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Muneo (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Muneo (Feverse) Profile and Facts

Muneo (무너) is a member of the virtual girl group Feverse.

Name: Muneo (무너)
Birthday: October 4, 2021
Played by: Kwon Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

Muneo Facts:
Native: Deep Sea.
She is a one year old octopus that is on the verge of death.
Dream: Debuting as an idol.
– Hashtag: #Ink #Octopus.
– Hobby: Seeing deep sea creatures and riding turtles.
– Specialty: Picking up food.
She gets irritated very easily, and gets very intimidating when she does.
– Message: “An octopus’ lifespan is three years, and I’m one! I’m old for an octopus, so I must debut this time!”
– In her self introductory video, she sang an original song which is Muneo’s theme tune. She gets angry when people tease her for it or sing the lyrics wrong.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Start’ by Park Kiyoung and danced to ‘Rain Drop’ by IU and beat Seoritae.
– Her team for the semi-finals was Kimite. The team performed ‘GEE’ by Girls’ Generation and received 1st place.
– She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 1st place in the final episode.
– She is played by Kwon Eunbi, a soloist and former IZ*ONE member. Although Muneo is the youngest member, Eunbi is the oldest.
Ranking: 20-5-8-121

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