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Yuna (BB Girls) Profile and Facts

Yuna (Brave Girls, BB Girls) Profile and Facts; Yuna (Brave Girls) Ideal Type

Yuna is a member of the South Korean girl group BB Girls under Warner Music Korea.

Yuna Official Media:
Personal Instagram: u.nalee
Photography & Art Instagram: u.nafilm
Personal Twitter: _u_na93 (old); u_nalee_ (new)
Personal YouTube: 나는유나다
Personal TikTok: bravegirls_u_na

Stage Name: Yuna (유나)
Real Name: Lee Yoo Nah (이유나)
Birthday: April 6, 1993
Astrological Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
Blood Type: A
Representative Emoji: 💇‍♀️

Yuna Facts:
– She was born in Jeju, South Korea.
– Her nicknames are Thor, Short Haired Sister and Gun-Interval-Adjustment (?).
– She is keeping her bob cut hair since middle school.
– She has a habit of twisting her hair.
– She was like a princess as she was lone girl in her family. Yuna claims that she was quite stubborn and narcisstic those years.
– Now she has become more shy.
– She describes her personality as easy-going and delicate.
– She had a lot of ambition since her childhood, she wanted to become Miss Korea, a singer, a painter and a vet.
– She was a member of a school rock band in high school.
– She tried to apply for a music college, but did not succeed. So she composed her own music and worked as a vocal coach.
– She applied for an aviation college to become a flight attendant by recommendation of her mother, who was also a flight attendant. Soon Yuna asked her parents to take a gap year and went to auditions in several companies. At the last month of given gap year she was accepted as a trainee at Brave Entertainment.
– She has a coffee barista license since December 2020.
– She has a driver’s license.
– She said that one of her talents is her ability to “look tough” and chic.
– She states that her specialty is arranging things in order.
– She organizing things in her room in order to relieve stress.
– Her favorite concept is summer/tropical.
– She knows many choreographies from the 2000-s.
– As Yujeong says, Yuna often makes typos when online-chatting, Yuna counters it that she is lazy to correct them.
– Also Yujeong thinks that Yuna is the bravest member of Brave Girls.
– She can catch any kind of bug inside a house and let them live by throwing them outside.
– She nags her members a lot, so that Minyoung thinks Yuna deserves a title of a group’s leader.
– She said as her TMI in Weekly Idol that she has a bean-sized mole on her back.
– The first thing she does in the morning is weighing herself.
– She is the main informer of the group about people’s opinion since she often looks at the comments about them.
– She thinks she is the cleanest member of BG and is very confident in her cleaning skills.
– If she was able to borrow an ability from one member, she would have “Yujeong’s big smile”.
– The person she respects the most is her mom.
– She had a female dog named Luna, which lived with her for 12 years. Of all puppies born from it Yuna adopted one boy and named it Kkakong. These dogs have their own Instagram accounts.
– She also has four cats.
– Her hobbies are tidying up, drawing and photography.
– She likes reading poetry.
– She likes watching horror and gore movies alone.
– She is confident in deadlift, memorizing faces and moving her face muscles.
– She admires form of a tree for photography and art.
– She likes any Korean food and mint chocolate (Yuna always shares it with other girls).
– She dislikes any food that has mushy textures, like puddings, dried persimmon and sushi.
– She has low alcohol tolerance and she does not drink alcohol at all except wine.
– Her ultimate dream is to be happy and healthy with those she loves for a long time.
– She came to Brave Entertainment not to become an idol, but rather to be a composer or singer. That is why she thinks she looks dumbfounded and awkward when performing “Deepened”.
– She is a unofficial maker of stingray dance in Rollin’, as she helped her choreographer to regain his stamina by giving Korean melons and red ginseng. That choreographer, DQ, made stingray dance in 10 seconds after finishing his food.
– Like her groupmates, she went to a fortuneteller to see her future career. They said there will be a video, which became true, as Brave Girls’ popularity boosted high by one video.
– She joined KBS The Unit but she did not pass the audition.
– Her ideal type is a manly but humble man, who is polite towards the people who are employed to do service work and who has manners while eating. As for appearance, she prefers men very clean physically and taller than her.

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