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Level Up (레벨업)

Level Up (레벨업)

Level Up (레벨업) is a Romantic Comedy starring; Sung Hoon, Han Bo Reum, Danny Ahn, Cha Sun Woo, and Kang Byul. The show premiered on July 10th, 2019, and the final episode aired on August 15th, 2019.

Drama Name: Level Up (English title)
Native Title: 레벨업 (Lebeleop)
Other Titles: Sinjag, 신작, New Work
Release Date: July 10th, 2019 – August 15th, 2019
Genre: Romcom, Business
Network: MBN, DramaX, Viki
Episodes: 12
Rating: 13+
Air Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 23:00 (KST)
Show Duration: 60 minutes
Director | Writer: Kim Sang Woo | Kim Dong Kyu

Ahn Dan Te (Sung Hoon), is cold and precise. He is the “no-nonsense” director of a company called, Yoo Seong CRC. It is a company that specializes in restructuring and resurrecting companies that are about to fail. He is sent to Joybuster, a game company that is about to go bankrupt. Dan Te and his team, consisting of Park Gil Wu (Danny Ahn) and Kwak Han Cheol (Cha Sun Woo), take control of the company as acting CEO and waste no time in trying to get the company back on its feet.  Shin Yeon Hwa (Han Bo Reum) is the leader and head of game development at Joybuster. She teams up with Dan Te to save the dying company. Yeon Hwa soon finds herself wavering somewhere between having a nervous breakdown and committing murder after being tasked with developing a new game that satisfies all of Dan Te’s demands. Completely at odds with each other, Yeon Hwa and Dan Te never seem to stop fighting; but everyone knows opposites always find a way to attract. This is why Bae Ya Che (Kang Byul) who has a one-sided love for Dan Te feels she needs to compete with Yeon Hwa.  He has made it clear he has no feelings for Ya Che, but does the stern-faced boss with zero emotions have any feelings for the hot-tempered game developer? Can they find love when they can’t even agree on the best way to save Joybusters?

Main Cast:
Sung Hoon

Role Name: Ahn Dan Te (안단테)
Stage Name: Sung Hoon (성훈)
Birth Name: Bang Sung-Hoon (방성훈)
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Han Bo Reum

Role Name: Shin Yeon Hwa (신연화)
Stage Name: Han Bo Reum (한보름)
Birth Name: Kim Bo Reum (김보름)
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Danny Ahn

Role Name: Park Gil Woo (박길우)
Stage Name: Danny Ahn (데니안 )
Birth Name: Ahn Shin Won (안신원)
Group: G.O.D.
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Cha Sun Woo

Role Name: Kwak Han Chul (곽한철)
Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우)
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Kang Byul

Role Name: Bae Ya Chae (배야채)
Birth Name: Kang Byul (강별)
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Supporting Cast:
Song Joo Lim (송주림) Played by: Shin Jung Yoon (신정윤)
Jo Tae Koo (조태구) Played by: Ryu Seung Soo (류승수)
Yeon Hwa’s father (연화의 아버지) Played by: Lee Byung Joon (이병준)
Mi Ja (미자) Played by: Lee Ga Won (이가원)
Sang Mi (상미) Played by: Kim Ji In (김지인)

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