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How Well Do You Know Black Pink?

Black Pink Quiz: How well do you know Black Pink? Let’s check this quiz and find out how much of a Black Pink fan are you. 🙂
Black Pink 2017

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How well do you know Black Pink? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

What’s your result? Feel free to comment below. 🙂

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  • tune

    got 8 out of 10. 😀

  • Kei An Lendio

    I got 10/10

  • maily

    got 3 of 10 but I’m new to this band XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    it was fun though

    ps: who’s the 2nd girl from left in the photo before the quiz starts? I still mix them up XDDDDDD

  • Mei.Ace

    10/10 😁😁

  • Ki.R

    I’m assuming it’s Jennie Kim from the photo at the top

  • little aroha


  • Tiffany

    Rose was born in Australia not New Zeland. Jennie was born in New Zeland

  • maily

    thank you so much!!! love you!!

  • Jennie’s stan

    No! Exactly that is a thing easy to mistake, I guess it’s a trap question. 😀
    Many still think Rose was born in Australia and Jennie in New Zealand. Those were just rumors spread on different sites when they debuted.
    Later, on Weekly Idol and vLive they explained that Rose was actually born in the New Zealand and then moved to Australia and Jennie was born in Anyang, South Korea and then studied in New Zealand. 😀

  • #AnimeIsBae2516

    yah it is jennie

  • maily

    love you, love you! thx for the answer 😀

  • maily

    love you, love you! thx for the answer 😀

  • masgirl 9

    8/10 yeayyyyyyy i love blackpink and lisa

  • kkulhanbin🐝🍯

    I didn’t know that Rosé was joined cheerleader before debut…😅

  • kkulhanbin🐝🍯

    I didn’t know that Rosé join cheerleader before debut😅

  • Rosé’s Stan

    10 out of 10

  • Kat

    I got 5 out of 10 lol but it’s ok, I’m a new fan and I love them

  • Natalie J.

    i got 9/10 lmao, oh well . i clicked the wrong name 🙁

  • xx_Daniela_xx

    i got 9/10 almost perfect but im fineeeeeeeeeeeee

  • zombayah

    i got 9/10 kinda cool ahahah

  • Jamela Myles Meneses

    I got 7/10 not bad I still pass the questions because I am a blinker

  • i blink

    got 9/10 because i’m really bad at guessing the lyrics XD

  • Jenniefer

    I got 10/10 !! Yeah I know blackpink very well

  • Geraldine Sebuguero

    i got 8/10 yey

  • JcRosales VEVO

    can you make twice as well

  • Nandri Christine


  • kpaka

    “I got 10 of 10 right
    Congrats, you’re a true BLINK! The girls would be proud of you and so are we! Well done! :)”

    I’m not a Blink tho XD It’s all because of a lil bit of luck.

  • Marife Neneng Rafael Ballao

    I got 9/10.
    I’m confused who appeared in gdragon’s mv.I thought rosé hehe😁❤

  • Jlynn adams

    9/10 and it’s because I messed up all the lyrics in my mind 😂

  • Jane

    I got 10/10 from reading all those random comments in YouTube haha

  • Jane

    I got 10/10 from reading all those random comments of fellow blinks in YouTube lol

  • KimTaeyungIsMyOPPA

    i got 8/10 im not new but i didn’t read the facts :DD

  • talesofdragons

    Jennie was born in Korea and moved to NZ, Rose was born in NZ and moved to Australia.

  • Qhuenziel Bacolot


  • Simay

    I got 9/10 but im just an ARMY i didnt search them this questions are very easy

  • gia

    pass me this luck when I have an exam please 😀

  • exi-fan

    I got 8 / 10
    happy though

  • Nana Lamban


  • jinkistar

    i dont even know them well but i still got 9/10 kk

  • kpaka

    Instead, I hope I have the luck when I have exams.

  • 리안

    9/10 BLINK NEVER LOST👌🐼😽

  • Cornelius Cliff Christsandy

    10 LOL

  • Gisel

    Isn’t it rose and lisa who shared the same zodiac sign? Because practically they were born on the same age .. jisoo zodiac is dog while jennie zodiac is pig …

  • Lisa-fan

    No, because it isn’t asked who have the same Chinese zodiac.
    The ones with the same zodiac sign are Jennie and Jisoo —–> both Capricorn.

  • Nane

    ay, 10

  • Venie L Lyngdoh

    Got 9/10. That sign thing totally missed click.

  • Irsa Hyunii

    It should say HOROSCOPE not “monthly zodiac”😒 i thought it’s was Chinese zodiac… 😩

  • Irsa Hyunii

    Jisoo is born 95 it should be pig🐷 and Jennie 96 in mouse🐭 year same as me.. Rosè & Lisa in Ox🐂 year in 97.

  • Irsa Hyunii

    😦😦😦 I’m not yet BLINK bcuz I got 6/10 hah 😆😆 but i tottally love them very much❤❤❤❤

  • Jen

    I’m sorry but this is also called Zodiac. Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, etc are zodiac signs. Horoscope is just the daily predictions. It’ a DIFFERENT thing, please search on Google.
    But they clearly weren’t referring to the Chinese zodiac because the question didn’t say ‘Who have the same CHINESE zodiac’ but just ‘Who have the same zodiac sign’.

  • Anita Bayu

    The same zodiac here are actually means the general zodiac(Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius, etc) not Chinese zodiac(Ox, Pig, Dog, etc)

  • Rzhelle

    I got 8 out of 10.. I’m a BLINK but a die-hard ARMY

  • Bonnie Bloom

    No Rose was born in February and Lisa in March so they have different zodiac signs, while both Jennie and Jisoo were born in January so same zodiac signs. Hope this helps 🙂

    Edit: It’s not the Chinese zodiac sign 🙂

  • Zahra

    Should have 9/10 i probably click Jisoo who loves pikachu but the result show that i’ve clicked rosè ‘-‘ nevermind, got fun with this lmao

  • CleoGummyPrincess

    BLINK i hope they will choose BLACKPINK lightstick i really want it damn much

  • Minchie Miche Chelle

    black pink jennie

  • Eula Dannah Alyssha Ebora

    I thought jennie was born in new zealand

  • s_ree 🤙🏼

    She was born in Korea then went to NZ to study

  • Joan May Alcazaren Rabanos

    I got 6/10 at first….a new fan here😃

  • Blink ain’t shit

    Got 10/10… i’ve knew them from 2012 so i guess it was easy for me😍😍🌼🌼

  • iamablinkk112

    how did you knew them if they debuted in 2016? :))

  • Sugar Aziz

    yeahhh me 10/10

  • Tyler Hawk

    they were supposed to debut back in 2012 as pinkpunk

  • Ryza Parreno

    Got 8/10

  • Ryza Parreño


  • almera

    gosh ~! i only got 7 check….

  • ~SHALI~

    10/10 yasss

  • Jay-ar Mantalaba Avila


  • Miraquel Villaflores

    Wait, Jennie Kim is from New Zealand while Rose is from Australia, what the h*ck is happening?

  • Shirlyyy

    Jennie is from Korea, but she study in New Zealand. Rose is also Korean but her birthplace is New Zealand.

  • hazel kim

    yes! Im true blink,I got the correct anwer..

  • cinamon_roll

    9/10 yeah!

  • Jendeukieee

    i’ve got 10/10 owrayt.

  • Vanessa Beck

    10/10 yeah

  • Marife Neneng Rafael Ballao

    9/10 I forgot the last one

  • Jeon Jungkookie

    Yessssss I got 9/10

  • Elvira

    10/10 i know im a blackpink trash

  • Danica Lomeda


  • Aaliyha Rogers-Whiting

    9/10 TRUE BLINK

  • Yolani Cantero

    9/10 almost perfect pure blink💜💜💜

  • Chichiyu

    10/10 yeahhh I’m a true BLINK…. And I must asap to watch their concert…. Ahh please come to my country…

  • vicky yui

    Rosé was born in Australia though

  • rose’s no 1 fan

    she was born in Auckland, New Zealand (according to Rose during V Line; and according to Rose during Radio star), and raised in Melbourne, Box Hill (Australia)

  • Kimberly Tomas

    8/10 well true blink can answer it right

  • Kim Jennie

    I got 10/10 I’m a true BLINK

  • Farhani Talib

    Haha! I got 9 out of 10. 😂

  • Marife Neneng Rafael Ballao

    10/10 man❤

  • revegelle taub

    go black pink

  • Jaleeca Mcclain


  • Zuly24

    rose’s no 1 fan , True

  • Bunny Corn

    I got 9/10 i stan BP but now i call my self as an Blink i’m army tho

  • Melanie


  • Christian Galos Ocasla

    blackpink go go

  • Lala


  • Zuly24


  • Zul Usman


  • SongSeoHee


  • Isha Mayne Basa

    I’m blink😄

  • CHIL Lisa Galvez

    I’M TOTALLY A TRUE BLINK!! Not too obvious but I really love them. :-*

  • Maddie


  • Blink For Life

    I got 10/10 Yessssss

  • Kimtaehyung

    I got 10/10 I AM A TRUE BLINK

  • Jonathan Lim

    They’re not asking for the Chinese zodiac. Jennie and Jisoo are born on the same month, thus their zodiac sign is Capricorn

  • Sokonthy Vong

    i got 7/10

  • cajun

    my bias is jennie and lisa actually all!

  • cajun

    yess i got 10/10 points’

  • Yoyo

    Excuse Me,If I’m Not wrong JENNIE was born is New Zealand not Rose sorry If I’m wrong or did not see properly

  • rose_no1_fan

    no, Jennie was born in SK but only studied in New Zealand
    Rose was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia
    they explained it in Weekly Idol

  • Bruhhh Daahhh

    9 out f 10 awesome

  • Fahim

    10/10 right….YEAHH….

  • Lillie

    rose and lisa share a zodic sign

  • blink/reveluv/ikonic/carat❤❤❤❤

    No rosé is a korean but she was born in new zealand and jennie used to live in new zealand for 5 years and she was born in anyang a city in south korea

  • 8/10

  • Dhimas Tri prayoga

    8/10 not bad

  • blink army

    10/10 yay i am a true blink

  • Mia 💕💕

    Yaaayyy 10/10 💕💕 BLINK BLINK 😳😳

  • Smile Hoya

    7/10 not bad, bcs i’m not a BLINK :v

  • J’zargo Arch-mage

    Rose and Lisa share same “Chinese” Zodiac sign,
    Jisoo and Jennie share same Western Zodiac sign

  • Adrian Kristofer Soria

    7/10 NOT BAD 😀

  • miles margareth delatado

    OMG i got 10/10 I am a biggest fan of BLACKPINK

  • Martina Messina

    7/10 yeah, I’m a BLINK 😍😍😍

  • Mikko Tolentino

    9/10 lol

  • 이서연

    10/10!!! I got all the answers~~ I’m a fan of them after all

  • 이서연

    Me too… I didn’t cheat. I just atch their trainee days and their personal lifes

  • 8/10

  • blink ahgase

    me too hahaha true blinks here we are!!!

  • Laura wolfgirl


  • ~Kennedy~

    10/10 O-O i wasn’t expecting this i thought i
    was going to fail…BLINK ME !

  • miles margareth delatado

    but in the first time i did this i got 7/10 i study about blackpink and i got 10

  • Black Soshi

    9/10. So, almost
    Someone should make a “How much do you know SNSD?” quiz…

  • KProfiles

    We already have a SNSD Quiz, thanks to our author 11YSone
    Enjoy! ^_^

  • peach sky

    8/10 two wrong TT

  • Byeol

    6/10 lmaooo I have been stanning since 2016 smh
    I’m not a fake fan btw I just didn’t bother researching everything bout them or I forgot some things 😂

  • Lizzie


  • Julie Cabuguang

    10/10 happyyyyyy .. ahhahah ..

  • Janina Nacpil Castro

    10/10 so happy

  • oreo chip KOoKie

    9/10 Uggh not that bad! But that means I have to know more ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • graceyeol

    yg 10/10 pd googling ya?

  • Jericho Noveno

    10/10 !!!!! yesh!!!!!!

  • Yza Gregorio

    9/10 *pouts*

  • Kristal Mae Carmelo Tamayo

    10/10 yessss

  • Kristal Mae Carmelo Tamayo

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    VOTE HERE: https://m.vlive.tv/gvt/2019

  • trueblink


  • Kpop_Trivia

    True BLINK!
    Tbh, they were the first group i’ve liked.
    Still living for them. :3

  • Hena Sugiani


  • Rose

    10/10 <3

  • Rose


  • nami kurosawa


  • Nami Kurosawa


  • julie

    failed lol im a bad blonk

  • Katie

    7/10 and I Stan Blackpink!!!😢😢
    I’m disappointed in myself!!

  • Eliza

    I got 7 out of 10, but I’m only in sixth grade and I scored more than half.

  • ƈօʀʀʊքȶɛɖ

    I got 10/10
    y EeT

  • Melina DePrez2005

    10/10 🙂 I love Blackpink so much

  • Kookieee Jennie

    10/1o YAAAASSSSS
    <3 <3 <3

  • julliyannn_

    I got 9/10. Yaayyy!

  • Andrhei Justine Lincaro Malaza

    I got 10/10

  • Paula


  • Park ChimChim


  • Suezette Whyte




  • Janina Nacpil Castro


  • Maria Popa
  • Gooo G

    10/10 🙂

  • Janina Nacpil Castro

    10/10 ♥

  • Janina Nacpil Castro
  • ローキーデッドインサイド

    10/10 <3

  • Jisoo stan <3 :3

    10/10 !! Proud to be BLINK!!


    Same. I got a 10 and im so happy!


    10/10 im a very blink♡♡

  • Alifia

    I got 10/10❤

  • Rozella_Blink

    I got 10/10

  • Bae Rinhyun

    10 of 10

  • Mari Vibliani

    I got 10 of 10

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    I got 10/10!!!!!!!

  • Vick-Chan

    5/10 =^=

  • Ryan Young

    The quiz should specify what they mean by ‘zodiac’. Zodiac is more commonly thought as Chinese zodiac in which the quiz is wrong.
    the ‘western zodiac’ is astrology, (thus question should instead ask: who shares the same astrology sign not zodiac to not confuse people).

  • roo_0m
  • CrazyDaisy08

    9/10… I don’t know how I’m supposed to know who loves Pikachu. EVERYONE LOVES PIKACHU!

  • Lily


  • liα hyun


  • Jenlisa


  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Its Jisoo

  • Kazumi Hatake

    9/10 cheerleader one i got wrong 🙁

  • Kazumi Hatake

    lol it’s okay!

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    Real blink! 9 outta of 10

  • Mystix

    10/10 blink❤ i love my girls so much

  • Eunwoo’s Left Leg

    7/10 wow they were one of my earlier groups but I don’t stan them as much as I stan other groups so I’m quite proud of myself

  • Cassandra ømg!

    Wow 9/10 not bad got it wrong on who had the same Zodiac sign, but it’s okay

  • hope

    7/10 I mean it ain’t bad but like I could have done better but iss okay

  • Lalisa’s

    10/10 easyy

  • Hanna Nillar


  • Desiree Cresli D. Capistrano

    Wait, Jennie isn’t born in New Zealand?!!

  • Jannah Lei

    10/10😏 smirking while answering. im a proud blink 😍😍😍

  • redblood858


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