee.
– He is also a member of YiAn Music Club.
– His birthday when he’s in YiAn Music Club is December 21, 2001.
– He was in the Chinese show ‘Don’t Go After School’.
Ranking Timeline: #9-#9-#6-#6-#5-#8-#9-#6
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Zhou Keyu (Rank #10)

Stage Name: Zhou Keyu (周柯宇)
Birth Name: Daniel Zhou (周丹尼尔)
Chinese Name: Zhou Keyu (周柯宇)
Birthday: May 17, 2002
Height: 188 cm (6’2″)
Company: Jaywalk Studio
Nationality: Chinese-American
Fandom Name: Astronauts (宇航员)
Weibo: INTO1-周柯宇
Instagram: into1__daniel

Zhou Keyu Facts:
– Keyu is from the USA, but currently lives in Beijing, China.
– He speaks fluently in English
– He is also a member of BEST.
– Keyu starred in ‘I Once Remembered That Guy’.
Ranking Timeline:
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Zhang Jiayuan (Rank #8)

Stage Name: Zhang Jiayuan (张嘉元)
Birth Name: Zhang Jiayuan (张嘉元)
Birthday: January 8, 2003
Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Company: Wajijiwa Entertainment
Nationality: Chinese
Fandom Name: OO
Weibo: INTO1-张嘉元
Instagram: into1__zhangjiayuan_

Zhang Jiayuan Facts:
– Jiayuan is from Yingkou, China.
– He was a contestant in The Coming One Superband.
– He is the guitarist of Galaxy Band.
Ranking Timeline: #3-#7-#7-#7-#10-#10-#11-#11-#8
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Patrick (Rank #9)

Stage Name: Patrick
Birth Name: Patrick Nattawat Finkler
Chinese Name: Yin Haoyu (尹浩宇)
Birthday: October 20, 2003
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Company: Insight Entertainment
Nationality: Thai-German
Fandom Name: Starfish
Weibo: INTO1-尹浩宇
Instagram: into1__patrick
Twitter: patrick_pppat
Youtube: Patrick Finkler

Patrick Facts:
– Patrick was born in Germany, and had moved to Roi-Et, Thailand. He then moved again to Bangkok, Thailand.
– He attended the Roi-Et Wittayalai School.
– He can play the keyboard.
– Patrick starred in ‘The Gifted Graduation’, and has had cameos in ‘Angel Beside Me’ and ‘I’m Tee, Me Too’.
– He is fluent in English, Thai, Chinese and German
Ranking Timeline: #21-#12-#12-#9-#8-#7-#5-#5-#9
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For reference on MBTI types:
E = Extroverted, I = Introverted
N = Intuitive, S = Observant
T = Thinking, F = Feeling
P = Perceiving, J = Judging

Source for members’ MBTI: Episode 5 of “To the Sea”.

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