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Daewang (PinkFantasy) Profile and Facts

Daewang (PinkFantasy) Profile and Facts

Daewang (대왕) is a member of girl group PinkFantasy.

Stage Name: Daewang (대왕)
Birth Name:
Title: The Great King
Birthday: December 25, 2189
Zodiac Sign: My Constellation
Chinese Zodiac: Black
Height: 200cm (to ears) / 165cm (in cat mask)
Weight: 49kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: Puppet
Representative Color: Light Green

Daewang Facts:
– Her birthplace is in your heart.
– Daewang chooses to be a hidden member, she is not comfortable revealing her identity.
– Her nicknames are Daewang-Chan and Wang-Chan.
– Her hobbies are playing with her mask, playing with PinkFantasy, collecting idol merchandise and cooking.
– She is a big fan of 2PM, she even attended a 2PM video call fansign with her mask on.
– She is also a fan of J-Pop, specifically Miyawaki Sakura and Aya Matsuura.
– Her favorite idol group is Morning Musume.
– Favorite colors: Rainbow, Black.
– Her official color is Light Green (#99E000).
– Her specialties are controlling PinkFantasy and disappearing.
– She has an older sibling named Daechu and a younger sibling named Daedu.
– Her shoe size is 235mm (US size 7).
– Her favorite foods are carrots, cookies and umeboshi (Japanese sour salted plums).
– She really likes bunnies.
– She likes watching Sailor Moon.
– She is very loud, during video fansigns she has to be in a separate room to other members.
– She is always on a diet, and doesn’t like her physical appearance.
– She is afraid of bugs.
– She can speak Japanese.
– Her favorite mask is her big white mask.
– In fancalls, Daewang is known to get jealous if fans have men in their profile or on their wall

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Note #2: Daewang is uncomfortable revealing her true identity and with her face being exposed. Please don’t speculate on her identity, thank you! ♥

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