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Rien (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Rien (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Rien (리엔) is a member of the virtual girl group Feverse.

Name: Rien (리엔)
Birthday: – (~3,000,000,000,000,000 years old)
Played by: Heejin (LOONA)

Rien Facts:
– She competed on GIRL’S RE:VERSE and received 4th place in the final episode, securing her a spot in Feverse.
– Native: Border of Gliese-832c. She is the first life-form on this planet.
– Being the world’s first and only being, she had been waiting for friends before deciding to seek them out herself, kick starting an adventure to a new world.
– Skills she honed while waiting for friends include playing the piano and dancing under the moonlight.
– When she got bored, she did excercises.
– The most fun she’s had is when Seoritae made the ‘W Club’.
– Age: Estimated to be around 3 quadrillion years old, making her the oldest contestant on the show by far.
– Hashtag: #FirstGirl #OddEye #WorkHard
– Favorite Song: IU – Lullaby.
– Favorite Thing: Gazing at the sunset.
– Hobby: Conversing with cats.
– Ideal type: She loves herself.
– Talent: Piano.
– She is always challenging herself and experimenting, and she is confident that she can adapt to any situation.
– Characteristic: Due to being born on the border of her planet, she has two personas of day and night. Her odd eyes illustrate this characteristic.
– When she sings her lullaby, the Rien of Night manifests.
– An area she is strong in is Loneliness (5 stars).
– Another area she is strong in is Ending Fairy (5 stars).
– Message: “I always have to be first.”
– Motto: “Let’s not get confused!”
– In her self introductory video, sang ‘Lullaby’ by IU and did a freestyle dance to ‘Straight Outta Our Comfort Zone’ by Ingrid Witt..
– In the deathmatch, she sang Wine by Suran , and beat Dohwa.

– Her team for the semi-finals was Avenus. The team performed ‘You & I’ by IU an received 2nd place.
– She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 4th place in the final episode.
– She is played by Heejin, a member of LOONA. Although Rien is the oldest member, Heejin is the youngest.
– Ranking: 413544

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