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KAKITOKA Profile and Facts

KAKITOKA Profile and Facts

KAKITOKA is an independent Sakha singer-songwriter. She debuted on May 3, 2017 with the song “Прости, что вою” (“Forgive Me Howling”).

KAKITOKA Social Media:
Personal Instagram: fawakina
Career Instagram: kakitokamusic
Twitter: kakitokamusic
YouTube: Aina Kakitoka
Old YouTube: Kakitoka
Telegram: kakitokamusic
SoundCloud: kakitoka

Stage Name: KAKITOKA (Какитока)
Real Name: Aina Vitaliyevna Ilyina (Аина Витальевна Ильина)
Birthday: February 3, 1995
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Blood Type: B+

– She was born in Saint Petersburg.
– She is half Sakha, half Russian. Her father is from Saint Petersburg, her mother is from Amga, Amginski district.
– She was raised in her mother’s place.
– Her grandmother is a renowned children’s author and lyricist.
– She has a sister and a younger brother.
– She is married to a non-celebrity and has a daughter born in 2022.
– Her surname before marriage was Illarionova (Илларионова).
– She attended music school in Amga, Piano and Hautboy class.
– She has art designer education.
– She used to live in Moscow for four years.
– Graduated from Yakutsk Supreme School of Music.
– She has a lap dog named Chibi.
– Her main singing genre is reggae.
– She can play piano, hautboy, English horn, flute, saxophone, and khomus.
– She doesn’t listen to other singers’ songs.
– Her religion is Sakha paganism.
– She is a constant lover meaning she loves only one man.
– Her favorite season is fall.
– She has no role models.
– She is scared of dentists.
– She considers herself as a cinephile.
– She makes gift boxes and woollen clothes for selling.
– Also she sometimes makes pottery with her family.
– She occasionally draws pictures, sews, stitches and models in clay.
– Mainly she makes clothes for her daughter.
– She also makes kameleks, small fireplaces of ceramics.
– Her clothes size is M.
– She organized her own summer vocal camp in 2023.
– She often does volunteer job and takes part in charity concerts.
– If she would be very rich, then she would have opened an animal shelter.
– She has more than 14 tattoos on her left wrist, right arm, right leg and under neck.
– She sometimes makes cover of foreign and Russian songs in Sakha language.
– She made her first songs using the GarageBand app on iPad. They were dark wave by genre.
– She began rapping after listening to Wu-Tang Clan.
– She had her own band when she was in Moscow, but due to her producing songs in electronic genre it was disbanded.
– She got her stage name by deriving her real first name to Japanese (sic!), when she was a teenager.
– She released songs under the stage name COCAINA in 2018 (Instagram).
– When KAKITOKA shows her romantic side, the COCAINA side was her more unrestrained side. She thought of having FAWAKINA concept, but scrapped this idea.
– She was a contestant in the singing contest SULUSTAR in February-March 2023.
– She was a contestant in the beauty pageant Miss New Yakutia in summer-fall 2023.
– Her motto is “All things are around love”.

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