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August 2021 Comebacks/Debuts/Releases

If there’s any songs I’m missing please comment so I can add it to the list! 🙂 Any song releases from (V-pop/J-pop/K-Pop/C-pop/T-Pop etc.) (OST’s Not Included) (Always listed by Title Track & not album name).

☼July 20th☼
YANU ║〘UPPERSIDE (ft. lIlBOI)〙[Release]
Rohann (이로한), EUROKO PIZZA (유로코피자) ║〘Smile (Prod. by Loky Beatz)〙[Release]

☼July 21st☼
BlooDye ║〘Hug me Hug you | LOVE or DIE〙[Comeback]
SURAN ║〘Blanket (ft. Wonstein)〙[Comeback]
MONNI ║〘뭐, 그냥 (Just so-so)〙[Release]
SPACEBOY ║〘FNR (ft. TABLO (EPIK HIGH), Kim JongWan (NELL))〙[Release]
AKMU ║〘전쟁터 (Hey kid, Close your eyes) (with Lee Sun Hee)〙[Release]
Colde ║〘When Dawn Comes Again (ft. Baekhyun)〙[Comeback]

☼July 22nd☼
sb19 ║〘Pagsibol〙[Comeback]
DJ ELLIA ║〘Weekend〙[Comeback]
coco ║〘19(NANA)〙[Comeback]
Fred x John Doe ║〘Gyopo’s Paradise〙[Release]
Kang Seungyeon ║〘BBiyong Bbiyong〙[Comeback]

☼July 23rd☼
Sejeong ║〘Baby I Love u〙[Comeback]
Kyung Dasom ║〘MY WAY (내 맘대로 할래)〙[Comeback]
Hwasa [MAMAMOO] ║〘Dingga (draft ver.)〙[Release]
Ailee ║〘Snowflower (눈의 꽃)〙[Remake Release]
DPR Live ║〘Hula Hoops (ft. BEENZINO, HWASA)〙[Release]

☼July 24th☼
Hanlim ║〘여름밤에(ft. LASI)〙[Comeback]
AleXa, Daedo ║〘나만 없어, 여름 (Summer Breeze)〙[Release]

☼July 25th☼
Sunwoo JungA ║〘Buffalo (ft. Dami (DREAMCATCHER), Song Eunyi, Yoo Seungwoo, Yoon Jiyoung and Jeong Sewoon)〙[Comeback]
Lim Sanghyun ║〘비가 오던 밤(Rainy night)〙[Debut]
2Z ║〘Over the Rainbow〙[Comeback]
Peakboy ║〘GYOPO HAIRSTYLE〙[Release]
SEONGRI ║〘데이트 할까요 (DATE)〙[Release]

☼July 26th☼
D.O [EXO] ║〘Rose〙[Solo Debut]
AKMU ║〘Next Episode〙[Comeback]
Bumkey ║〘All Of My Life (ft. Babylon)〙[Comeback]
Chic Angel x ICU ║〘Chic Summer〙[Collab Release]
FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE ║〘Summer drops〙[Comeback]

☼July 27th☼
Kwon Jinah ║〘Knock〙[Comeback]
FL1X ║〘It’s Fine〙[Debut]
BIBI║〘WHY Y (ft. Tiger Jk)〙[Release]
꼴라 (CCOLA) ║〘THE ROSE〙[Release]
JSIN ║〘I’ll Find You (ft. 숀 Shaun)〙[Release]
San E x Yuju [GFriend] ║〘So Silly (눈치없긴)〙[Collab Release]

☼July 28th☼
Sole ║〘Stay With Me (ft. Wonstein)〙[Comeback]
Vital Degree ║〘cog〙[Comeback]
Kangta ║〘Christmas in July〙[Comeback]
Yenjamin ║〘Palm Tree〙[Comeback]
Jannabi ║〘외딴섬 로맨틱 (I Know Where The Rainbow Has Fallen)〙[Comeback]
Hannah Jang ║〘Take Your Time〙[Release]
AboutU ║〘Thinking of You〙[Release]
Moonbyul, Solar [MAMAMOO] ║〘Promise U〙[Release]

☼July 29th☼
Tiger JK ║〘Love Peace〙[Release]
LØREN ║〘NEED (ooo-eee)〙[Comeback]
Jackson Wang [GOT7] x Internet Money║〘Drive You Home〙[Release]
Vital Degree ║〘cog〙[Comeback]
JAYDEN ║〘26〙[Comeback]
Jinyoung [GOT7] ║〘Dive〙[Release]
ENHYPEN x TAYO ║〘HEY TAYO〙[Collab Release]

☼July 30th☼
Dreamcatcher ║〘Because〙[Comeback]
BewhY ║〘Celebration〙[Comeback]
Lim Kim ║〘FALLING (prod. DPR CREAM)〙[Comeback]

☼July 31st☼
Nada ║〘Spicy〙[Comeback]
CherryB ║〘OOTD〙[Comeback]
E SENS ║〘Back In Time〙[Comeback]


★August 1st★
ROCOBERRY(로코베리) 〘THIS CITY(이 도시에는 내가 원하는 게 없어요) | WHAT IS LOVE?(유치한 게 사랑인가요?)〙[Release]
YoonDo ║〘Don’t say goodbye (이별이라는말은안돼)〙[Comeback]
Ahn Yeeun ║〘Changgwi〙[Comeback]
ZIOLETTA ║〘Paradise Dream〙[Japanese Pre-Debut Release]

★August 2nd★
from20 ║〘Because It’ll Be Faster for You to Forget Me Than Me Loving You〙[Comeback]
GoldenChild ║〘Ra Pam Pam〙[Comeback]
Somi ║〘Dumb Dumb〙[Comeback]
ASTRO ║〘After Midnight〙[Comeback]

★August 3rd★
Gracie ║〘Wiggle〙[Release]
HeyGirls ║〘Shining Star〙[Comeback]
Jay Park & pH-1 ║〘ALL IN (Prod. GroovyRoom)〙[Comeback]
KINDA BLUE x 화사(HWA SA) ║〘I can’t make you love me〙[Collab Release]
Punch, Mad Clown ║〘I Miss You (보고 싶단 말이야)〙[Release]
The Stray ║〘I just wanted to ask〙[Release]

★August 4th★
SKYLE║〘Fly Up High〙[Debut]
Weeekly ║〘Holiday Party〙[Comeback]
ONEUS ║〘Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!〙[Release]
Rocket Punch ║〘Bubble Up!〙[Japanese Release]

★August 5th★
Kim Woojin ║〘Ready Now〙[Debut]
NECTA ║〘Slow Machina〙[Release]

★August 6th★
Sunmi ║〘You Can’t Sit With Us〙[Comeback]
Insoo [MyName] ║〘Love Yourself〙[Release]
Red.bit ║〘Trip〙[Comeback]
GRAY║〘Baby Don’t Cry (ft. YUMDDA)〙[Pre-Release]
Flowsik ║〘GUK (ft. Jay Park) (prod. Devine Channel)〙[Comeback]
Cheon Dung (Thunder) ║〘폭발하기 5초 전’ (ft. Yoon SeoBin (윤서빈)〙[Comeback]
AKMU ║〘맞짱 (with Choi JungHoon (최정훈) from JANNABI (잔나비))〙[Release]

★August 7th★
2Z ║〘East End | Siren (With. Kayleigh) (ft. $UN.L)〙[Comeback]
NAHYUN ║〘Harlequin (할리퀸)〙[Comeback]

★August 8th★
AKMU ║〘EVEREST (with. Sam Kim)〙[Release]
Chaebin ║〘Would U〙[Debut]

★August 9th★
ONF ║〘여름쏙 (POPPING)〙[Comeback]
Ha SungWoon ║〘Strawberry Gum (ft. Don Mills)〙[Comeback]
HYO [SNSD] ║〘Second (ft. Bibi)〙[Release]
Wonstein ║〘Tree〙[Release]

★August 10th★
BDC ║〘Moon Walker〙[Release]
Ten [NCT] ║〘Paint Me Naked〙[Release]
Triple7 [3YE x B.I.G] ║〘Presente〙[Unit Debut]
YOUHA ║〘Cherry On Top〙[Release]
GRAY ║〘I Dont Love You (feat. Coogie)[Release]
3MY ║〘Summer Hunting Song[Debut]
Hyolyn x Dasom ║〘둘 중에 골라 (Summer or Summer)[Collab Release]

★August 11th★
Hi-L ║〘Too Too (22)〙[Debut]
OMEGA X ║〘OMEGA X〙[Release]
Cherry Coke ║〘pingpOng | chichi | eung!〙[Release]
AB6IX ║〘비범벅 (Walking In The Rain)〙[Project Release]

★August 12th★
BZ-BOYS ║〘Close your eyes〙[Comeback]
Park JiHoon ║〘Gallery〙[Comeback]
MakaMaka ║〘Hey U〙[Comeback]
Gaho [PLT] ║〘Ride〙[Comeback]
Fei ║〘STALKER〙[Comeback]
SM Classics TOWN Orchestra ║〘Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (Orchestra Ver.)〙[Release]
Ryan Jhun X Haechan & Doyoung [NCT U] ║〘MANIAC〙[Release]
Yang Da il ║〘Ocean Waves (feat. NIve)〙[Release]

★August 13th★
JMIN ║〘Dedication (ft. Jay Park)〙[Release]
Park Won ║〘Fuxxxxx crazy〙[Release]
YESEO ║〘Free Up〙[Release]
Mireen ║〘I Fall In Love (왜 이제야 나타났어요)〙[Debut]

★August 14th★
N.CUS ║〘Get out〙[Comeback]
OoOo ║〘DIVE〙[Comeback]
Xydo ║〘Me Without You (ft. Moonbyul [MAMAMOO]〙[Comeback]

★August 15th★
Haebin ║〘Float (둥둥)〙[Release]

★August 16th★
Red Velvet ║〘Queendom〙[Comeback]
Woo TaeWoon x IONE ║〘VACCINE (ft. Yoon Bomi (A-Pink))〙[Release]
Ateez x Kim Jong Kook ║〘바다 보러 갈래?〙[Collab Release]
F.ABLE ║〘Run Run Run〙[Comeback]
HONDAM ║〘백치미 (BAEKCHIMI)〙[Comeback]
Park Doha ║〘Dear. My side〙[Release]

★August 17th★
TXT ║〘LO$ER=LO♡ER〙[Comeback]
CIX ║〘WAVE〙[Comeback]
SOLIA ║〘Dream〙[Debut]
LEMONADE ║〘Lemonade〙[Debut]
GRAY ║〘Make Love (ft. Zion.T) | Party For The Night (ft. Loco, Lee Hi)〙[Comeback]
INTO1 ║〘The Storm Center〙[Comeback]
Punch, Ha SungWoon ║〘Johnny〙[Release]
Ten & Yang Yang [WayV] ║〘Low Low〙[Release]

★August 18th★
JO1 ║〘STRANGER〙[Comeback]
Posh Girls ║〘Got Chu〙[Debut]
BIBI x PUMA ║〘MAYU〙[Release]
Yuto x Kino x Wooseok [Pentagon] ║〘Cerberus〙[Release]

★August 19th★
Cravity ║〘Gas Pedal〙[Comeback]
COOING ║〘여름여름여름 (Summer Summer Summer)〙[Comeback]
LUMINOUS ║〘꿈루(Kumru) (꿈을 꾸는 루미너스)〙[Pre-Debut Release]
Takanori Iwata [J Soul Brothers from EXILE Tribe] ║〘korekara〙[Solo Debut]

★August 20th★
Beomhan [M.O.N.T Arena]  x Roda ║〘Ashes〙[Pre-Debut Release]
LUCY ║〘동문서답 (Irrelevant Answer)〙[Comeback]
Pentatonix ║〘A Little Space (ft. Yunho, San, & Jongho of ATEEZ)〙[Release]

★August 21st★
DIOS ║〘Touch me〙[Pre-Debut Release]
BGYO ║〘The Baddest〙[Comeback]
V-Hawk ║〘Is It Raining?〙[Comeback]
HALF [Jihun of KNK] ║〘Behind U (ft. YunGGI)〙[Release]
Jenyer ║〘SOOP (ft.Gayoon)〙[Comeback]
Lara [LIMHARA] ║〘Swim In The Ocean〙[Solo Comeback]
Jvde Milez ║〘THE LIGHT〙[Comeback]

★August 22nd★
NOA ║〘LET GO (ft. Jeon Woong [AB6IX])〙[Japanese Release]
BOOKKU DDOONG (부끄뚱) ║〘은근히 낯가려요 (ft. RAVI)〙[Debut]
Seori ║〘Dive with you (ft. eaJ)〙[Release]

★August 23rd★
Stray Kids ║〘소리꾼 (Thunderous)〙[Comeback]
VeriVery ║〘Trigger〙[Comeback]
T1419 ║〘Flex〙[Comeback]
PKCZ ║〘Bon-Noh-Kai-Ho-Un-Do〙[Release]
Brave Girls ║〘Drinking Habit (After We Ride)〙[Comeback]

★August 24th★
Kwon EunBi ║〘Door〙[Debut]
CL ║〘SPICY〙[Release]
Loco ║〘이대로만 (Just Like This) (ft. George)〙[Release]
YOUHA ║〘ICE T〙[Comeback]

★August 25th★
Girls² ║〘Enjoy | Good Days〙[Comeback]
MIRAE ║〘Splash〙[Comeback]
Roa ║〘Summer Night〙[Comeback]
YEGNY ║〘Better rush (ft.Huckleberry P)〙[Release]
Penomeco ║〘Shy (eh o)〙[Comeback]
Changjo [Teen Top] ║〘Hurting U〙[Release]
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ║〘原点回避 (GENTENKAIHI)〙[Comeback]

★August 26th★
JayB [GOT7] ║〘B.T.W (ft. Jay Park) (Prod. Cha Cha Malone)〙[Comeback]
Sihyeon [Ariaz] ║〘U (ft. ESON)〙[Solo Release]

★August 27th★
Lee Hi ║〘ONLY〙[Release]
Kiera ║〘Light Me Up〙[Release]
LOOPY ║〘LIE〙[Release]
Penomeco ║〘BOLO (ft.YDG)〙[Comeback]
BTS ║〘Butter (ft. Megan Thee Stallion)〙[Collab Release]

★August 30th★
BTOB ║〘Outsider〙[Comeback]
Key [SHINee] ║〘Hate that… (ft. Taeyeon [SNSD]〙[Pre-Release]

★August 31st★
MCND ║〘Movin’〙[Comeback]
PRITTI-G ║〘안녕(Hola)〙[Debut]
nafla ║〘run! (ft. JUSTHIS)〙[Release]
Kim Jeonguk ║〘Life Vest〙[Comeback]

Credit: R.O.S.E (STARL1GHT)

Are you excited about any of the August Comebacks/Releases?

Are you excited for any August comebacks? Any releases missed? Feel free to comment below! 🙂