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Serena (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Serena (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Serena (세레나) is a member of the virtual girl group Feverse.

Stage Name: Serena (세레나)
Birth Name: Kim Serena (김세레나)
Birthday: December 25, 2008
Played by: Soobin (WJSN)

Serena Facts:
– She competed on GIRL’S RE:VERSE as Kimserena and received 5th place in the final episode, securing her a spot in Feverse.
– Native: Gangwon-do Jeongseon 32pyeong apartment 9th floor.
– She used up all of her savings to invest in stocks because her friend deceived her.
– This led her to deciding that she won’t talk about stocks anymore,a pursue becoming a singer.
– A word she chooses to define herself by is ‘Femme Fatale’.
– Her biggest fear is the color light blue because its the color that represents stock value dropping.
– She believes that love is just like a bowl of malatang because everyone keeps looking for it even though they know it will hurt. She also believes she has malatang-like charms that everyone will fall for.
– She believes that she is the country version of Julia Roberts.
– An area she is strong in is Beast’s Heart (Over-Investing in Stocks) (6 stars).
– Another area she is strong in is Back Excercises (5 stars).
– Nickname: Kim Heesun from Gangwon-do.
– Hashtag: #stock #sansjang
– Dislike: The color blue.
– Characteristic: She would tremble when her cash was locked up in stocks.
– Motto: “Just do it~~!”
– In her self introductory video, she did a freestyle dance.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Event Horizon’ by Younha but lost to Cheer.
– In the consolation match, she was sorted into group B and performed ‘Love, Ing’ by Ben with Hwaeuija, Chadodo and Zzaru. The team won and received a points benefit. She ended up in 2nd place and had more points than Junghorang, the 2nd place of group A, and returned to the competition.
– Her team for the semi-finals was Avenus. The team performed ‘You & I’ by IU an received 2nd place.
– She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 5th place in the final episode.
– After winning the show, she later said that her main goal was not to win the competition but to raise Kakao’s stock price.
– Serena hopes that Feverse can do heavy metal in the future.
– Her father’s last name is ‘Park’, and she has considered changing her surname before.
– Serena’s favorite song is HMPH by WJSN CHOCOME. Keuang doesn’t know that song well.
– She is played by Soobin, a member of WJSN.
Ranking: 27-21-12-9-9-5

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