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How Well Do You Know SEVENTEEN?

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How Well Do You Know SEVENTEEN? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

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  • vume

    I got 8 / 10 😀 yay!!
    I discovered seventeen 1 month ago.

  • Alexandra

    10 out of 10


    9/10 forgot when they got their first debut. but at least i didnt choose may 26, 2015 hahahaa

  • Femy

    I got 3 out of 10, still can’t recognize all the members but their new song brought me to the fandom 😀

  • Anford

    9/10 I’m pretty shook rn bc not a very strong stan 😂💀

  • hui

    I got 9
    this quiz was super fun!

  • Natalie J.

    yey ! 10/10

  • Karen

    I got 9 out of 10. Ah I missed their first music show win.
    I enjoyed doing the quiz! I’m happy there is one for my bias group. 😂

  • we-re

    8/10 still happy

  • Lilou Barbier

    7/10 still learning 💪 Im new to the fandom

  • eity

    10 out of 10
    *feels so proud*

  • exi-fan

    8 / 10
    happy with this result
    I was wrong with how many members are Lee and with the 1st music show win

  • Alya Ramadhina

    yey 10/10

  • AMa

    8/10?!! W.O.W I just discovered seventeen like few days ago 😂😂🔫 not even a carat (yet, I guess)😂 I can’t believe it👏😂

  • Aqsa Mehfooz

    7/10 its been a few weeks!! 😀

  • lavi


  • Junriz


  • Cecilia

    10/10 YES

  • Kecia Delima

    10/10 just new about 1 week a go

  • Loveletter

    10/10 YAAAS I found this from a few days ago but I did it today 😂

  • 10/10 yaaayy ♥

  • Ciel

    Me too T.T

  • asdfghjkl

    its impossible to choose their greeting without yelling “SAY THE NAME…. SEVENTEEEN!”

  • Ritz Crackers Loves Taco

    8/10 !!!!

  • cateus

    i hear seungkwan in my head 😂😂😂😂

  • It’s only been days since I started watching and listening to Seventeen and I already got 8/10. Not bad, I think. 🙂

    #FeelingProud #NaegaHosh

  • Sakinah

    I got 9 of 10 right

  • XiMoon

    So truuuueee


    It’s okay if I got 7/10 right???


    Today I got 9/10….
    I think I am happy…


    Now is 10/10!!!!

  • Gya

    I got 10/10
    Who’s your bias?
    My bias is The8

  • gily

    mine is Wonwoo <3

  • Sokonthy Vong

    slap me i only got 5 out of 10 ……sorry

  • Jahnna Amena Alegre

    10/10 right👍🏻

  • afin


  • Dalila Ardi

    8/10… new carat 🧀🧀

  • Fahim

    10/10 right….YEAHHHH

  • Donna Aguilar

    whaaaa i got 10/10 yeahhhhhh go carat

  • YouShallNeverKnow

    Too easy

  • Krolshi

    7/10 been a Carat for about 9mo and damn I suck 😭😫💀

  • Transformers

    4/10, I’m not a fully committed Carat. I’ve been hearing their music for over half a year(I think). I’ve done my research and I still suck at this. Lol. Don’t drop hate.

  • Di’En 🌊🌊

    7/10 T_T
    Only been a carat for about a month or two but I suck sighs hahahah

  • 10/10! Way too easy!!

  • i was just doing what ever and i only got the performance one wrong so i got 9/10

  • monet quimpan


  • Edrinna


  • Edrinna

    i got 10/10

  • Bryn Moow

    I only got the company right

  • Byeol

    9/10 I love SVT so much and have been stanning since Boom Boom era but I never remember the date of the first win for ANY group I stan so… 😂😂👌

  • llxox101

    10/10 Its obviously tooooo easy lmao :))))

  • Mimmi

    I got 10/10
    Woozi is mine, but I have so many bias wreckers hahah

  • Rima Wibowo Hanan Fakhira

    Been a carat for only 3 months and got 10/10!!! 😆😆

  • angyistrash

    7/10.. been a carat for almost a week now

  • prsdtet

    I’m not a fan of seventeen but I got 7/10. But I listen to their song.

  • lydia

    7/10, is that good for a new carat?

  • EG Elidia

    i got their first win date wrong. I’m really sorry…… i cried watching their first win and then i got it wrong!!!!!!!!! I’m disappointed in myself…Really sorry…been a carat for a year….

  • EG Elidia


  • EG Elidia


  • EG Elidia

    is that hoshi!!

  • EG Elidia

    mine is Jihoon too!

  • Jeon Ballad Jeon Actor

    10/10 proud Carat hshsksls

  • azzatty 0718

    10/10 !!!!!!!

  • Noona Luvs U/Poetess X

    Damn it, I made stupid mistakes!!! 7/10

  • Park_shinchan

    10/10 being a carat for a week

  • 8/10 — for a 15-month old Carat, I think, I did fine? 😜

  • aswooi

    9/10 x.x i mixed up which albums fast pace and cant see the end were on, this is what i get for learning new groups

  • embrownie101

    WOOZI IS MY ULT BIAS :))))))))
    Minghao, Joshua, and Jeonghan are my biggest bias wreckers :))))

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount

    Been a carat for 3 years and I got 10/10

    It’s been 3 years so it makes sense…

  • carat cute

    9/10 damn.. I’m really disapointed .. I’m a carat since september 2017…

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  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    7/10 I’ve been into them since November and I didn’t expect myself to do this bad

  • Desiree Cresli D. Capistrano

    Didn’t knew Dino was born in Iksan! That was a tough one!!
    In the last question, I remembered their last names and remembered Woozi’s Dk and Dino’s!