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R1SE Members Profile

R1SE Members Profile: R1SE Facts

R1SE (Running #1 Sun Energy) is a Chinese boy group under Wajijiwa Entertainment that was formed through Tencent’s survival show, “Produce Camp 2019.” The group consists of: Zhou Zhennan, He Luoluo, Yan Xujia, Xia Zhiguang, Yao Chen, Zhai Xiaowen, Zhang Yanqi, Liu Ye, Ren Hao, Zhao Lei, and Zhao Rang. They debuted on August 6, 2019 with the song “R.1.S.E“. R1SE officially disbanded on June 14, 2021.

R1SE Fandom Name: Twelve (十二)
R1SE Fandom Color: Breaking Color (破晓色) (#FF3200#FF6D34#0DCAEF)

R1SE Official Accounts:
Weibo: R1SE官博
Instagram: @r1seofficial

R1SE Members Profile:
Zhou Zhennan (Rank 1)

Stage Name: Zhou Zhennan (周震南)
Birth Name: Zhou Zhennan (周震南)
Position: Leader, Center, Rapper
Birthday: June 21st, 2000
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood Type: A
Height: 174 cm (5’8”)
Weibo: R1SE-周震南
Instagram: @zhennanzhou_

Zhou Zhennan Facts:
– Zhennan was born in Chongqiong, China.
– He is a soloist.
– Currently, Zhennan attends Meishi International School.
– He has a sister and a younger brother.
– He can speak English.
– Zhennan loves fashion and enjoys wearing skirts.
– He can play the piano.
– He has a tattoo on the inside of his forearm of a tree branch.
– Zhennan’s favorite thing about himself is his small eyes.
– Zhennan’s fandom name is Antarctic Star (南极星).
– Zhennan trained at JYP Entertainment in South Korea from 2014-2017.
– Zhennan went back to China and participated in season 1 of Tencent’s idol program “The Coming One” and placed 4th, solidifying his debut.
– Zhennan considers Victor Ma, who placed 2nd on “The Coming One”, to be his best friend. (CYZJ)
– He is also close with Got7’s Jackson, Seventeen’s Jun and THE8, Kim Samuel, X-NINE, Chen Xuedong, and Johnny Huang.
– He won the “Best Music Newcomer” award at the Tencent Supernova Night Awards.
– Zhennan joined “Let Go of My Baby” for season 3 alongside Jackson Wang, Chen Xuedong, and Johnny Huang.
– He appeared on “The Collaboration,” also known as “潮音战纪 Chao Yin Zhan Ji,” and partnered with Kim Samuel. Together they placed 1st, winning the show.
– He has his own room.
– Zhennan ended Produce Camp as Rank 1 with 37,098,540 votes.
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Liu Ye (Rank 8)

Stage Name: Liu Ye (刘也)
Birth Name: Liu Ye (刘也)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: November 15th, 1993
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Weibo: R1SE-刘也
Instagram: @__liuye__

Liu Ye Facts:
– He is under Pelias.
– Liu Ye is from Songyuan, Jilin.
– Nickname: Ye Ge.
– He was a contestant on seasons 1 and 2 of Super Idol.
– Liu Ye debuted in 2016 as a member of SWIN-S.
– He participated in Street Dance of China.
– He is a choreographer.
– It is said that his quiet personality contradicts his stage presence.
– He is roommates with Zhao Rang.
– Liu Ye ended Produce Camp as Rank 8 with 7,974,641 votes.

Ren Hao (Rank 9)

Stage Name: Ren Hao (任豪)
Birth Name: Ren Hao (任豪)
Position: Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: July 17th, 1995
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 181cm (5’11”)
Blood Type: A
Weibo: R1SE-任豪

Ren Hao Facts:
– He is under White Media.
– Ren Hao is from Chengdu, Sichuan.
– His hobbies include swimming and extreme sports.
– Ren Hao debuted in 2016 as a member of ZERO-G.
– He was a contestant on the survival show “The Next Top Bang.”
– Ren Hao played the lead role in the movie “King of Glory: Awakening.”
– He is considered the most mature member of the group.
– Viewed as the “dad” of the group.
– He gets sleepy easily.
– He is roommates with He Luoluo.
– Ren Hao ended Produce Camp as Rank 9 with 7,511,752 votes.

Yao Chen (Rank 5)

Stage Name: Yao Chen (姚琛)
Birth Name: Yao Chen (姚琛)
Position: Dancer, Rapper
Birthday: March 23, 1998
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 181cm (5’11”)
Weibo: R1SE-姚琛

Yao Chen Facts:
– He is under Fanling Culture (JYP China).
– Yao Chen is from Chongqing.
– He trained with Stray Kids at JYP Entertainment.
– His fans call him a hamster because they say that he resembles one.
– He made a cameo in Boy Story’s “Hands Up” music video.
– He is a choreographer.
– He is roommates with Zhang Yanqi.
– Yao Chen ended Produce Camp as Rank 5 with 10,764,262 votes.

Zhang Yanqi (Rank 7)

Stage Name: Zhang Yanqi (张颜齐)
Birth Name: Zhang Yanqi (张颜齐)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: July 2nd, 1998
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 183cm (6’0”)
Weibo: R1SE-张颜齐

Zhang Yanqi Facts:
– He is under Attitude Music.
– Yanqi is from Chongqing.
– He won a local rap competition in 2017.
– He writes his own raps and has released some solo songs.
– His lucky number is 7.
– He is said to be well-spoken and thoughtful.
– He has a cat.
– He is roommates with Yao Chen.
– Yanqi ended Produce Camp as Rank 7 with 9,626,829 votes.
– He is the most talkative member according to the members.

Zhao Lei (Rank 10)

Stage Name: Zhao Lei (赵磊)
Birth Name: Zhao Lei (赵磊)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: January 1st, 1999
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 183cm (6’0”)
Weibo: R1SE-赵磊
Instagram: @zhaoleiray

Zhao Lei Facts:
– He is under Wajijiwa Entertainment.
– Zhao Lei was born in Chengdu, Sichuan but moved to Xiamen, Fujian when he was young.
– Nicknames: Leilei, Lei-ge.
– He was a contestant on X-FIRE.
– Zhao Lei debuted in 2016 as a member of X-NINE.
– His hobbies include playing the guitar, piano, and ukulele.
– His fans are called “Xiao Tuan Zi”, which translates to “Little Dumplings.”
– He loves to travel. When he turned 18, he travelled to Turkey by himself.
– Zhao Lei is currently attending the Shanghai Conservatory of Music studying theatre, and ranked #4 on his art exam.
– He owns two pet hamsters.
– Zhao Lei has a very soft personality and is a neat freak.
– He loves taking selfies.
– He has a younger sister.
– He is roommates with Yan Xujia.
– Zhao Lei ended Produce Camp as Rank 10 with 7,503,760 votes.

Zhai Xiaowen (Rank 6)

Stage Name: Zhai Xiaowen (翟潇闻)
Birth Name: Zhai Xiaowen (翟潇闻)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: May 28th, 1999
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 183cm (6’0”)
Weibo: R1SE-翟潇闻

Zhai Xiaowen Facts:
– He is under Wajijiwa Entertainment.
– Xiaowen is from Jinan, Shandong.
– He was a contestant on season 2 of The Coming One and finished in the top 9.
– He played a minor role in the drama “Unrequited Love.”
– Xiaowen loves to praise himself.
– His favorite animal is penguin.
– He has a kitten also named Xiaowen (cement).
– He is roommates with Xia Zhiguang.
– Xiaowen ended Produce Camp as Rank 6 with 10,581,322 votes.
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Xia Zhiguang (Rank 4)

Stage Name: Xia Zhiguang (夏之光)
Birth Name: Xia Zhiguang (夏之光)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: January 4th, 2000
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 183cm (6’0”)
Blood Type: A
Weibo: R1SE-夏之光
Instagram: @x_lightxzg

Xia Zhiguang Facts:
– He is under Wajijiwa Entertainment.
– Zhiguang is from Hefei, Anhui.
– Nicknames: Guangguang, Guang-ge
– He was a contestant on X-FIRE.
– Zhiguang debuted in 2016 as a member of X-NINE.
– His name translates to “summer light.”
– His fans are called “Ji Guang”, which translates to “Aurora.”
– Zhiguang owns 3 cats: Tuomei, Youtiao, and Jiuijiu.
– He is currently attending Shanghai Theatre Academy studying performance, and ranked #3 on his art exam.
– He studied traditional Chinese dance.
– He is roommates with Zhai Xiaowen.
– Zhiguang ended Produce Camp as Rank 4 with 11,107,051 votes.

Zhao Rang (Rank 11)

Stage Name: Zhao Rang (赵让)
Birth Name: Zhao Cenyuan (赵岑源)
Position: Dancer
Birthday: April 24, 2001
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 185cm (6’1”)
Weibo: R1SE-赵让

Zhao Rang Facts:
– He is under SDT Entertainment.
– Zhao Rang is from Guangzhou, Guangdong.
– He trained under FNC Entertainment from 2014 to 2017.
– Zhao Rang loves Spongebob.
– He is a fan of EXO and posts lots of covers of their dances.
– He is roommates with Liu Ye.
– Zhao Rang ended Produce Camp as Rank 11 with 7,498,972 votes.

He Luoluo (Rank 2)

Stage Name: He Luoluo (何洛洛)
Birth Name: Xu Yining (徐一宁)
Position: Dancer, Vocalist
Birthday: May 4th, 2001
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 180cm (5’11”)
Weibo: R1SE-何洛洛

He Luoluo Facts:
– He is under Original Plan.
– Luoluo is from Hangzhou, Zhejiang.
– His hobbies include playing the saxophone and collecting shoes.
– Luoluo debuted in 2017 as the leader of Yian Music Club.
– He has a pet dog named Snowball.
– He is known for his wink.
– He is roommates with Ren Hao.
– Luoluo ended Produce Camp as Rank 2 with 13,652,312 votes.

Yan Xujia (Rank 3)

Stage Name: Yan Xujia (焉栩嘉)
Birth Name: Yan Xujia (焉栩嘉)
Position: Rapper, Youngest
Birthday: September 23rd, 2001
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 184cm (6’0”)
Blood Type: A
Weibo: R1SE-焉栩嘉
Instagram: @dyan808bass

Yan Xujia Facts:
– He is under Wajijiwa Entertainment.
– Xujia is from Yantai, Shandong.
– Nickname: Jiajia
– His hobbies include playing the piano and rap composition.
– He was a child actor and still acts occassionally.
– He was a participant on X-FIRE.
– Xujia debuted in 2016 as a member of X-NINE.
– His fans are called “Jia Fei Mao”, which translates to “Garfield.”
– He speaks English, and his English name is “Davis.”
– He used to wear braces.
– Xujia has a younger brother.
– He shot an English learning commercial with Cai Xukun of Nine Percent when he was younger.
– He loves to do popular dance moves (especially dabbing).
– He is roommates with Zhao Lei.
– Xujia ended Produce Camp as Rank 3 with 11,164,384 votes.

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