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Winter Special #1: Interview with Ban Seolhee

Interview with Ban Seolhee
We talked with Ban Seolhee, member of indie girl group Girls2000. She talks about future plans, her musical inspirations and more! [Date: December 4, 2022]
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1. Before starting, would you like to say something to the people who support and wait for you?
Hello, this is Seolhee. I have a lot to say to you guys… I just can’t believe that worldwide people would send love to me and my songs, because.. I was just a little shy girl from a countryside school (I spent my teenage in very small town in Korea) who just loved to make songs and sing. Then, gratefully, I was met with great opportunities, had the chance to debut as leader and main vocalist of Girls2000, and was able to release my own song… these things feel like a fairytale to me sometimes. (Or maybe a Sci-fi movie, because I love it more than fairytales. ^-^) I am very, very grateful, I don’t know how to express all of this. I got a lot of messages after releasing my first full album ‘Heroine Again‘, especially from global fans. I just wanted to send back my love and gratefulness to them and also everyone who knew and loved me before ‘Heroine Again’, too. ♡ Nowadays I am having such a hectic schedule studying in an online college, recording a new single, and learning stuffs that would be useful in my career and life… so I’m sorry I couldn’t respond or send a reply to every message, but please know that I appreciate all of them and I read them too, so don’t stop sending messages to me. Thank you, love you all so much!

2. What are the main sources of inspiration for the creation of your music, videos, and performances?
My dreams. Since 2017 until now, almost every song I wrote was inspired by my muse from a dream I had. I had this period that, every time when I slept, I kept dreaming about the same person (I wouldn’t say that he was a ‘human’). I hope that one day, I could share my full story about this… 90% is that, and I would say the other 10% of the inspiration comes from my emotions, from my life experience.

3. What has been the biggest challenge in preparing for a release?
It’s… a physical kind of challenge, but I would say… I was preparing for a single release ( ‘Shame’), and it was a photo shooting day. Do you remember the mannequin from the album cover? I carried that mannequin all by myself without a car. I brought it home from the studio by subway. Everyone in the street and the subway stared at me and was like ‘what..?’…Even I don’t understand how I did that. I had a body ache the following day.
(It was by the time I did everything by myself, because I wanted to. I wanted to feel every emotion I could feel. I still produce almost everything by myself, but I do use some help now =w=, I was kinda extreme back then.) ‘▽’

4. What does Girls2000 hope listeners take away from ‘BAD☆GIRLFRIEND?’
I wrote this song with such a joy, so… that kind of energy, I guess? This song is about being yourself and hanging out with your friends freely, without any doubt, and with a main character attitude! So, take that. ♡

5. What’s next for Girls2000?
I can’t tell. It’s a mystery, actually. But for now, there’s a concert next year – 2023, January!

6. How would you describe ‘Heroine Again’ in one word or phrase?
The main character emotions collection from a dystopia Sci-fi romance film.

7. If you had to pick one of your favorite songs from any of your albums, which one would it be and why?
For now, I would say ‘… (dot dot dot)’. I love the lyrics. I wrote it, but it’s lovely and the rhyme… it’s almost perfect, too. I don’t know how this song came out from me. To me, this song feels like a ‘level up’ as a songwriter.

8. Who are your top 3 musical inspirations?
My muse from the dream, Allie X, and me.

9. What is your current obsession?
The Sims 2 original soundtrack and sound effects. (laughs) It’s my new ASMR these days. TS2 is a legend, you should play it.

10. Is there a song you listen to often these days?
「Bibi – Casino」… I love Bibi !♡

11. Do you listen to Kpop often? Do you have a favorite artist in the new fourth generation?
I do, and I think Haerin from Newjeans is so cute ♡ I love her style and baby cat vibe. I can’t believe she was born in 2006!OMG!I used to think my little brother is the youngest, babiest person in the world, but he was born in 2002. So like, he is older than her?!Time passes so fast…

12. For people travelling to Korea, what food/drink would you recommend?
If you’re familiar with Korean/Asian food, I would definitely recommend dakanmari (or dakhanmari)… my favorite food. It’s kind of a chicken soup, cooked with noodles, mushroom and other ingredients. If you’re a beginner, then try Korean bbq. Almost everyone can enjoy it. Oh, and if you’re a vegan, try something made with acorn. I heard acorns aren’t usually treated edible in other countries and it was a shock, because I love foods with acorns… it’s really good.

13. What’s your biggest dream as an individual person?
I’m not sure this could be the right answer, but for now I don’t have any dream, I just don’t want to stop loving myself, and I don’t want to lose passion. These two are the only things that make me feel alive. So, until death, I want those energies to remain.

14. What instruments do you play?
I play guitar, and piano a little. My dad used to play ‘Romance de Amor’ with his guitar when I was a kid and I tried to copy him… that was my first step! Oh, and my mom has master’s degree in piano education so I should have got quite a good talent from her but sadly I didn’t. Haha I’m not a great player, so.. ^-^;

15. What are some things you do for ‘healing’ time?
Showering… -w-) and… The Sims 2… and RimWorld. I’m an analogue girl.

16. Lastly, can you leave a special message for Kprofiles readers?
I think I talked too much at ‘Q1’ so I should pass this… but I’ve got to say that it’s so surprising and amazing that there’s so many people in this world who are willing to know me and other great colleagues in the K-indie music industry… another reason to embrace life and to keep going as an indie musician & idol!So grateful ♡ and… love me, would you?!>w< ♡

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