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Keuang (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Keuang (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Keuang (크앙) is a member of the virtual girl group Feverse.

Name: Keuang (크앙)
Birthday: ~2016
Played by: Luda (WJSN)

Keuang Facts:
– She competed on GIRL’S RE:VERSE and received 3rd place in the final episode, securing her a spot in Feverse.
– Native: Red Panda Village.
– An area she is strong in is Leadership Skills (4 stars).
– An area she is poor in is Proper Language (1 star).
– Characteristic: Rough actions and tone.
– Tribe: Red panda.
– Rank: Captain of the red panda.
– Favorite word: Pak-C! (sounds like a swear word)
– Hashtag: #leadership
– Scariest thing: Hair loss on the tail.
– Favorite food: Chestnut bread.
– Target: Earning a lot of money, setting up a chestnut bread factory in her hometown.
– Keuang wants to collaborate with APink in the future, and her favorite member is Eunji.
– Message: “What are you doing? Don’t listen to this song I sing so cutely!”
– Motto: “Lazy people cannot win over hardworking people, and hardworking people cannot win over people that have fun.”
– In her self introductory video, she sang ‘Smiley’ by Yena.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Start’ by Park Kiyoung and danced to ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ by Oh My Girl Banhana and beat Yenycall.
– Her team for the semi-finals was Kimite. The team performed ‘GEE’ by Girls’ Generation and received 1st place.
She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 3rd place in the final episode.
– She is played by Luda, a member of WJSN. She also won the ‘Ideal Type World Cup’ which was played by the members of Kimite.
Ranking: 2-9-7-8-8-3

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