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Most Popular Kpop Boy Group Maknae?

Who’s the best K-pop Boy Group Maknae?

In Kpop, the term ‘maknae’ is widely spread and it refers to the youngest member of a group. Koreans put a lot of accent on age in pretty much all aspects of life. Generally speaking, the older you are, the better. The maknae usually represents innocence and is expected to be the cutest (aka. make the most aegyos, which they often find themselves embarrassed to do). XD

Let’s see who’s the most popular kpop boyband maknae. (You can vote up to 3 maknaes).

Changmin (TVXQ)
Shim Changmin, was born in Seoul on February 18, 1988. He is known for his high notes.

Seungri (Big Bang)
Lee Seung-hyun was born in Gwangju,  South Korea, on December 12, 1990. He’s famous for his running mouth, hilarious arrogance and variety success.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Cho Kyu-hyun was born in Hagye-dong, Nowon District, South Korea, on February 3, 1988. He’s popular for his outstanding trained vocals. He’s also known as the “evil maknae”.

Changsung (2PM)
Hwang Chansung was born in Seongdong District, South Korea on February 11, 1990. He’s well known for his tall stature and awesome body.

Taemin (SHINee)
Lee  Taemin was born in Dobong District, South Korea, on July 18, 1993. He’s popular for his dancing, as well as his good looks.

Dongwoon (B2ST)
Son Dong-woon was born in Busan, Sount Korea, on June 6, 1991. He’s known for his tall, Adonis-like body and his funny, infectious personality.

Sungjong (INFINITE)
Lee Sungjong was born in Seo District, Gwangju, South Korea on September 3, 1993. He’s known for his quiet and gentle personality.

Ren (NU’EST)
Choi Minki was born in Busan, South Korea on November 3 of 1995. He’s an unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm and reportedly the mischievous mood maker of the group.

Changjo (Teen Top)
Changjo was born in Chuncheon, South Korea, on November 16, 1995. He’s known as the “hot-temper” B-blood type maknae.

Sungjae (BTOB)
Yook Sungjae was born in Yongin,South Korea, on May 2, 1995. He’s well known for his variety show appearances as well as his acting.

Gongchan (B1A4)
Gongchan was born in Suncheon, South Korea, on August 14, 1993. He’s known for his good looks and cute acts.

Hyuk (VIXX)
Han Sanghyuk was born in Daejeon, South Korea, on July 5, 1995. He’s known for his tall stature (as well as the other VIXX members). He’s also considered an “evil maknae”.

Zelo (B.A.P)
Choi Jun-hong was born in Mokpo, South Korea, on October 15, 1996. He’s famous for his tall stature (known as the giant baby) and his LTE rap.

Sehun (EXO)
Oh Sehun, was born in Seoul on April 12, 1994. He is known for his 4D personality and his never-ending cuteness.

Taehyun (WINNER)
Nam Tae-hyun was born in Hanam, South Korea on May 10 1994. He’s also considered an “evil maknae”.

Jungkook (BTS)
Jeon Jeongguk was born in Buk District, Busan, South Korea, on September 1, 1997. He’s famous for his multi-talents: dancing, singing, rapping… He’s considered as the “golden maknae”.

Yugyeom (GOT7)
Yugyeom was born in Namyangju, South Korea, on November 17, 1997. He’s known for his tall stature and his dancing skills.

Chanwoo (iKon)
Jung Chan-woo was born in Suji-gu, South Korea, on January 26, 1998. He’s considered one of K-pop’s giant maknaes. (He’s already 180 cm (5’11”))

IM (Monsta X)
Lim Chang Kyun was born in  South Korea, on January 26, 1996. He’s known for his good rap skills.

Dino (Seventeen)
Lee Chan was born in Iksan-si, Jeollakbu-do, South Korea, on February 11, 1999. He’s known for his dancing skills. Both of his parents are dancers.

Who's the most popular Kpop boy group Maknae?

Who’s your favorite K-pop maknae? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Juin

    It’s GOT7’s Yugyeom for me. 🙂

  • Mariëlle

    BTOB Yook Sungjae ❤️

  • Luv2u

    Bts Army Jeon Jungkook…

  • Karene

    Zelo!!! My cutie!!!!

  • Mary

    Why is jungkook always the best maknae he is just a golden maknae there is also other golden maknae not just jungkook.

  • kaehyun

    we may not say that he is the best.. but in this topic “Most Popular Kpop Boy Group Maknae?”…..
    he is popular to female.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a7a736fc057c8d8dd1047f394b33cb0c0a25789720e40e8983af6ce91043efa.jpg

    and also he is popular to males… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e49992cd50c289c732fef0b10a1ff6f015b0463601fd598ab36a2b221996404.jpg

  • Kristina Pimenova


  • Taehyung is life


  • Icedpeachtea
  • Kpop’ s Jams

    There are 2 things Kookie is not necessarily good at…English and math lol

  • Rocky

    He’s not part of a ‘boy group’ — more of a ‘man band’. But, my fave maknae is CNBLUE’s tall, funny, sweet, handsome, and multi-talented Lee Jung Shin.
    Jung Shin for the win! 😉

  • Are the polls still working? I think they might have either crashed or broken?
    In any case my vote obviously goes to Sungjong… but “quiet and gentle”??? Thats the last description i’d use for him, lmfao!

  • Wei

    @Sungel:disqus The polls work just fine for me. o__O

    I voted for Hyuk. (but this was a hard choice xD)

  • That’s what I was wondering, cause it isn’t working for me

  • danti

    Sehun 😍😍😍

  • Panda on the Loose

    im so sorry Seungri but I voted for Jungkook :c

  • Ranceia

    You forgot the fact that Yugyeom,Sehun and Jungkook are also evil maknaes…Sehun is also known for his great dancing skills and well…(yehet,ohorat,bubble teas and SHAWTY IMMA PARTY TILL THE SUN DOWNNNN xD )

  • TaeMina Kim

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS look at my profile picture we are both taehyungs 🙂

  • Baek dem kookies

    Shawty= Sehun + Jungkook

  • kmn

    i voted for both lol

  • Lisa Koch (MakuryxxKookie)
  • Mumtaz Sausan Yamandharlie

    Changmin, Kyuhyun, Sungjong, Jungkook…

    UGH, really hard to choice T.T

    Changmin : Vocal OK, Dance OK, Visual OK, composing songs OK, Personality OK (EVIL WORLD :V )

    Kyuhyun : Vocal OK, Dance OK, Visual OK, composing songs OK, Pesonality OK (EVIL WORLD :V )

    Sungjong : Vocal OK, Dance Not Bad, Visual OK, Pesonality OK (SO CUTE <3 )

    Jungkook : Vocal OK, Dance PERFECT, Visual PERFECT, Rap OK, composing songs OK, Personality OK (Cute and Evil :V )
    Okay, I choose JUNGKOOK <3 <3 (Sorry Changmin, Kyuhyun and Sungjong T.T)

  • Taehyung is life


  • Lele

    Ah but nobody can be evilnas seungri

  • Khimberlie Quiñones

    Yook Sung-jae
    Oh Sehun

  • Sharleen Zeeredlyn

    Jungkook + Sehun

  • anh

    lmao every maknae here is really popular

  • abha singh


  • Min Yoongi’s Wife


  • Emi

    Jungkook, Chanwoo, and IM *^*

  • Ahhh the difficulties of choosing a Maknae when you are Multi-Fandom. Tbh, I have a very specific maknae ranking that goes something like this:

    1. Taemin (Cause I have been a SHINee fan since grade 7 and just adore Taemin unconditionally + have you seen his dancing!? + have you seen him and Jimin dancing together!!!??? Taemin + Jimin (2Min) dancing together = everything that I eternally need in my life.)

    2. Seungri (Cause I am mainly a VIP, and Seungri has one of the most hilarious and lovable personalities ever + his adorable relationship with GD + that lovely lovely voice)

    3. Jungkook (Cause he is the precious and evil baby of BTS. I don’t care how many people call Jungkook the “Golden Maknae”, he is just as evil as Seungri, Taemin, Kyuhyun – and every other maknae in existence + Dat voice, dat growth spurt, and dat adorable way that he always seems to end up hanging off of Jin’s hip no matter what he does + a side of Yugyeomie bromance)

    4. Kyuhyun (Cause he is the #1 most overly dramatic Maknae on this entire freaking planet. He is also evil, but he deserves to have his hyungs put up with his evilness, the poor little bb almost died in 2007 + HE HAS THE MOST ANGELIC VOICE EVER)

    5. I’m tied here between Ren from Nu’est (Cause he is a hilarious, easily embarrassed, little snowflake), and our adorable little shit Yugyeomie (Cause he constantly bickers with Eomma Jinyoung, and cause he’s just so Yugyeom, and cause his bromance with Jungshook is goals. *goes bowling with Jungkook, breaks rules by taking Jungkook to his dorm afterwards*)

  • Maknaes being as evil as Seungri just isn’t a thing. Seungri is the #1 most evil. He should seriously just lead a maknae revolution.

  • You could’ve voted for both :C

  • Yugyeomie is just so precious~

  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    Hardest descision ever, cause Taemin, Sungjong, Sungjae, Zelo, Changmin and Ren are all my biases…

  • Mar Yelle

    sungjae sehun and specially jungkook

  • Chaelisa is life
  • Monneko Sentouki

    I.M is the oldest looking maknae.. 😂😂 only monbebes get what i meant hehe😆

  • nari


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    If you wanna suggest other maknaes for this poll, you can add their names and pictures on this page in the comments.



  • Mary Rose Lipardo

    Jungkookie, Yugyeomie, Sehunie…why?? Because, BTS, EXO and GOT7 are my favorite boy group bands especially BTS😍😍cause their’s the golden maknae named “JUNGKOOK” and is close friends with Yugyeom that’s why i choose him too…to be honest my bias in GOT7 are Mark and Yegyeom but i really like Mark than Yeogyeom( but i still like Yeogyeom)
    Because Mark is not the maknae, that’s the reason that i choose Yeogyeom instead. Next is Sehun,not because in EXO is not Sehun but Baekhyun(great in singing) and Kai(great in dancing)😍 because the one of them are not include in the maknae, so i choose Sehun not because I’m a fan of EXO but because of his cuteness and tallness…😁😁😁 AND MOST OF ALL THE THREE MAKNAES THAT I CHOOSE, MY FAVORITE IS JUNGKOOK😍😍😙😙😘😘 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eacfd4a694779dc35fb3d870c46a24c047d3da9177385418452aa00c261a8cb2.jpg

  • jeremiah

    his name is Yugyeom lol

  • Monsta_P!NK

    The Genius IM 😘 (only Monbebes get this haha)

  • HeartHeart

    BB CHANN!!!

  • 김제니


  • Jess Yeon

    Jungkook and Guanlin from wanna one

  • Regina Mates


  • Bts TaeJin


  • Your mum

    Gongchan, Hyuk, and Sungjae for me:)

  • Kayla Acebuche

    jeon jungkook

  • Mary Rose Gementiza


  • V is Mine

    I can’t choose between Jungkook & Sehun. Coz I’m an ARMY-L, so I didn’t vote

  • trololololll

    The struggle of being multi fandom

  • smol but tol

    IM, Jungkook and Sehun ❤️

  • Karen Rentz


  • Yuki mae

    You can vote up to 3 person

  • SalmonKat

    REN!! That’s such an old picture lol.

  • 임해라Helena

    Monsta X maknae is my favourite XD he is the english speaker of the group and lead the interview during their world tour despite being the youngest. He is amazing rapper and compliment well with jooheon. He is a great dancer too. He s simply the best.

  • Mariah Resse

    Jungkook 😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤

  • Zina Hl

    Add Dowoon from Day6 plz

  • KKN

    Pls add Chan from A.C.E, Kijung from UNB, Hojung from Hotshot, I.N from SKz and Donghan from JBJ

  • bagust b


  • vampere vladimir

    Oh Sehun 😍😍

  • Zurako
  • Shandee Jane Ortiz Felisarta

    why else would he be called the “golden maknae” if he doesn’t deserve that title? 😍😍😍 😘😘😘

  • Moonchild

    i choose

  • Bismah Tariq Ansari

    He looks so cute I had to vote for him.

  • arvy

    I.M 💖

  • Dino <3

  • Ak

    Dowoon from Day6? And what about I.N from Stray Kids? 🙁

  • Guest

    Sorry but the real answer is Jeongin from Stray Kids no questionable asked!!

  • nadi


  • nadi

    why tf would anyone vote seungri, i voted him so i could see how far up he was, im disgusted to say he’s in the middle. HE SHOULD BE RIGHT AT THE VERY BOTTOM, juuuust saying,,, after what he did–
    my fav is IN from STRAY KIDS but changbin is my ult