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Minyoung (BB Girls) Profile and Facts

Minyoung (Brave Girls, BB Girls) Profile and Facts, Minyoung (Brave Girls) Ideal Type

is a member of the South Korean girl group BB Girls under Warner Music Korea. She was a member of Brave Girls under Brave Entertainment.

Minyoung Official Media:
Personal Instagram: nyong2ya
Personal Twitter: nyong2ya
Personal YouTube: 민영타임 Minyoung Time
Personal TikTok: bravegirls_my

Stage Name: Minyoung (민영)
Birth Name: Kim Min Young (김민영)
English Name: Isobel Kim
Birthday: September 12, 1990
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Blood Type: AB
MBTI Type: INTP (June 2022)

Minyoung Facts:
– She is from the city of Incheon, but was born in Songnam, Gyeonggi province, South Korea.
– Education: Hanyang University Dance Arts, but did not finish her study.
– She was majoring in traditional Korean dance, but she also studied ballet.
– Her specialties are ballet and acting.
– She describes her personality as bright yet timid and quiet.
– She dreamed about becoming a singer since childhood.
– Her father was against her becoming an idol, but after Brave Girls’ success in 2021 he admitted he was not right.
– She was teaching ballet and traditional Korean dance in an evening school between comebacks.
– With her two male university friends she formed the HavyT band, her stage name was INA. The band released only two songs so far: “The Virus”, an OST to the same named drama, and “Know That”.
– Later she became a trainee at Faith Entertainment, where she was later included into the girl group ZZBest (Zeal Zest Best) with her former stage name. The group released a pre-debut EP “Temptation” but never officially debuted.
– After leaving Faith Entertainment and ZZBest she became a member of the dance group Rosemass.
– At first she auditioned for Brave Entertainment as an actress, but she was adviced to audition as a singer.
– She became a trainee at Brave Entertainment at the age of 21.
– She was doing well with her studies, but had to stop attending classes in order to concentrate on her singing career.
– Her legs are on the cover of the Brave Girls’ High Heels EP. She is embarassed by this.
– She once tried runway modeling in 2019, at S/S HERA Fashion Week. Her groupmates make fun of her from her looks from that day.
– Her “prophecy” from this vlog was actually words from a fortuneteller, who told her that 2020 will be a tough year for her, but in the beginning of 2021 everything in her idol career will work out.
– She thinks her strength is her positive personality.
– She thinks her weakness is bad memorizing ability.
– She can do traditional sword dance.
– She has a driving license as of 2016.
– She has an ability of sleeping anywhere anytime she finds comfortable.
– She is confident in eating a lot and holding balance after turning around.
– As she states, she never had a hoarse throat after singing because she has naturally strong throat. In fact she cares about it very much, since she is having orange strepsils after every performance.
– She has the smallest hands out of all members of Brave Girls and get teased for it from her groupmates. Minyoung thinks they are also chubby.
– Her nicknames are Mi Nyong, Mangnanyong, Kromanyong, Tropi-calcal and Ace Main Vocalist (Vocal Queen).
– She has become more outgoing since her debut in Brave Girls.
– She really hates weighing herself, as she tried to destroy weigh-scale at Brave Entertainment many times.
– She is very funny, even when she tries to hide it, and is “the dance president”, as her groupmate Yujeong says.
– She often sleeps and for many hours, and is a motherly figure of the group, as her groupmate Yuna says.
– Due to her experience and intelligence, she can easily survive in an inhabited island, as her groupmate Eunji says.
– As all other Brave Girls members say, she is a good actress, and has a lot of clothes in her room.
– If she was able to borrow an ability from one member, she would have Yuna’s low pitched voice.
– She was chosen as the leader of Brave Girls in the survival show Queendom 2, episode 3.
– She eats a lot of spicy food in order to relieve stress.
– She cannot kill any bugs because she is scared of them.
– When she is happy, she begins jokingly dancing no matter the place.
– She is a fan of trot singing, her favorite trot singers are Seo Sookyung, Hong Jinyoung and Joo Hyunmi.
– She used to play a football simulator, her nickname there was “Gold Feet from Yeoksamdong”, but eventually quit gaming at all.
– Still, she spends time gaming on phone and have spent a lot of money there to fully enjoy it.
– Her favorite perfume is Acqua di Parma. She uses it since 2012.
– Her hobbies include watching mukbang videos and doing sports like gymanstics, tennis, ice hockey, pole dance, etc.
– She wants to appear in soju commercial.
– She is good friends with Sanghyeon of A.Cian.
– The person she respects the most is her mother.
– She has a toy poodle dog named Yamyam, Minyoung manages an Instagram account for him.
– She often kisses Yamyam when she wakes up.
– She also has another toy poodle dog named Chupchup.
– She loves spicy food, mint chocolate and cherries.
– Out of seafood, sushi is her favorite, but she does not like shellfish or freshwater fish.
– She hates famine foods, and prefers fruit juice over coffee.
– Her favorite drinks are ginger ale, grapefruit ade and lemonade.
– She has low alcohol tolerance but can let herself to drink alcohol sometime. Her entire body gets red when drunk.
– She wants to be in Jeju and on the top of Halla mountain for vacations.
– She was a fan of Kang Hodong and she met him in a restaurant. She had said that she is his fan, in response Kang Hodong grabbed toys thst she held in hands that time before she presented them to him.
– She had lived near to Seo Janghoon in Samcheondong, Gangnam district, Seoul.
– Songs she likes are “Expectations” by Lauren, and songs by Kehlani, “Dear No One” by Tori Kelly, also “Rollin’” and “Whatever” by Brave Girls.
– In ISAC 2015 during a running contest Minyoung was heading but accidentally tripped. But she did not give up and came to finish last. Lee Soogeun said kind words about her during that race, and Minyoung is thankful to him.
– During Rollin’ promotions back in 2017 she made a promise to fans that she will shave her head if Rollin’ gets #1 in the charts. In 2021, Rollin’ hit #1 and now Minyoung wants to revise her promise. Group’s manager wanted to take responsibilty after her and get his own head shaved. Minyoung protested it and out of many options suggested by fans she chose to hold an unexpected concert and perform live in military uniform.
– She is a music producer under the nickname Kkodurami.
– She has her own cafe in Seoul, where she serves meat and coffee.
– She proposed this new name for her group under new management.
– She had been a girlfriend to Verbal Jint for two years. She took part in producing his three songs: “Dark Side”, “Pedestrian Flow”, “Waiting on the Food Delivery”, the last one only as a friend.
– Her ideal type is a calm man. Someone like Gong Yoo.

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