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Pt2. Who’s your Favorite Tom & Jerry Relationship?

UP10TION’s Wooshin vs HwanHee

NCT’s Mark vs Haechan

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk vs Yesung

Seventeen’s Mingyu vs Minghao

NCT’s Taeyong vs Doyoung

Twice’s Jeongyeon vs Nayeon

Izone’s Sakura vs Yena

BTS’ Jimin vs Jungkook

Stray kids’ IN vs Seungmin

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua vs Miyeon

N.FLYING’s Seunghyub vs Jaehyun

Seventeen’s Woozi vs Hoshi

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Pt.1 Who is your Favorite Tom and Jerry Relationship?

Who is your favorite Tom and Jerry couple? Pt.2

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  • U spelling Minghao’s name wrong

  • cntrljinsung

    Thank you!

  • orbitzen

    Markhyuck & Dotae

  • クリスティーナ キム

    Yena and Sakura. they love pranking and teasing each other. Yena teaching Sakura some weird korean words, they’re fighting who’s better in games, they’re fighting who’s the Tom and the Jerry because they both want to be a Jerry. however, they still love each other but they’re awkward when they’re acting sweet to each other. they prefer and comfortable in fighting and teasing each other 😂

  • HF

    Nayeon & Jeongyeon defo!

  • kyaaaaaa~

    ik its not here but my fave would have to be bts jin and jungkook

  • valinxx

    OK tbh I’m not a fan of nflying, like I enjoy their music but that’s it. But I had to watch the whole video of sunghyub and jaehyun because they were so cute and funny together! For me it was really the best Tom and Jerry relationship! You really should watch it and not just choose your fave group….

  • where my jingyeom?

  • dabsoul

    where’s my JinGyeom???

  • cntrljinsung

    They are in part one. Click the link at the end of this article.

  • Tabitem

    Where is GD & Seungri… Nyeongtori

  • cntrljinsung

    Before anyone ask, I will NOT be making a part 3 to this!

  • Yang Hongseok-kie

    Haha I always watch videos of Yesung and Eunhyuk bullying each other. Best videos ever!

  • i see markhyuck and i click

  • jaxu

    sorry but i had to gag when i read seungri after what happened

  • Kim Joo Ron

    Stray Kids

  • Kim Joo Ron

    i know right

  • Omega

    I picked Mark and Haechan, but Shuhua and Miyeon are really funny.

  • EeZEe Vee

    like if u nctzen

  • SNF

    u should add jinyoung vs yugyeom from got7. the best bickering partner ever!

  • cntrljinsung

    they are in part one. Click the link at then end of this article and you can find them there.

  • cntrljinsung

    they are in part one, click the link at then end of this article and you can find them there.


    Up10tion,Stray kids,and seventeen I THOUGHT TOM AND JERRY OF BTS WAS V and JIMIN dafuq -.-?

  • Danica Marie Go


  • NatureCrystal 02
  • Shelty garshel

    Mark and haechan have always been like Tom and Jerry from their debut until now😂 but actually they are close friends

  • Shelty garshel

    Mark and haechan have always been like Tom and Jerry from their debut until now, but actually they are close friends

  • Abouud

    2yeon 😍😍😍

  • nonsensevil

    If you ever do a third part, NCT’s Ten and Kun!!

  • Soyeon is a cutiepie

    shuhua miyeon & jimin jungkook aaaaand SOPE are the best ships ever =))

  • Luna de Mielk

    mark and haechan / taeyong and doyoung♥

  • Madison Payne

    The only one who picked Eunhyuk and Yesung….???? Have yall not seen the videos…its so hilarious…they are like frenemies….its great. Yall should educate yourself on this stuff…

  • chae hyungwon

    Can you add hyungwon x kihyun from monsta x?

  • Yasss

    Where are Jinyoung and Yugyeom ???

  • A

    They were in first part of this poll https://kprofiles.com/favorite-tom-jerry-relationship/

  • Malak

    You should add jungkook and jin😂💜

  • Annabell Jong

    yena and sakura from izone ship name is tom and jerry xD

  • wooshinkl

    I want to say more JIN and Kookie, they are so much like toma and jerry