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Minseo Profile and Facts

Minseo Profile: Minseo Facts

Minseo (민서) is a soloist under Mystic Entertainment’s sublabel APOP. She debuted on March 6, 2018 with the single The Grand Dreams.

 Stage Name: Minseo (민서)
Real Name: Kim Minseo (김민서)
Birthday: April 9, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 170cm (5ft 7in)
Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
Fancafe: kmsfans
Facebook: OfficialMinseo
Website: minseo
Youtube: MINSEO
Instagram: minse0_96
V App: Minseo
Fandom Name: Dandelions

Minseo Facts:
-She was an idol trainee from middle school to high school.
-Minseo almost debuted in Gfriend.
-She went to Hanyang Women’s University with Gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong.
-She also almost joined Produce 101, but she wasn’t sure the show or being in a girl group suited her.
-Her favorite color is black.
-She used to be on a diet but stopped because it made her stressed.
-She will be in the webdrama It’s Okay To Be Sensitive 2.

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  • Marife Neneng Rafael Ballao

    I just found her song IS WHO and I like it, it’s so good actually but she’s overrated I hope she’ll be recognized by netizens <3 Fighting Minseo ❤️

  • kiana | 키아나

    you mean underrated, not overrated, right?

  • Arty

    She sang the credits track, Imi Oneun Sori, for The Handmaiden with Gain, it’s how I first heard of her.

  • SquiriferousTruth

    I mean, her voice is amazing, but I wouldn’t say she’s my ultimate bias lol. I need more options, man! XD

  • SquiriferousTruth

    It would appear so, haha.

  • ayelet nechmad

    Her ig is actually @minse0_96 now

  • KProfiles

    Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • ayelet nechmad

    On her story she posted a few q&a and from what I understood:
    -Her favorite color is black
    -she used to be on a diet but stopped because it made her stressed

  • Nopenottoday
  • KProfiles

    @ayeletnechmad:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • KProfiles

    @disqus_gyXd2i1nvk:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! 🙂

  • kurokami

    I saw a korean news that I presume she’s going to be in a drama, but I haven’t found a news that I can actually read. Does anyone have info on this?

    Plus; I’m a really2 big fan of her, but my ultimate bias spot is forever taken. Can you make a new option? Lol

  • Aza

    It is a webdrama with the english title, It’s Okay To Be Sensitive 2. (좀예민해도괜찮아2) I believe there are english subtitles on youtube or Vlive.

  • kurokami

    Thank youu!!

  • seisgf

    it’s been updated! thanks! -skycloudsocean

  • Aza

    She is in another webdrama – (어쨌든 기념일) Anniversary Anyway with Yang Hongseok from Pentagon. It’s on VLive.

  • Aza

    She also has a soundcloud under the name ‘Ash kim’ that she posts covers of other songs.