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Kimite (GIRL’S RE:VERSE) Members Profile

Kimite (GIRL’S RE:VERSE) Members Profile

Kimite (귀미테) was a virtual project group created for the semi-finals of GIRL’S RE:VERSE, consisting of Dopamine, Rose, Keuang, and Muneo. Chonky Cat was a member but did not compete in the semi-finals due to leaving the show for health reasons, although she is present in their music video. They performed GEE by Girls’ Generation for the semi-finals and received three voting benefits. The team was created by Dopamine to be an all-rounder group. Their final rank was 1st place.

Kimite Members:

Name: Dopamine (도파민)
Position: Leader, MC
Killer Move: MCing
Played by: Haein (LABOUM)

Dopamine Facts:
– Native: The world of talkative people.
– She is a professional MC who will always do her best, even when she has no audience.
– Respected person: Yoo Jae Suk
– Hashtag: #Mic #Thank you so much
– Favorite thing: Helping people.
– Hobby: MC practice.
– Specialty: To proceed.
– Message: “Ladies and Gentlemen~ Nice to meet you!”
– In her self introductory video, she did a freestyle dance called ‘Cheering Dance’.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Traffic Light’ by Lee Mujin and danced to ‘If I Had A Tail’ by Ingrid Witt with her own choreography and beat Cherry.
– She is played by Haein, a member of LABOUM.
Ranking: 23-3-10-11


Name: Rose (로즈)
Position: Attract Loyal Fans
Killer Move: Cuteness
Played by: Juri (Rocket Punch)

Rose Facts:
– Native: Castle of Beauty and The Beast
– Her father is a beast and her mother is a beauty, and as a result she is a hybrid between them.
– Hashtag: #Humanity #Beauty #Beast
– Afraid of: Granny in the woods, cold, ghost, haunted houses.
– Ideal type: A wolf.
– Hobby: Polishing horns, talking with animals.
– Characteristic: She resembles her father, the Beast, when angry, and exposes her fangs. It is said that she attacks with her horns, but in reality they are just cute.
– Message: “Rose appears!”
– She is the only contestant that did not sing or dance as part of her self introductory video.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Way Back Home’ by SHAUN and Conor Maynard and beat Zzaru.
– She sang ‘Like a star’ in the finals, and her team lost.
– She is played by Juri, a member of Rocket Punch.
Ranking: 30-12-6-7-6-6


Name: Muneo (무너)
Position: Attract Young Fans
Note: Can Turn Dark
Birthday: October 4, 2021
Played by: Kwon Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

Muneo Facts:
– Native: Deep Sea.
– She is a one year old octopus.
– Dream: Debuting as an idol.
– Hashtag: #Ink #Octopus.
– Hobby: Seeing deep sea creatures and riding turtles.
– Specialty: Picking up food.
– Message: “An octopus’ lifespan is three years, and I’m one! I’m old for an octopus, so I must debut this time!”
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Start’ by Park Kiyoung and danced to ‘Rain Drop’ by IU and beat Seoritae.
– She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 3rd place in the final episode, becoming a FE:VERSE member.
– She is played by Kwon Eunbi, a soloist and former IZ*ONE member.
Ranking: 20-5-8-121


Name: Keuang (크앙)
Position: Attract Male Fans
Killer Move: Cursing
Played by: Luda (WJSN)

Keuang Facts:
– Native: Red Panda Village.
– An area she is strong in is Leadership Skills (4 stars).
– An area she is poor in is Proper Language (1 star).
– Speciality: Somewhat rough actions and way of speaking.
– Tribe: Red panda.
– Rank: Captain of the red panda.
– Favorite word: Pak-C! (sounds like a swear word)
– Hashtag: #leadership
– Scariest thing: Hair loss on the tail.
– Favorite food: Chestnut bread.
– Characteristic: Some rough action and tone.
– Target: Earning a lot of money, setting up a chestnut bread factory in her hometown.
– Message: “What are you doing? Don’t listen to this song I sing so cutely!”
– Motto: “Lazy people cannot win over hardworking people, and hardworking people cannot win over people that have fun.”
– In her self introductory video, she sang ‘Smiley’ by Yena.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Start’ by Park Kiyoung and danced to ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ by Oh My Girl Banhana and beat Yenycall.
– She sang ‘Time takes me to love’ in the finals, and her team won.
– She received 3rd place in the final episode, becoming a FE:VERSE member.
– She is played by Luda, a member of WJSN. She also won the ‘Ideal Type World Cup’ which was played by the members of Kimite.
Ranking: 2-9-7-8-8-3

Former Member:
Chonky Cat

Name: Chonky Cat (뚱냥이)
Position: Attract Women
Killer Move: Chic
Birthday: March 3, 2003
Height: 89 cm (2’11″) (in cat form)
Played by: Olivia Hye (LOONA)

Chonky Cat Facts:
– Native: Cat Planet.
– She believes that she looks mean looking and rich.
– Due to her being a laid back and relaxed cat, many people think she is lazy and unmotivated.
– She really hates aegyo so she doesn’t do it.
– She refused the trends of Cat World, where aegyo is the popular trend, and left on an adventure to do what she loves most – singing.
– There is a warm side to her that many people don’t expect, to the point where she can even make friends with a fish.
– Mala is her favorite flavor of churu (cat food).
– If she were to write a ‘Chonky Cat’ manual she would include: “1. Don’t touch 2. Feed well 3. Pay attention to what I say.”
– She was happiest when she went out to sea with her butler.
– If she could have any magic power, she would make everyone her butlers.
– An area she is strong in is Low energy (5 stars).
– An area she is poor in is Aegyo (1 star).
– Hashtag: #MyWay.
– Favorite Food: Watermelon.
– Talent: Cat Punch.
– Message: “There’s no reason for me to get involved.”
– Point: Low energy sanpaku eyes.
– Motto: “I want you all to become my butlers hahaha.”
– In her self introductory video she sings her favorite song, ‘Savior’ by Lee Hi.
– In the deathmatch, she sang ‘Tired of Love’ by KiTak and danced to ‘Lip & Hip’ by HyunA, and beat Junghorang.
– Her team for the semi-finals was Kimite, although she left the show before participating in the round.
– She is played by Olivia Hye, a member of LOONA.
Ranking: 12-7-Withdrew

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