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Masked Idols of Kpop

Masked Idols of Kpop
In Kpop, some of the idols are wearing masks. It’s because of wanting identity secret, anxiety or etc. Here’s the Kpop idols who wear the masks!

Daewang (Pink Fantasy)
Daewang is a singer under MyDoll Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group PinkFantasy.
– Her identity is unknown and she’s wearing mask.
– While rumor had it that Daewang would only remove her mask if the group got its first win on a music show, fans say she actually chooses the wear it because of stage fright and doesn’t intend to remove it any time soon—win or no win.
– PinkFantasy released their single, “Lemon Candy”, on January 21, 2021. But while fans expected to see Daewang in her rabbit head mask in teasers, she seems to have partially ditched it for the comeback. In its place is a new cat mask that only covers part of her face, allowing fans to see her full lips and “V” jawline for the first time.

Lucky (Girls2000)
Lucky joined Girls2000 in 2022.
– She’s the group’s “hidden member” and she’s wearing mask during live performances, photoshoots, etc.
– Her identity, even her real name and birthday, is unknown.

LIONESSES is an independent four-member boy group. They debuted on November 2, 2021 with the digital single “Show Me Your Pride”.
– Damjun is only member who has shown their face. Rest of the group’s faces are still unknown, they are wearing cat masks.
– Damjun decided on this masked concept.
– Member Kanghan says “the mask that we wear has a symbolic message, and not just to cover our face. The mask we wear symbolizes the “face of a lioness,” and rather than thinking that it is a mask for us, we hope that it will become a mask for the LGBTQ community in Korea and gain positive energy from a group of lionesses, not LGBTQs. Join us!”

HighSchool was a girl group under Richworld Entertainment. They made their debut on April 30, 2019, with “Baby You’re Mine”.
– Their pre-debut concept involves the girls to wear masks to conceal their real identities until debut as Rich wanted people to focus on their talents instead of their visuals.

EJ (D-Holic)
EJ is a South Korean model and former rapper. She is a former member of the girl group D.Holic.
– EJ was assigned the role of the girl crush member within the group. In hopes of strengthening that image, H Mate Entertainment made her wear a mask during performances, shoots, V Lives, etc.

– His official position was “Mysterious Member” because he used to wear a mask.
– He revealed his face after A6P‘s disbandment.
– After the group’s disbandment, he joined Produce 101.
– He’s was also a member of MY.st and HNB, under his real name, Woncheol, and showed his face.

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