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Produce X 101 Concept Evaluation – Super Special Girl team

Super Special Girl is one of the teams for the concept evaluation, the third evaluation, for the 4th season of Produce 101, Produce X 101. After the results of the second elimination round (episode 8), the team consisted of Park Sunho, Kang Hyeonsu, and Choi Suhwan. In episode 9, the members had to choose 3 of the remaining trainees to join their team. They chose Keum Donghyun, Kim Sihoon, and Song Yuvin.

Park Sunho

Birth Name: Park Sun Ho (박선호)
Birthday: May 9, 1993
Company: Sidus HQ
Nationality: Korean
Height: 187cm
Weight: 69kg
Blood Type: O

Park Sun Ho Facts:
– Sun Ho has trained for 10 years and 6 months.
– His skill is dancing.
– His hobbies are watching movies, playing the piano, and looking out for his health.
– He has abs and is very proud of them.
– He can speak Japanese.
– In 2008 when he was 16 he joined Starship Entertainment as a trainee. He left after failing to debut twice. (Episode 1)
– Sunho has been casted as a leading male role for a few shows.
– He as acted in Best Chicken, A Poem a Day, Hospital Ship, I’m Sorry, But I Love You, Start Again, etc.
– His ranking performance moved trainer Jae Seung and Soyou to tears; they were close when he was a Starship trainee. (Episode 1)
– Park Sun Ho’s intro video.
– All of Sunho’s Produce X 101 videos.

Kang Hyeon Su

Birth Name: Kang Hyeon Su (강현수)
Birthday: June 18, 1996
Company: AAP.Y
Nationality: Korean
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: O

Kang Hyeon Su Facts:
– Hyeon Su trained for 8 years and 3 months.
– His skills Vocal simulations and dancing.
– His hobbies are watching Marvel movies and studying everything about planet earth.
– Kang Hyeon Su’s intro video.
– All of Hyeonsu’s Produce X 101 videos.

Song Yu Bin

Stage Name: Yuvin (유빈)
Birth Name: Song Yu Vin (송유빈)
Birthday: April 28, 1998
Company: Music Works
Nationality: Korean
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: A

Song Yu Vin Facts:
– Yu Vin has trained for 5 years and 2 months. He is the main vocalist in MYTEEN along with Kookheon.
– His skill is singing.
– His hobbies are listening to music, singing to music, and sleeping.
– He can speak Japanese and Chinese.
– He was top 4 in Mnet’s Superstar K6. 3 years after the show he debut with MYTEEN.
– Song Yuvin debuted first as a solo artist, on May 30, 2016, with the song 뼛속까지 너야
– Song Yu Vin’s intro video.
– All of Yuvin’s Produce X 101 videos.

Kim Sihoon

Birth Name: Kim Si Hun (김시훈)
Birthday: October 13, 1999
Company: Brand New Music
Nationality: Korean
Height: 175cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: B

Kim Sihoon Facts:
– Sihun has trained for 2 years and 9 months.
– His skills are dancing such as keeping, Hip-hop, House, and Urban style.
– He likes watching movies, going shopping, reading, and walking.
– Sihun and Junghwan composed their ranking evaluation song. (Episode 1)
– Sihun and IZONE’s Yena were classmates in high school. Yena stated they both majored in practical dance and that Sihun was a great dancer. (Episode 1, IZONE Intro Look)
– He dances since he was a kid.
– Growing up he dreamt to be a football player
– When he was in kindergarten, he was called Captain Hook
– He is a big fan of Big Bang, especially GD.
– He was a backup dancer for MXM.
– He is friends with 15&’s Baek Yerin.
– Kim Si Hun’s intro video.
– All of Sihun’s Produce X 101 videos.

Choi Su Hwan

Birth Name: Choi Su Hwan (최수환)
Birthday:  September 3, 2001
Company: Independent
Nationality: Korean
Height: 165cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: A

Choi Su Hwan Facts:
– Su Hwan has trained for 2 years and 1 month.
– His skills are singing and dancing.
– His hobbies are playing the piano and the guitar, writing harmonies, and eating.
– Choi Su Hwan’s intro video.
– All of Suhwan’s Produce X 101 videos.

Keum Dong Hyun

Birth Name: Keum Dong Hyun (금동현)
Birthday: May 14, 2003
Company: C9 Entertainment
Nationality: Korean
Height: 174cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood Type: B

Keum Dong Hyun Facts:
– Donghyun has trained  for a year and 10 months.
– His skill is urban dance.
– His hobbies are listing to music and day dreaming.
– Keum Dong Hyun’s intro video.
– All of Donghyun’s Produce X 101 videos.


Who suits Super Special Girl the best?

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