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Interview With KiMMi #2

Interview With KiMMi #2
We talked with PCDM, an independent duo, member KiMMi. She talks about future plans, her musical inspirations and more! [Date: November 4, 2022]
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1. Before we get started, congratulations on your latest comeback! What kind of thoughts ran through your head as you prepared for this comeback?
We thought about the time when we released our first album and many people liked it. Thank you very much. We haven’t shot the music video for the second album yet. We thought it would take too long to release the music video after filming it, so we released the soundtrack first. Please also watch the music video, which will be released later.

2. What are the main sources of inspiration for the creation of your music, videos, and performances?
In fact, all of PCDM’s music was made during the girl group “I.C.E” activities. I only dreamed of making my music accessible to people, and I worked hard to make it. The theme or direction of the songs was decided based on the situation and thoughts at that time.

3. Where does your stage name come from? Does it have any meaning?
The name of “PCDM” was coined by Dahye. It means “Please Contact Dahye & KiMMi” or “Please contact DM”. It means they want to find us a lot.
And KiMMi’s stage name is “KiMMi” by subtracting “Eun” from my real name “Kim Eunmi”. But the important thing is to use uppercase and lowercase letters. I write it as “KiMMi”.

4. What has been the biggest challenge in preparing for the debut?
I did the whole production by myself. There are a lot of difficult things because I try to do all the details by myself. In particular, making a music video was not easy. When it is released later, please support us a lot.

5. What does PCDM hope listeners take away from ‘That’s It?’
There are many times when everyone is going through a difficult time. I hope you hear the song “That’s it” and shake off all the bad things and feel happy.

6. What’s next for PCDM?
After the music video of “That’s it” will be released, the next album will also be prepared right away.

7. How would you describe ‘That’s It’ in one word or phrase?
Liberation or freedom.

8. What would you say is your favorite lyric from the song and why?
“You don’t know me now
착각은 자유라고 하지
딱히 관심 없어 난 모든게 다
내 멋대로하지 (More More)”
Verse 1 rap part lyrics. I believe that I should know best and be responsible for my own work. But things happen when people around me keep trying to make decisions in my life and point out that I’m wrong. Of course, advice should be taken into account, but I hope you don’t get hurt by the words that aren’t it, don’t take any interest in it, believe in yourself and choose.

9. What makes this song different from your previous release, ‘Oh My God?’
“Oh My God” was actually a song made for foreign fans, so 90% of the lyrics are in English. “That’s it” is a Korean song.
I hope that many fans around the world will listen to it and like it.

10. Are you planning on releasing solo albums in the future? If yes, what would be the concept?
I am currently registered with “Tiger Lily Entertainment” and run PCDM. And I signed a contract with “PA Entertainment” as an individual, “KiMMi”. In the future, solo activities will be announced through “PA Entertainment”, and the current official announcement is that KiMMi’s solo debut song will be released in March 2023.

11. Who are your top 3 musical inspirations?
I get inspired by listening to a lot of music. I usually save the songs that make me think, “Oh, I want to make this kind of music too” and write down or record the thoughts and lyrics that come to mind.

12. Are you planning on creating a fandom name for you?
I want to choose a fandom name, but I haven’t yet. If you can think of a good fandom name, please name it. (laughs)

13. What is your current obsession?
These days, I am obsessed with golf and tennis.

14. Is there a song you listen to often these days?
Ed Sheeran – Shiver, Omega Sapien – Wrecker ft Vernon of Seventeen, and Korean hit music of the 1990’s.

15. Do you listen to Kpop often? Do you have a favorite artist in the new fourth generation?
New Jeans.

16. What’s your favorite music genre? Who are some of your favorite artists from these genres? Who do you usually look up to for inspiration?
I like the hip-hop genre. And Dahye likes the girl crush concept, so she listens to strong and cool music more than pretty and innocent music. In Korea, I listen to Zico, Jessi, and CL a lot, and foreign singers. I tend to search for rappers’ music on YouTube and listen to all new songs.

17. Every group – be it in the K-pop, J-pop or anything else – is known for something. How do you want the audience to remember PCDM? What group do you wish to flourish into?
I want us to remain as a cool group that is good at music.

18. What’s your biggest dream as an individual person?
I want to appear on Mnet “MAMA”. Attending the year-end awards ceremony and winning an award is my dream. (laughs)
And I want to be an MC for an entertainment program.

19. Thoughts on strawberry cake?
I want to eat it with a cup of hot Americano. I love tiramisu, strawberry cake and cheesecake.

20. Do you have a motto? If yes, what’s that?
“Let’s do our best every moment.” This opportunity is only for this moment. When I do something, I do my best every moment, so as not to regret it! But even if I do my best, I always have regrets.

21. What instruments do you play?
I only know how to play midi. I want to learn drums.

22. Lastly, can you leave a special message for Kprofiles readers?
Thank you for listening to and enjoying PCDM’s music a lot. Please support PCDM and KiMMi as much as possible in the future. I will make a lot of good music. Always be healthy and happy everyone! I love you. ❤️

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