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Ahn Bohyun Profile

Ahn Bohyun Profile and Facts:

Ahn Bohyun (안보현) is a South Korean actor under FN Entertainment and is known most for his role in Itaewon Class (2020). He debuted as an actor in 2014.

Name: Ahn Bo Hyun (안보현)
Birthday: May 16th, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 187 cm (6’2″)
Weight: 80 kg (175 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Website: fnent.co.kr/ahn-bo-hyunahnbohyun-fc.com
X (Twitter): @ahnbohyun_jp
Cafe Daum: Ahn Bohyun

Ahn Bohyun Facts:
– He was born in Busan, South Korea.
– He originally debuted as a model.
– A graduate of Busan Sports High School.
– He attended Daekyeung University.
– He used to participate in amateur boxing competitions and previously won a gold medal.
– Bohyun prepares everything in advance and has backup plans.
– He took Park Seo-Joon‘s scrips to auditions and acted his old roles like from “Fight For My Way
– Bohyun looks up to Park Seo-Joon.
– He knows Park Ha Na since he was a little kid, they’re also under the same agency.
– Bohyun met actor Lee Hak-joo when they were auditioning for the same role. None of them got it but are friends since then.
– He did a lot of part time jobs, some of them are working at the gas station, construction site and food court, delivered newspapers in Gangnam. He stopped doing part-time jobs since 2018.
– Bohyun did part time jobs even after starring in “Descendants of the Sun” and didn’t get recognised while doing them.
– His friends in Busan think that he is as famous as Song Joong Ki.
– His role model is Baek Jong Won. He is amazed how Jong Won helps other people with his talent and thought that one day he could do it as well.
– The actor he admires is Ju Ji Hoon. He acts in many different genres and Bohyun would like to follow his footsteps.
– He likes TV personalities who were formally athletes.
– When he was young, he often went to the coin karaoke in front of his school.
– He thought Min Kyung Hoon was the most handsome man on earth when Buzz was popular.
– Bohyun knows all of Min Kyung Hoon songs and his favorite is “Monologue“.
– He surprised everyone at Knowing Bros with his good vocal and singing skills when he was asked to sing “You Don’t Know Men” with Min Kyung Hoon.
– He was in Hengdian, China for about 100 days because of a drama shoot.
– Bohyun likes the sea.
– He goes camping.
– On August 3, 2023, it was confirmed that he’s dating the South Korean singer, JISOO of BLACKPINK, both of their agencies confirmed the relationship.
– On October 24, 2023, it was revealed and confirmed that the couple has since broken up due to their busy schedules.

My Secret Hotel (마이 시크릿 호텔) | tvN / as Sang Hoon (2014)
The Dearest Lady (최고의 연인) | MBC / as Lee Bong Il (2015)
Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예) | KBS2 / as Sergeant Im Kwang Nam / “Piccolo” (2016)
After the Show Ends (연극이 끝나고 난 뒤) | tvN, Naver TV Cast / Cha Kang Woo(2016)
My Runway (마이 런웨이) | MBC Dramanet / as Wang Rim (2016)
Wednesday 3:30 PM (수요일 오후3시30분) | network / as Baek Seung Gyu (2017)
Sisters-In-Law (별별 며느리) | MBC / as Seo Jun Young / James Seo (2017)
My Only Love Song (마이 온리 러브송) | Netflix / as Mu Myung (2017)
Hide and Seek (숨바꼭질) | MBC / as Baek Do Hoon (2018)
Dokgo Rewind (독고 리와인드) | Viki, Oksusu / as Pyo Tae Jin (2018)
Investiture of the Gods (封神) | Hunan TV / Bi De (2019)
Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) | tvN / as Nam Eun Gi (2019)
Itaewon Class (이태원 클라쓰) | jTBC, Netflix / as Jang Geun Won (2020)
Kairos (카이로스) | MBC / as Seo Do Gyun (2020)
Yumi’s Cells (유미의 세포들) | tvN / as Gu Woong (2021)
My Name (언더커버) | Netflix / as Jeon Pil Do (2021)
Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man (군검사 도베르만) | tvN / as Do Bae Man (2022)
Yumi’s Cells 2 (유미의 세포들2) | tvN / as Gu Woong (2022)
ADAMAS (아다마스) | tvN / as Kwon Min Jo (2022)
See You in My 19th Life (이번 생도 잘 부탁해) | tvN / as Moon Seo Ha (2023)
Flex X Cop (재벌X형사) | SBS / as Jin Isoo (2024)

Hiya (히야) as Lee Jin Sang (2016)
Memories of a Dead End (막다른 골목의 추억) as Tae Gyu (2019)
2 O’Clock Date (2시의 데이트) as Gil Goo (2023)
Noryang (노량: 죽음의 바다) as – (2023)

Brand of the Year Awards 2020
| Rising Star Actor of the Year (Itaewon Class)
5th Asia Artist Awards 2020 | Best Emotive Award (Actor)
5th Asia Artist Awards 2020 | Choice Award
39th MBC Drama Awards | Best New Actor (Kairos)
Korea First Brand Awards
 | Rising Star Actor (Itaewon Class)

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